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  1. TH dagger in wrist

    i already replayed to this multiple times. new tests came out like this 42/100, 47/100, 58/100 script line {p_cancel_spell;2;50} - cancels spells type 2 (magical and physical) on 50 % chance.
  2. Clan Rewards

    clan lvl 3+
  3. Future

    thats relative, if the something you doing is obviously bad (like some certain choices of moving to some certain places), doing nothing is better. and i am never rude.
  4. Future

    or we can make this instead.
  5. Future

    cuz we are very known for giving much fuks about what other unnamed servers are doing.
  6. what happened to discord?

    then the problem is on your side.
  7. what happened to discord?
  8. 2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed problm causing some debuffs to sometimes have random duration. - Fixed problm causing fisherman daily mission to not reset. - Fixed problm causing talisman liberate to not be able to use while in stun. - Fixed Combat aura skill description. (requires update) - Fixed monument of heroes to display hero list. (record and history being worked out) - Changes made to clan activity bonus. from now on you should be able to achieve level 4 on 30 members.
  9. Valentine's Chest Event!

    event rewards on xmas event were heavy ones due to the fact there was about 4 or 5 months without event cuz of the update, thats why it had strong rewards. before that one the events were already without big enchants etc. and this will be also close from reward lists of next events with minimal changes. if you dont think is worth it you can allways get the items and present them to some lowbie, i am sure they will not say no.
  10. ban was made correctly from our point of view therefor this characters will not be unbanned., i take the chance also to remember the rule 1.10 Discuss Administration/GMs' actions in game. any further topics relating to this same offtopic subject in here will be as closed as this case is and punished with forum account ban. any further insults or offensive language towards server administration will be punished with a forum account ban. this topic went totally off topic and there for will be locked, sry for the original topic starter.
  11. bans person for boting, refuses to receive money to unlock in secret after promisses of "he will stop" and offers of payment... is called corrupt. fuk logic.
  12. i hope you know all this drama will lead no where. just saying.
  13. i honestly dont know why my name always gets pulled into this but ok. "The chars that got banned were different but with the same name." new char same name is diferent from same char diferent name. i smell someone else getting banned from forum also.
  14. Serious bug (stun landrate)

    atm i think only the spear thingy which i dont recall the name has 90% chance. quick spear. that.
  15. Rizos bug report list 2

    1 - i believe nothing wrong with this talisman. 2 - already reported. 3 - 4 - already reported and nothing have been 100 % proven it was working wrong. 5 - 6 - already reported 7 - already reported 8 - already reported 9 - already reported 10 - already reported 11 -already reported 12 - already reported 13 - 14 - already reported and still not sure if this was fixed in patches previous to the one we have or in future ones since this bug used to exist from official client for some years already. 15 -