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  1. +1
  2. I know this sounds bratty but +1... No more donations until 2.0 or at least an event
  3. And what about that event? You said you just need to finish some minor stuff, but it's been 20 years and event still nowhere
  4. No joke mate, but the mess keeps coming in from relibable sources just look at this leak: Can somebody stop this mad man already? I don't feel safe playing on this server with this lunatic running around
  5. One can wish, I'd joke that 2.5 in 2025 but it's getting somewhat depressing more than funny
  6. A bit offtopic, but how about some event already? No 2.0, no event, no lyfe
  7. L2 scammers are the most creative people in the world
  8. yy that's what I thought... Move to that old account again, it makes me feel warm inside seeing the old faces here
  9. This one's great
  10. Looks pretty sick, I'm getting strong 'Final Fantasy' vibes from it btw. that Youtube account... Are you the old @Fenrir? If so, why not on the original account? There aren't many active 'first 1k'-ers, we can't carry it alone with @fishfood
  11. There're plenty of topics for this already but it should be on the side permanently #GiveUsEvent
  12. #ReleasePatch2dot0
  13. >2017 >Still believing 2.0 will get released during our lifetime Just gib event with decent rewards and let 2.0 rest for this year
  14. I don't think adding few extra items to reward list will be a huge issue
  15. Wouldn't /ignore *nickname* do the work?