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  1. Night mode for forum

    It's easy, you people just don't know how to use forum: 1) Account 2) Account Settings 3) Overview 4) Edit Settings 5) ...Yup it's not there, so +1 to the idea. Let's implement it before ""certain people"" come hijack this topic saying it gives unfair advantage to the night prime players and if we don't want sore eyes we can go play 1000x BR serbidor with night forum settings
  2. my QQ post about this server

    I agre with @J4cKDan13L on the stun landrate... You don't even have to be mage to realize the stun is completely broken here. in before yes I know it's part of the chronicle, but so was the broken vamp; fortunately that one we got solved. Now it's time for stun.
  3. Koreans Staying Alive (4fun)

    Really? Reeeeeaaally? Coincidence? I think not. Resemblance is uncanny. @zorgzor = Kim Jong-Un confirmed
  4. Music Thread

  5. 2.0 Great contest participation thread

    The ToI one is mighty fine
  6. classes rarity

    As for your last question, the population is stagnating down with some decline, but I strongly believe that server will grow again after patch 2.0
  7. Class Change Service 2.0?

    It wouldn't be fair now, but I have to give it to OP that many fighters will objectively exp faster until level ~70 with Othell's rune on patch 2.0. I'd say that current system should be kept for high level chars, but chars 1-70 could get a different system. Classes from 5th and 4th group will exp much faster in 2.0 than nukers with Othell's rune and ToI, so the class change rules need to be changes one way or another. <70 chars should be able to reroll to whatever they want except for tanks/supports.
  8. Bugs bounty in OBT

    That's the thing, these people who screw around just aren't motivated enough for bug hunting... I say give them a little something to look forward to and watch the results. There is absolutely nothing to lose. @kktnxbye I just want that 2.0 asap
  9. Bugs bounty in OBT

    Sure many people just screw around in OBT... Which is exactly a reason why bug bounty needs to be implemented, you mobilize the people to do something useful. The difference bettween CBT w/ invitations and OBT w/ bug bounty program is that you get 10 times more work done with the latter.
  10. As I said earlier it's just level 1 on patch 2.0, that's 20% m.atk down from regular Emp lv 3. I believe even with the introduction of these stews, SEs won't become drastically less valuable, since that's what OP cares about.
  11. Bugs bounty in OBT

    So all in all still not a single objective argument against rewarding players for helping finding bugs on OBT. In case anybody missed it, here are objective reasons why bugs bounty program is necessary: A. Getting more people to OBT and 2. Motivating the current and new testers to find bugs actively, leading to C. Getting the 2.0 files as optimilized as possible, alongside with D. Getting the optimilized 2.0 files to live server as soon as possible, leading further to 5. Halting the decline of current playerbase (some of them which may potentially leave for good) F. Soft prevention of the concealment of abusable bugs The reward can be a part of the discussion. I personally would suggest that XP/SP scrolls should be at least part of the reward, to make up for the time spent beta testing instead of farming. As someone mentioned above, the competition system would drastically increase the effectiveness of the testing due to its nature. However, the question of whether or not should we reward the beta testers is solved; there're multiple reason why it's highly beneficial and not a single argument has been made against it. The sooner the rewards are announced, the better. And just for the record I'm not even testing (I spent roughly half hour in OBT in total).
  12. 2.0 update patch notes

    Just adding to what San0 said, here's the table of enchant spoils from the description topic: ITEM MONSTER AMOUNT CHANCE LOCATION Scroll: Enchant Weapon B Cave Keeper 1 0.06% Dragon Valley Cave Maiden 1 0.07% Dragon Valley Valley Treant 1 0.04% Enchanted Valley Scroll: Enchant Weapon C Tarlk Bugbear Warrior 1 0.2% Forest of Evil Cave Servant Archer 1 0.3% Dragon Valley Dragon Bearer Archer 1 0.3% Dragon Valley Perum 1 0.4% Cruma Tower Nos Lad 1 0.2% Alligator Island Scroll: Enchant Weapon D Kanil Succubus 1 0.3% Forgotten Temple Marsh Spider 1 0.2% Cruma Marshlands Roughly Hewn Rock Golem 1 0.2% Dion Hills Turak Bugbear 1 0.2% Gorgon Floran Garden Silenos 1 0.2% Plains of Dion
  13. Buff Scammer be carefull

    I mean even his nick ending with '88HH', I think we'll be better off without him
  14. 2.0 Great contest participation thread

    ToI I assume, looks nice
  15. WTS COL 3k

    Hmm, actually as far as I remember the adena drop rate used to be 100% when server started, I remember being salty as hell when they decided to lower it to 70%... But yeah the ammount was excruciating, people switching off their shots in AoE parties thinking nobody would notice