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  1. Damn! Those moves tho
  2. yes
  3. I mean it would be fair if OP was given evidence right on the ticket when he asked for it, what's the point of hiding it from him?
  4. ^This. It's a good Adena drainage, supports the economy
  5. None of what you mentioned - NPC selling B grade items, Catacombs/Necros nor Rune/Goddard - are coming in patch 2.0, unless there's some dramatic changes which are not expected. Generally speaking, there probably won't be any drastic changes comapared to the official 2.0 patch notes:
  6. We have no idea. Keeping fingers crossed it's before summer... May would be great tho.
  7. When people ask me why I'm a communist I say it's the capitalist pigs like Animal Bones who do nothing but becoming richer every day. #StopTheCalciumAbuse2017
  8. That Sonic Blaster's landrate is a comedy gold tho
  9. Or simply get the 'bot report' button working
  10. @point 6 - the premium is bought ingame through premium coins which you can also buy from other players, so later in the game it's possible to run like this without the need of paying premium each month. Though it's quite expensive.
  11. As an elven elder I can confirm that summoners are grossly overpowered and need to be nerfed I've made a petition, be fair, pls sign:
  12. Yeah but you need the initial capital which he doesn't have as a newbie. Also market game is fun as hell
  13. There aren't really any good quests for adena right now... Overall, most quests on Classic are completely useless If you want to make some extra Adena, make a spoil and go spoil some basic mats... One of my fav spots used to be Plains of Dion and this guy right here: - you spoil him and boom up to 3 Varnishes, which is depending on the current market prices up to 5k from mob!
  14. Yeah but the +4's and +5's are definitely oscilating around those 50% values, not 33s
  15. Well, that's different from official version then?