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  1. The only quest worth doing on early levels is a Moon Knight around level 25 or so in Gludin. I'm not sure which NPC exactly it is taken at but take a look around (I think it's the one between blacksmith and armor/weapon shop). It gives you a free permanent D grade armor set (pretty good, with some bonuses too) and a 7-day D grade weapon I believe. As for the progession, regular exp is lame, you always need to look for RB parties - whenever you exp, always have /partymatching window active and look for RB parties around your level. RBs give seriously insane exp on early levels, you can just several levels just in a single day with a good party. Pro tip: If there is no party available you can also check map for alive RB around your level and make your own party
  2. So you're saying this is just an appetizer for a real anniversary ingame event coming? All fine by me then
  3. Literally zero people buying the scrolls in GH right now... The event scrolls drop rate is fine but could we get the chance for good rewards boost a bit? This is honestly embarassing for a 5 year annivesary event... @Koll @Kse
  4. It would be pretty cool to get some kind of inforgraphics for the past 5 years including all kinds of info... Apart from the info that can be found in ACP there could be pretty much anything that you could retrieve, e.g. which clans held which castle longest (and which clans took which castle first), which is the oldest active character, which char has highest online time cleaned of the offline shops, which is/was the highest enchanted item, who has used most enchants, number of banned bots, most common chars, which mob was killed the most or even some goofy stuff like who has most hats in their WH... It could really just be anything, I've seen on some recent screenshot you can see people's trades (so even stuff like what was the first trade or who has made most trades), I'm sure there're some other things that you can look into (anyone can suggest other ideas)
  5. I'm afraid this is the anniversary event. I definitely enjoy this event style, but the rewards are honestly way too bad right now, especially for a 5 year anniversary event... It should be something a little more exciting, not "on par with regular events or slightly below average"
  6. dude chill tf out you sound like you're having a breakdown lol
  7. what an absolute mad lad... Either he forgot that +17 is enough or he's actually mental (in a good way), but nevertheless it's pretty dope that someone got it literally less then 2 days after event started
  8. Oh man I can't wait until @realKingLeonidas and @zorgzor visit us once more and see all the ironic tags
  9. Lack of a special cloak for the 5th anniversary is a bit disappointing but that epic mount makes it up a bit
  10. - Server is free ( - Population is pretty good, but it's a 5 year old server, so most people are high level already - Fishing is automatic on Classic (it's like setting up a shop, except instead of selling/buying stuff you're getting some fishes and a little exp). People are often letting their chars fish over night or when they go afk for a long time so that's why they're everywhere - Most farming is done via RB parties so it's rather logical that most low level farming grounds are empty (if you find a good party at a right time and do several RBs at once, you can jump multiple levels in one go, so really no time to dwell in those early locations - Leveling is actually relatively easy all the way until the high levels due to said RBs, so I wouldn't really worry
  11. Aside from what was said above I'll just add that if I was starting all over again, even as an archer, I probably wouldn't make a dualbox buffer even if it was free. These days you make most exping done via RB parties anyway and you just can't always tuck both of your chars in, so the gap between you and buffer eventually widens and it becomes a bother to deal with... I always kinda hated having to drag buffers with me everywhere unless it was absolutely necessary, which it's not the casehere. If you're active during hours when the marathon RBs spawn you seriously get to high level in no time, at which point you're supposed to join some CP/clan where the usage of the second char diminishes
  12. Well I mean, unless they changed the way they do these things, it's as I mentioned above, i.e. there're 3x 1st spot that gets the "winner" prize, which is the permanent PA, the special mount etc. (in other words, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd "place" all get the "1st" prize). Anyone next gets the "participant" prize
  13. The participant reward is the same regardless of position, i.e. 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. all get the same participant reward - 2 weeks PA, 5 EXP scrolls and 7 days Pegasus Agathion in this case.
