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  1. Gold sellers.

    as i said and it was discussed in other topics. you ban guru they type you ban they type you ban they type gu______ru. you see where im going with is?
  2. Gold sellers.

    theres plenty of topics about this subject where all the stuff is explained. to sum up, there are no solution to this problms for as long as there will be ppl willing to give money to this companies, this companies will exist. all we can do is banned them as they show up like we do 50000 times per day. @kkthx im seriously starting to be fed up with your comments towards the project and its administration work in every topic you can, so i would advise you to take the hate somewhere else and if you cant i will do it for you. back to topic: that char is banned.
  3. Summoners while on Mount

    200 dolars dont even beging to cover all the ddos portection systems for starters about salaries being high, well lets just say if i would spend in a normal job the time i spend in server stuff i would prolly get a salary multiple times higher then i do but that was never the main focus for me while building this server so im ok with what i get as long as server keeps running stable. and no i do not drive a ferrari. my car is 24 years old common city car anyway this is exacly why i dont like to jump into economic talks... about the topic i will have some talks with koll and kse about this and we see what to do with this.
  4. Summoners while on Mount

    those were the class changes involving prs only, there are constantly 20 to 30 class changes for restart(sometimes a bit less), make the math. so yes class change is still the most constant source of income for the server believing it or not.
  5. Rune replacing

    about the costs ill check it out.
  6. Summoners while on Mount

    i usualy dont like to jump into economical talks, but you guys keep hating so much on the class change system and tho i dont like it either its almost the only real source of constant money income for the server and in some months is basicly what keeps server running. so i would say its a necessary evil. it also keeps lot of ppl around that otherwise would eventualy end up leaving at some point due to boredom, cp changes, feeling changes. etc.
  7. Bug

    i think both are supposed to be like that.
  8. Summoners while on Mount

    only the Nordic gods knows how much i hate this stupid mounts, so if you guys find proofs that allows me to nerf them without pissing off the official like fan boys please bring them to me.
  9. 2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed Baium fight reset timmer. - Fixed Thunderstorm and Quick Spear land rates and influence of resist shock on Quick Spear.
  10. [NOT BUG]Tp to toi 10

    i dont think something like this exist. if it would it would have to be other way for other players to get there by port also otherwise it would be broken AF. but if you find any infos about this please let me know. summon reaver! @Aduha some input on this?
  11. [NOT BUG]Tp to toi 10

    any concrete info on this?
  12. WTB Magical Tablets

    only seal archangels have 05
  13. [NOT BUG]Deflect Magic

    it increases your resistance to magic skills by 50 %. translation. when you have this skill on you have 50% more chance to resist a magic spell then you have without this skill on. it does not decrease the damage you get from magic skills. it does not increase your m def it increases the chance you have of resisting a magic spell. that moment when a death spike hits your face but you take 1 damage cuz the guy failed the attack.
  14. WTB Magical Tablets

    249kk and a super bock!
  15. 2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed second class dyes working after third class transfer. - Fixed Feoh Rune (m attack/mp consumption), to increase mana cost instead of decreasing it. - Fixed problm on quest An Arrogant Search where some times quest would not proc next step after gathering 1000 items from angels. - Fixed problm on quest An Arrogant Search where it would remove from player more items that intended when delivering the quest items (1011 instead of 1000 etc) - Fixed problm on quest An Arrogant Search where if you choose to kill 1000 it would still give you 1 blood stained cloth instead of 5.