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  1. its for the account. if you have premium in one char in the account all chars on same GAME account will have premium also.
  2. acounts are limited on 1 account per COMPUTER. to be able to log a second one in same COMPUTER you need to have premium account in one of those accounts.
  3. ninja info arriving - during last month 5 chars changed from Phantom ranger to something else and 6 chars changed from something else to phantom ranger. ninja info delivery completed ninja disappears
  4. signature adding or changing was turned off temporarily. they will be turned on again shortly.
  5. CHN

    1 - its curious to see everyone saying we dont ban chinese ppl without actually knowing if we ban them or not. 2 - all you need to do is make a proper bot report or at least provide the names of the players who you think are using bot programs so we can check. if all you do is arrive here and say cinese ppl are botting, its not much of a help. is not too hard. it takes less time then all this crying all you need to do it: 1 open forum (same way you did for this 2 topics that lead to nothing) 2 open bot report section 3 pick a tittle 4 insert name of player. 5 press submit. dont like forum? no problm, we also have a discord available where the reports can be done. 1 enter server discord channel 2 double click my name 3 insert text "player XXXXXXX is boting" dont like discord? no worries we have yet another way to do this. 1 enter on skype. 2 add san0.classic / koll.classic / kse.classic /events.classic 3 insert text "player XXXXXXXXX is botting" if you still not happy with any of this more conventional ways we have yet another option. 1 log on website 2 go to tickets. 3 press new ticket 4 insert tittle 5 inser text "player XXXXXXXX is boting 6 press send. not so hard and gonna achieve better goals than this kind of topics. if after all this ways you guys have to report a bot you still prefer to use your time to make this kind of topics... well... its your choice but not much we can do about this.
  6. vr from SE and warcryer are the same and they are both 100% on mellee attacks.
  7. CHN

    ok thank you for the advice. much love.
  8. yeah but then ppl who dont have the top non grade weapon would strugle
  9. CHN

    well since this topic is going again into personal discussions and points of view i will close it. if you have names of those bots to report please do it with a proper topic in the proper place. also it was explained already why some names show on list twice and other only once, but again ppl only read what they want to read so nothing to say more about this.
  10. CHN

    where are the reports being done? cuz if all reports are like this one.... well, theres your answer.
  11. CHN

    my point exacly, you keep choosing to say something random instead of doing it decently. the case of salaras was explained over 9000 times already ppl just dont want to remember and all they see is what its interesting for them. still w8ing on that proper bot report tho.
  12. CHN

    and again, if instead of coming again to say somethign random you could make a bot report with proper names of the players you think are using bots so we could check. also i invite you to please tell me once you made a bot reported and was not answered.
  13. CHN

    all players reported for bot using are checked and banned if proven to be using third party software. no exceptions. instead of coming here throwing rocks to the sky and see if some stick, you could make a bot report with normal information as in "player name XXXBOTXXX is boting atm"
  14. dont one shot the quest monsters.
  15. should be there now.