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  1. Guys... We were promised H5 server will open only after 2.0... So I believe there's absolutely nothing to worry about
  2. It's hard to say because patch 2.0 is coming soon and admins still have not given official information about how Othell's Rune going to work. These are official stats for 2.0 patch: Othell’s Rune P. Critical Rate +75 +100 +125 +150 +175 +200 +225 +250 +275 +300 +325 +350 +375 P. Critical Damage +20 +97 +114 +131 +148 +165 +182 +199 +216 +233 +251 +268 +285 If the Othell's rune is going to work this way, I'd say even Warlord will be viable for solo play - you'll be able to reach 350+ crit rate even without Hunter/Cat so with a little vamp you'll be able to make some basic mob trains. But either way, Destro or Warlord, you should prepare yourself for having to pay for Premium Acc (10€ a month), which means being able to login an additional window - buffer. The "true solo", aka no party/no window is almost impossible here. Classic is mostly about partying
  3. Men have higher resist against breast cancer - "Breast cancer is about 100 times less common among MEN than among women." Not sure about higher debuffs. Generally speaking I'd say MEN status gives you higher chance of getting ball cancer tho. source:
  4. Hah, who said Lineage Eternal is never coming, here we go, controlling a full party
  5. DYE

    That's the thing, NCsoft is boosting DEX importance so minusing it isn't as worth as it used to be, but MEN still lowers absolutely nothing. I believe admins will reconsider the whole +12 thing when 2.0 comes around... I know I start to sound like some doomsday sayer but I'm really afraid of what it's going to cause on this server
  6. /bump
  7. DYE

    Dunno, I probably wouldn't mind going all the way down to +5. It could be a reasonable soft intervention in regards of balancing the mages in 2.0. In PvP, mages profit from the +12 WIT dyes more than any other char.
  8. Easiest way to send picture in any form: 1) 2) Select image -> Start Upload -> Copy the first link -> Paste into message
  9. Well normally I'd agree, but classic is completely different deal compared to other chronicles - it's not like the old chunks where you had fun for few weeks and then jumped another server; when you're deciding for a classic server, you're preparing yourself for X months of playing on a single server... I don't blame him for having a lot of questions
  10. You're getting too worked up about such small stuff man a) search is super annoying here with the "please wait 2 years before attempting another search" feature and b) he had some fair questions which I'm not sure if were even discussed before.
  11. Comparison of enchant levels on official servers and here. But as correctly mentioned above, it's rather customly generated weapons in the auction house which cause the problem - though, one way or another, it's going to break the game in 2.0.
  12. Most certainly, just 2 weeks ago we hit the record of 2k+, without shops and dualboxes it should still be well over 1k Well... There're other illegal ways but it's not worth trying imo. Hopefully before 2100 Many of us were kinda expecting it before 2017, but at this point it's impossible to say No-Grade weapon yes, if you mean XP +20% herbs then also yes (bad drop rate though). There're no buff herbs. I'd say well over 50% Admins are cool, they really seem to care about the project. The problem is that they're too greedy in the auction house which kinda damages the gameplay... New players are definitely joining at a decent rate; considering it's a year and half old server, it's amazing to see newbies in starting villages now and then. Often I see some low level parties in party matching for ~30 RBs or AoE. Well, If you want hardcore L2 then this is the best free Classic server to play on right now. As I said above, there's been record online, and it's been during siege. I've seen many people taking a break before rejoining at 2.0 update though. Well for high level PvP, in 2.0 the mages will be pretty much the only viable option, unless admins come with some radical solution to all these highly enchanted mage weapons... On the other hand though, for PvE, there should be this massive boost coming in 2.0 for fighters: Othell’s Rune P. Critical Rate +75 +100 +125 +150 +175 +200 +225 +250 +275 +300 +325 +350 +375 P. Critical Damage +20 +97 +114 +131 +148 +165 +182 +199 +216 +233 +251 +268 +285 ^These numbers you're seeing don't actually miss decimal point. With a decent lv. ~7 rune it won't be a problem to get ~350 crit rate with any weapon, which will be HUGE for a quick farming. Unless devs nerf it, you won't even need buffer as much for solo farming I don't think that should be a problem... Before you reach 40 there should be some event coming up where you'll be able to get ugly rich for early levels. Well, if I were to start anew, I'd have probably gone for a spoiler first... To get some stuff for the beginning I'd say all clans which take down epic raids redistribute the jewels to highest ranking members first... Though I don't know the policy of other clans, so anyone is free to correct me on this one. 4h a day is very solid time, you should be able to reach 52 in a month or less. Well it's possible, but the drop rate is very low so it's being sold at very high price... It would be nice to get some admins' info how Othell's Rune will look like in 2.0... Because if it's going to be the official way, aka +75, +100 etc., then DDs will actually farm solo faster than mages.