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  1. Question about GH.

    Too uncomfortable? Well bad luck, this is Classic But even if we go that far as making the game more comfortable (which I think shouldn't be a goal on this chronicle), there can be a compromise which would still be around 500 times better than Giran Harbor - simply make the most stressed areas an offline ticket zones instead, and move the free offline areas a bit further from the teleport. This way people with PCs like this can't complain about having to wait an awful 2 extra seconds when teleporting to Giran.
  2. Question about GH.

    The situation is critical, there is no time to lose. The trading zone must be transfered to Giran immediately.
  3. Warning to people that fish in Giran harbor

    The insane lag in GH is caused by the extra fishers, remember that it was playable back in 1.5. Also Giran square is much smaller area, and because Giran is specifically designed to be a trading center, many shops would be spread across the city - crystal sellers around Luxury store, low equip sellers around armor/weapon shop, material sellers from ivy, out middle through the connector to the Taurin, talisman sellers in front of the luxury shop etc., some Dye sellers in Magic shop etc. etc. The initial lagspike would be nonexistent. I agree that GH is far more comfortable, but then again, you know what else would be comfortable? Free NPC buffer. But the important factor here is that both NPC buffer and custom free teleport to a custom area are insanely anti-classic. People who want comfortable gameplay seek other kinds of servers. Giran has been a trading area for almost 14 years and is an embodiment of a classic Lineage 2.
  4. Warning to people that fish in Giran harbor

    Congratz on 1000th post Anyway... Giran is already basically free TP already because you can TP to GH and SoE (for me as EE with return it's literally free). It's a non-issue really, if anyone's really bothered about it, let's just make free teleports until lv 20 and disable free TPing to Giran. This would support local sales as well.
  5. Warning to people that fish in Giran harbor

    How long till the trading zone is brought to Giran Town where it belongs and where it should've been in a first place?! Giran Harbor is an ABSOLUTE MESS!!!
  6. Empty servers?

    Hey mate, First off, these are just different proxies, not servers - you just choose the one which is geographically closest to you so you don't lag. Second, the population is around 1,5 to 2k:
  7. Road to Baium, DramaTeam ally 19/11/2017

    Maybe if you try again and again, eventually you'll succeed not using Comic Sans in your post j/k nice vid, I liked the intro
  8. Organizing Giran Harbor into smaller bounded trading zones

    @FinalFen similarly, it's something that would make life easier for customers, but somewhat undermines the bussiness spirit - for example right now you can increase your profits by simply sitting on a busy place which is occupied by predominantly opposite traders - e.g. if you want to set a buy shop, you sit around sellers and vice versa. Forcing people to go make shops on certain places also reduce the distances beween them and their competitors, making the price itself the only relevant factor. Of course it still depends on the size of the area but naturally everyone will want to be close to the teleport...
  9. You have been disconnected (Login)

    ^This, and Glad to see you back, Yul
  10. Spoil 2.0

    Hi, recently admins confirmed this as relevant for patch 2.0: ITEM MONSTER AMOUNT CHANCE LOCATION Scroll: Enchant Weapon B Cave Keeper 1 0.06% Dragon Valley Cave Maiden 1 0.07% Dragon Valley Valley Treant 1 0.04% Enchanted Valley Scroll: Enchant Weapon C Tarlk Bugbear Warrior 1 0.2% Forest of Evil Cave Servant Archer 1 0.3% Dragon Valley Dragon Bearer Archer 1 0.3% Dragon Valley Perum 1 0.4% Cruma Tower Nos Lad 1 0.2% Alligator Island Scroll: Enchant Weapon D Kanil Succubus 1 0.3% Forgotten Temple Marsh Spider 1 0.2% Cruma Marshlands Roughly Hewn Rock Golem 1 0.2% Dion Hills Turak Bugbear 1 0.2% Gorgon Floran Garden Silenos 1 0.2% Plains of Dion
  11. Organizing Giran Harbor into smaller bounded trading zones

    Well, I don't know... As a very active trader I have my doubts about it - making a zones is unlikely to make the traders to get too organized. If I were to use the the original draft, my experience tells me it would've ended up being filled closely to like this: Because it doesn't really matter what you sell, you want to be the first thing that people see when they port here... Exception of course is equip and other high single prices goods, but other than that most anything that comes to your mind are short-hold goods which you don't want people to look for for too long. Other argument could be that forcing sellers into some custom groupings is killing an important part of this game which is selling skills. Often you can buy for cheaper or sell for more than others simply because you have a good spot (and good shop title). When someone ports to GH to buy few shots and needs to buy few shots, and realize they're short some adenas, they aren't going to search through the entire place so they can get extra 2k adena for their Animal Skins. NCsoft successfuly managed to kill the bussiness feature in the G.o.D.+ chronicles when they implemented Auction House, where you can sell anything you want and order the shops by price, which basically degrades the trading system into overpissing people by 1 adena several times a day. I think that's a cancer and I don't really want to get close to it. So basically even though what you're suggesting is 100% correct from the point of the customer, it ain't so much from the point of us traders. We deserve some rights as well, yo One thing I could agree on that once we have trading zone in Giran, is to set the private manufacturers on the line next to the Monument of Heroes. The competition alongside the crafters isn't so fierce so it can work well in terms of making the life easer for general populace without really 'screwing' someone over
  12. [NOT BUG]Deflect Magic

    Gotta give Štýba a benefit of doubt there - after all admins forgot to switch on the SS bonus on OE weapons, so bugs like this can certainly happen.
  13. Organizing Giran Harbor into smaller bounded trading zones

    Fishing isn't a problem as long as it's not in your rendering range... Check Aden, there's a lot of fishers but no lag when you port, because your PC doesn't render them until you get close/on your view. The fishing areas in Giran are far from the trading zone and/or behind wall so it's a non-issue. In each case when some bot fisher in Giran annoys you, you can always solve it like this:
  14. Organizing Giran Harbor into smaller bounded trading zones

    I appreciate the effort into making the Giran harbor less chaotic, but the truth is that trading zones in Giran Harbor aren't problem - Giran Harbor itself is a problem. It's lagging as hell because of fishers, so even if you have SSD it still sometimes takes almost two minutes to load all the shops, so you're just standing there like a baboon to wait until all shops for what you're looking for so you can compare prices, you have to TP back to buy soul ore/spirit ore etc to craft soulshots because there's no grocery store, if you're a dwarf and want to quickly crystalize something and you don't want to search for 10 minutes for some D trash (because if you "/findprivatestore D" it throws a million shops) of course you need to go back because there's no weapon/armor shop either, same if you buy a rune and want to add it to weapon because obviously there's no blacksmith, and when 2.5 eventually hits the server at some point and you'll want to add augment, you'll have to go nowhere else but to Giran, becase that's the place that was always meant to be a bussiness center... But most importantly Giran Harbor trading zone is custom and that's a major issue on Classic server. The ultimate solution is bringing the trading area back to Giran and managing trading areas there.
  15. Banned for NOT botting

    5€ unban is a one-time privilege for everybody tbh