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  1. no, theres no manor on classic. at least not till latest updates. dunno if they will be added on future.
  2. U can right ticket to support saying pass recovery didnt work and ask them to send it to the mail.  
  3. you guys are right, i missed cyane's topic with the stuns, the others are correct but soul breaker is indeed a bit lower then the rest. atm all other single target stun skills have same chance except for soul breaker. will get it fixed as soon as possible.
  4. ppl brought values from official sources and they were indeed slightly different from what we had. on case of the hammer crush was about 5 % difference. so we fixed it to match the official values.  different skills have different land rates so we cant just assume that due to the fact this 2 have X land rate, all stuns have same land rate. if you think soul breaker has a problm and you find out data to back it up, im more then happy to check and make sure all is working correctly. by logic, soul breaker should have same chance as hammer crush since they are similar skills with same damage same effect and same cost, but cant know if its incorrect or not atm without having info about it. we all know l2 and logic dont always come together. so if anyone finds something about the soul breaker or any other skills you guys think it might be working different let me know please.  
  5. - Event item Valentine's Cake can now be sold in private shops.
  6. - Event item Valentine's Cake can now be sold in private shops. - Adjusted (increased) stun chance for skill Hammer Crush and Sonic Blaster to better match official values. - Adjusted (increased) fear chance on skill curse fear to better match official values. - Slightly increased monster density in Ancient Battle Ground hunting zone.
  7. banner

    char name?
  8. phantom ranger

    theres a cap value that can be reflected. so even you have 40% reflect and i hit you for 500k dmg, i will not get 200k damage from reflect.
  9. coin of luck is the donation item, you can get it either as kkthx said by donating, or you can buy from other players in game.
  10. first he is using offline shop. that sleep animation you see indicates he is on offlineshop mod. so you can have offline shops and still play with char. offline shops are for free in giran harbor territory tho you need a offline ticket to use offline shop in town. offline tickets can be purchased at nostalgia npc.
  11. phantom ranger

    nothing to answer here, from waht i see the option for fixed FC is winning so considering we have a FIXED FC theres nothing to say here.
  12. nah, just checked it out. its about 0.3% per 1 con. later ill run some more tests on it to check the skills its self but if the numbers you guys talk about are correct, the stun skills chances might be slightly off from what it should. i am 100% sure shield stun has 90% base rate and its working correctly. and im almost sure about the banana but need to check everything just in case.
  13. all stuns have roughly same base chance (around 90%), tho it is true that atm con has influence on stun resist and this might be why you guys cant achieve same resuslts as on off. this is a problm i want to have solved before olys mostly.  
  14. beep boop