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  1. San0 added a post in a topic: Ignore Shield (Important)   

    yes rest was correct.
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  2. San0 added a post in a topic: What the h*ll is this ? Selling eq on skype fo real €   

    Would be better if this would be on report section and not on suggestions boys.
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  3. San0 added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    on aion and on other chronicles/servers. you dont drop your gear when you die.
    lets say we put this set up you guys saying. some dude is farming pulling small trains and his internet crashes. char stays in game for 10 seconds and he dies to mobs dropping his weapon and his gear or even epics he spent over a year to get.
    now imagine that guy was you.
    still think its a good idea?
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  4. San0 added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    Clan halls are monotorized as much as we can. Not so long. Ago 2 chs were placed to auction due to rmt deal and before that there was another ch put to auction due to clan owners inactivity.
    We just cant go to ppl who won a ch bid and take it from them even if clan has 5 ppl on it if they still playing.
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  5. San0 added a post in a topic: Reward for first class change quests   

    Atm quests from first class are with 1.0 version rewards.
    On 2.0 this quests will have rewards increased.
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  6. San0 added a post in a topic: Summoner   

    Pets speed is same as official. Pet attack range is same as official. Pet attack behavior is same as oficial (pet amost never hit if target is moving) so i still dont know what bug u talk about. 
    I need to find a video again, i was watching from some archer on olys, he had 3or 4 fights with sumoners over all he got attacked by pet like 2 times during all matches. No he was not faster then the pet, he was just never standing still long enough for pet to attack him.
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  7. San0 added a post in a topic: Help for a newbie regarding features of l2 Classic   

    ​there is no auto pick up.
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  8. San0 added a post in a topic: Summoner Party Buffs ????   

    if you mean the pet buffers.
    cat queen crit buff or p atack buff.
    seraphim mana regen or skill reuse.
    demon shadow thingy QQ no party buff for him only the agros/debuff.
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  9. San0 added a post in a topic: 16.01.2017   

    Removed Christmas event NPCs and Decorations.
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  10. San0 added a post in a topic: Castle siege end of pray   

    I think the only way to flag disapear is to be killed or te flag owners get a castle. 
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  11. San0 added a post in a topic: segunda cuenta   

    se tienes 2 pcs puedes abrir una cuenta en el otro pc.
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  12. San0 added a post in a topic: Curse Gloom   

    its already on list to fix. ty for the report.
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  13. San0 added a post in a topic: Death Wave   

    lol. its bonus xD.
    yeah i see on drops its also set from 1 - 3 for some reason. we will fix this.
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  14. San0 added a post in a topic: Summoning Bug with Dance of Concentrate   

    hmm, i think the problm is in the skill it self. i will check it out but for some reason i have in mind we have all the necro pets with same casting time when skeleton should have a shorter cast time. 
    ill check it out.
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  15. San0 added a post in a topic: Future   

    ​i said this already in another post which i believe was also created by you but i will say it again.
    priority atm its only the finish and launching of 2.0 update on live server.
    nothing will be done regarding the high 5 server untill 2.0 is rdy and live working fully.
    that topic with announce of this h5 server in future was just for ppl to not be caught by surprise when it will happen.
    h5 server doesnt matter at all atm, it something that will come when it will come an information will be posted when it will happen.
    and obviously it wont happen on januray ofc.
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  1. xtar » San0

    sorry for my englis, soon update is only for loa ??  no cementery ¿ no forest of mirror ? no field of masacre  ?

    ty for answer