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  1. Tribute to Lexa

    I believe he has a script for the entire process Very emotional video anyway.
  2. Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    Dunno how much I've gotten in total but from last 10k items I've exchanged, I've gotten only 2 of 2nd places, so 6 of them in 8,5k is still pretty nice. But generally speaking yeah the chances were stupid.
  3. Few questions from new player.

    I'll just add a few notes to what Black said there: Aside from being great solo, ES is also very much required in parties - especially in early RB parties where you play a role of a healer with infinite mana You haven't mentioned it in your post so just so you know - if you want to log in a second window, you need to have a premium account. That's either €10 or about 15 million adena a month. If you were to go with SPS, I'd have probably gone with EE actually - since you can buy an Empower lv. 1 scrolls from fisher guildsman for like 20k, I believe you'd find e.g. Clarity much more useful - alongside with other defensive buffs, especially Resist Shock. Plus, if you really mean to rock'n'roll, at 76 you get PoWa which is conceived as a mage prophecy, while PoWi is exclusively a fighter prophecy (Prophecy of Water - Prophecy of Wind). But that's a really long way up if you mean to play solo If you were to go with ES, I'm not sure if there's really a need for a second window. I mean by principle people play summoners because they want to be self-efficient, right? But if I were to pick one I'd probably go for PP, because for solo exp you'd really want to put on that Plated Leather with Bow/Blunt+Othell and hit with your summoners and that's where the buffs would come in handy (not sure if you noticed yet but here's a bit different SA system - there's this Othell's Rune, which can give you up to +375 crit rate on any weapon of your choice, so you can easily get 400+ crit rate with a blunt as well. link) The drop/spoil list has changed but we don't have a relevant 2.0 database... Specifically the Porta I believe still is spoiling CunniLinguses but that's a weak sauce anyway - you really just want to get 50+ asap and then go spoiling Enrias in Enchanted Valley until you start having nightmares about Enrias. But if you really want to run a spoil then a second window SE is basically mandatory since without it you don't quite get the desired profits. That infinite mana plus Death Whisper when you have 400 crit rate just makes you sweat money in EV.
  4. about new bosses

    "close from being done" "soon" "anytime now" "expect some news in short period of time" "working 120% on patch 2.0 mini raids 24/7" And so it begins... Again. God have mercy on our souls.
  5. Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    We could've been making moni
  6. Music Thread

    A friday morning's special for my friends over at Perks:
  7. Is Spoiler worth?

    Exactly, especially DW is incredibly heavy here. Since you can reach 400+ crit rate with blunts with solid Othell's Rune, the +25~35% Crit power is insanely potent. Really no contest there imo. (just for clarity - EE is love, EE is life, just not as a box )
  8. Is Spoiler worth?

    @Spag3tinka what Rizoski said. Mind you though, to be able to log in a second box you need a premium account which costs around 15kk adena or 10€ per month. It's possible to go without box as well since you can buy lvl 1 Might/Shield/Magic Barrier/Vampiric Rage scrolls at fisher manager and atk. speed lv 2 posts are quite available (it's about 20-30k per 20 minutes of haste 2), but you'd have much easier time having that box with you .
  9. Is Spoiler worth?

    Half of the replies is discussing whether spoil is good on oly @Spag3tinka you can actually start getting very decent profits around 50 levels as one of the most profitable spoil spots is in Enchanted Valley with Enria - easy 2-3kk per hour Before that it's not worth mentioning - most mat prices crashed and burned with the 2.0 patch. As for the parties - spoils aren't usually invited in AoE groups but you can easily get to level 50 just by solo exp + having /partymatching open and joining RB parties (you only need bow)
  10. Music Thread

  11. How to fix?

    No, I like the vintage
  12. How to fix?

    That vintage Windows theme tho
  13. Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    Did anyone get the cloak or the hat/agathion from the 1st pack? I know there's been at least one 1st pack because I saw a guy buying it on a sit store but not sure what has he gotten from it.
  14. WTB yul 8 or 12/13, M tablets

    yeah, I guess at least modoyko could've liked for free bump tho... Cruel world
  15. TK

    The search engine on this forum is an absolute, 100% concentrated trash. It's like you take everything that's bad in the world and you turn it into a code - you get this search engine. I even heard Americans are using this search engine to torture terrorists in Guacamole Bay, like they ask them to find something through this search engine and they're like "nooo noo don't make me use this sh*t ever again, I'll give you all the names, literally every single name in my organization including their family members, social ID numbers and their LOL accounts'. Funny facts: the main programmers of this search engine are listed as "A. Hitler", "J. Goebbels" and "H. Himmler" but maybe it's just a coincidence. But to your question - I think you'll have easier time following your name, as SWS are generally much more demanded than TKs. Playing TK is pretty much only for hardcore TK lovers here, and I assume most TKs on high levels are those who rerolled to it, as @Xafi mentioned.