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  1. I like how this topic went from I, Robot through Brokeback Mountain right into a generic argentinian telenovela
  2. Summon @Koll @San0 I'm really curious about this one. I'm going to be very surprised if it's adrenaline.
  3. Giran Harbor in the middle of the whole thing, but you need to update the client.
  4. Don't ask but I'm 99% sure that's not adrenaline.
  5. Pretty sure many of them will come back with 2.0 So basically yeah they're gone forever
  6. If you mean Adena value, there's basically zero inflation despite the lack of big NPC adena dumpsters like on offic server (enchant shop). Especially interesting is the CoL1 market massive fluctuation. I'm quite active on the market so 95% of my income comes from buying and selling these coins, but sometimes being inactive for 2 days means you're actually at loss because the price for which you were buying on Monday is suddenly the regular selling price on Wednesday and it might take even ~2 weeks until the selling price gets your coins into ever-so-slightly profit column. (so it's best to simply sell them at loss and adapt to the market asap). As for the full items, there's again pretty much nonexistential barter trade. If you've played private servers' around that 2009, you might remember that at the later stage of servers' life the adena value was so low that only trades being made then was full items for a different full items, like +6 dc robe set for +6 tlm heavy set. People here have faith in adena value so they have no problem selling their most valuables like +10 weapons for adena. Sometimes you can encounter even RB jewels being sold for adena. So from the economic point of view, the server is in exceptionally good health. Though one economical problem that server is facing right now is admins' completely pointless decision to remove the enchants as rewards from events. Their reasoning was to reduce the ++weapons, but that has literally zero positive effect because most of the +10++ weapons are coming from the auction house. The only people affected by this are the newbies who have harder time catching up (because no enchants from event items -> event items price drops -> newbies get less adena from their major income) and further they have harder time getting some basic OE weapons as well because the price for scrolls is increasing on the other hand. So in the final consequence, the ammount of +4 ~ +6 weapons decrease, but the ammount of +10 ~ +12 weapons remains exactly the same. I believe admins will realize how shortsighted decision this was and will change their view on this for the next event. --- [1] Coin of Luck - premium currency which is mostly used to buy the additional box; it has extremelly high demand - if you set a good selling price, it's no problem to sell a quarter billion worth of coins in a day
  7. Cry or no cry, as the ancient wisdom goes, "+16 or no balls"
  8. Balls of steel, gl on +16
  9. Ah don't sweat it, this - as you call it - the "worst timing" has been around for over a half year and the end of it is nowhere in sight so...
  10. 1.8kk is still a hell of a fortune when you're ~30 and you're counting TP money tho
  11. Don't worry, it can take up to around ~2 days Though at this point, one would thought devs would add some sort of 'please be patient, confirmation can take up to 48 hours' or something like that. But it's understandable they're working 24/7 on the 2.0 update atm
  12. >April 15th >Still believing patch 2.0 will get released
  13. It's already Episode II at this point, the only thing this change practically achieves is newbies having harder time catching up. Personally I don't need to care but this is an awful, incredibly shortsighted decision by devs to satisfy us old players, when they should be 'investing' in the new blood instead.
  14. Why do I need to bring green, purple and blue "paints" to get an orange-painted egg? If I'm used as a white horse to deliver crack I want enchant scroll drops.
  15. If high level cykas PK you, solution simple my comrade - outlevel them and PK them instead! #RussianAdvice