  14. Great idea I prolly won't participate since I don't really have any char to compete with, but it sound super fun, so someone better make a fraps +1 for some admin support tho (e.g. drop 1 ingame announcements before the race begins to help attract more participants... Some hat would be nice too)
  15. Man it feels like yesterday... Time sure flies fast
  16. That's what's messed up, if you have full buff line and pop the fruit you lose the first buff, but if you get an extra buff you lose the fruit which is basically the 'last' buff... It always feels like a russian roulette what you're going to lose this time
  17. Why would admins read topic that doesn't start with [to admins]? btw. I've figured out that if there's something urgent (like asking admins if there'll be event soon or when will they add new hats in shop), you should make the topic title something like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..." (so it takes like 10 lines and fcks up the forum layout) - they have to come down and fix the title, and once they're in your topic they might as well read it. They don't mind, I've been doing this kind of stuff for ages and I'm still not banned, only 76 warning points so plenty of room yet. I highly recommend!
  18. Others are debatable but the absolute cancer state of Fatal Counter is undisputable. btw. bonuses from epics - don't they really? I remember they were getting bonuses from epics on H5
  19. I believe this is the cornerstone of the entire issue. I don't want to go much into "how it should be fixed" since I don't really have that kind of experience with summs on classic, but what if they were a bit tweaked so that summons would have longer cooldowns, but in return they would be a tankier + had some special strong debuff resist passive? I know it's a controversial idea to actually make summoners finally learn Servitor Heal but in their current state the summons like pony feel like slightly more interactive cubics that either IK you or follow you around and there's an absolute f*ckall you can do about them; if it was made that if summs actually had to care about the summons it would open some more problem solving windows...
  20. Well he did mention it's not actual info, but nevertheless it's a good info about race-specific modifiers which I assume remain unchanged.
  21. To be perfectly level with you, It's still far from enough. But my point still holds, that pop up window is as annoying as it's useless. Season 2 coming in a month btw. I'm just salty when they close my topic without leaving me an option to reply, if that wasn't clear enough
  22. Since the topic was locked for an unknown reason, I took the liberty of making a second part to continue the discussion Well first of all, let me slap a On both. Allow me to elaborate: I. "players who knew we had it (are being scammed)" - literally how. This message has been popping up every single damned time for now almost 4 months. So there're two options - (a), it simply doesn't happen because there's absolutely no way a person who's mentally capable of turning on a computer will read message "we don't offer Skype support" and then goes to Skype and puts a considerable ammount of effort to search a contact that is available nowhere on the entire site (b) They probably read it once or twice when it started and then closing it became an automatic process without even glimpsing over it. Case in point, useless. II. "players who didn't even know there was some Skype support in a first place (are being scammed)" - l i t e r a l l y how. I mean let's get this straight: they never knew there was Skype support being provided. They never had this information. There's a ticket system in ACP, there's this giantic "SUPPORT" button on right of the forum that leads to said ticket system, there's announcements in game that tells people to make ticket, and it takes around 2 button clicks to open a PM to admins on forum. And then, having absolutely no idea that this service ever existed, out of all communication systems in the world, anywhere from ICQ to MSN, they pick Skype and search for people whose acc names sound kinda like forum admins, and then they give such person their acc info and get scammed. Yup. (X) doubt. I'm not claiming that you don't get PMs from people that they got scammed. I suppose a lot of people will try to make fake scam claims in hopes of getting some free stuff. And I also can believe that some extremelly bizarre people actually go and pass all these obstacles in valiant effort to get scammed. However I do believe that ammount of these people, now, nearing 4 months anniversary of this annoying pop up window, is so negligible that there's no reason to continue annoying rest of the server with this pop up window. If you really want to spread this message however, I suggest to make a new ingame announcement repeating message, ideally visually different to current 'announcement spams' (e.g. make it over 3 lines or insert large spaces/special characters). It will be much less intrusive and much more effective. /btw. I'm looking forward to make 3rd topic if this one gets locked
  23. This mofo right there: Explain yourself. Pro tip: you can't. Literally the only people who haven't seen this message yet are people who didn't even know there was some Skype support in a first place. I mean seriously I literally can't even right now