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  1. Bounty Hunter - Main

    Money u make easier than other classes. But its hard to find party. Even if u have aoe skill ppl dont take u as aoe DD. And aoe zones have bad spoil like Iron Ore. I played spoil and they took me to pt only bcoz i had hlvl buffer, otherwise they must last of DDs to take u.

    golden showel for u
  3. Is it...?

    The red mark square. I read from that u can trade ur old 2nd class dyes for 3rd class dyes. For sure not 1:1 but maybe theres is option we are missing.
  4. Is it...?

    https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/play/saviors/things/#grocersnewproducts Opinions?
  5. rr server?

    login is working after update, but when i replace file for zoom i got info: https://pix.my/JPejGm
  6. Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    ... so i sold todays item for bullsht adena while being sure the event ends today. So was the buyers i guess. Please make new topic with such information not just bump old event topic/put on discord, coz nobody rly follow old topic.
  7. TK

    Play SE/EE and roll on lvl 76. This is how this server is made. Dont struggle.
  8. Rumble in the Jungle! vol2

    so their pro server they fought for last week died already? plz
  9. 04-02/03 baium

    so create on self ts or discord, dont trash forum
  10. 04-02/03 baium

    Just ignore. Perks post random sht on forum where only they know what happen in their little brains. I guess its progeria and some autism. http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/18731-wukong-today-_/ another example
  11. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    coz if u play somewhere else u dont talk sht about previous project like Stiba did i already posted in another topic, thats it. Just this is too strong for stiba to resist so he just leaves one server as a trash and go to other talk trash proving how trash he is Welp guess who cares bout ur donate server here.
  12. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    so maybe stop relog from pvp
  13. The best worst L2 drama movie you will see today

    everybody with a brain wont go on donation server that closes every project after a year of sucking money. Stiba pack, Vigi pack and JF pack are perfect example for no go. All those who got rekt here and kicked from each side I end over here i showed how it looks for other ppl to dont waste time and transfer to download it Go farm with ur bugged aura flash
  14. Bots are BOOOORING

    after watching the vid wanted write same thing, he even failed on stunning bots, instead healer stun DD, but i wasted time to read the post to the end, so good for u Rip
  15. I cannot find Tomas

    U keep fighting Stiba, i would continue, but i downloaded and connected, and entered party matching + talked with first NPC offering clean karma for donation so i realized this HIGH donator rate server cant be compared to anything (coz u said that i cant talk coz i dont even play there, welp i connected ;)) so theres nothing to talk here, bcoz its dead within a month. Cya later :*