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  1. Change of e-mail linked to the game account
  2. 2.0 update patch notes

    oO. np. 1- no compensation needed, they will be stronger then they were before. and i see you are up for the pet removel but then you want them compensated for not having it removed oO? 2 - we said many times before we didnt thought the update would take as long as it did so we admited it many times before. about the lvl 76 players its a old situation where everyone had chance to do it and most of those players are not even playing anymore. 3 - i didnt wanted to bring this up as i dont rly enjoy this kind of drama but i didnt see you complaining about unban chance when some of your clan mates had to use it. now if possible lets leave this topic for what it is instead of going into drama lamas mode on a patch notes topic.
  3. Change of e-mail linked to the game account

    you cannot change emails to which master accounts are connected. you can tho use a new email to create a new master account and use the transfer character service to move the character to this new account.
  4. 2.0 update patch notes

    you should have highlighted the "BASED" word also tho it wouldnt help what you trying to say its still a important part of that sentence and in case you still talking about the players who are lvl 76, nothing will happen about it, whoever hits lvl 76 will stay lvl 76. hope this sentence solves all your doubts and questions about this.
  5. the server is dead. lol.

    i could say that 778 ppl received firecracker when i gave them way meaning there was 778 ppl in 10k range of me in aden square, but ofc ppl would say its fake so i will not say it. ty for all who joined us tho, was fun.
  6. 2.0

    yes. the java pack everyone else is using. you can wake up from your dream right there cuz its not going to happen. first becuz we are not using java, second becuz those files are not complete also, and have as much if not more problms then ours do. and if you think making a update its only about scripting well... i think its nough said...
  7. 2.0 update patch notes

    i dont consider GOD as a older chronicle. the point being they will not be able to clean basicly everything. but you are correct about the cat clean it should attack spped modifiers and not char movement modifiers.
  8. 2.0 update patch notes

    - Changes to classic club summoners. Seraphim the Unicorn: - Gift of Seraphim skill removed. - Buff effects decreased to effect lvl 1. (clarity, empower, wild magic and acumen) - Cure of Seraphim will now work only for poison and bleed effects. Feline queen: - Blessing of Queen skill removed. - Buff effects decreased to effect lvl 1. (blessed body, blessed soul, haste) - Cure of Queen will now work only in decrease phisical attack/attackspeed effects. NightShade: - Mass Curse of Nightshade skill removed. - Buff effects decreased to effect lvl 1. (guidance, focus, deathwhisper) NONE OF THIS PETS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR OLYMPIADS. Mass Cubics: Mass cubics effect greatly decreased on higher lvls of the skill. thoughts behind this changes: This changes will be made in other to make summoners and this pets still have a big impact in a lower lvl party and helping the lower levels evolve keeping some utility but not affecting the high lvl game play. Cubics. Mass cubics might be a bit unfair in the higher levels pvp atm but they still have their usefulness on pve, there for the effectiveness of this cubics was decreased as the level increases. Meaning parties will still be able to use it while they progress on their hard lvling mission but their impact on the higher lvl pvp scenarium will be negated by their lack of effectiveness Buffs. It was noticed some parties started replacing the active buff classes with the summon buffs (mostly pony), there for the effect of this buffs was decreased. This way the summoner still keeps the friendly buff to give away in a lower lvl not so perfect party or for solo proposes but it will not have impact so big on high lvls and it will not replace classes such as Elven Elders or Shilien Elders in a higher lvl party. Cleanse skills. Not much to explain here. pets cleaning all curses had to be removed so this skill was turned into what it used to be in older chronicles. pony has a chance of removing bleeds and poisons while cat have chance of removing phisical attack/attack speed imparing debuffs. Removal of gifts and Blessings. tho the reuse buff of the pony is not so much noticeable on instant cast skills like normal nukes or heals, the impact grows with the longer CD of skills such as vortex and balance life etc, with the runes coming out for more cast speed this skill have to be removed in order to keep some balance the same it was added before in order to keep some balance. As for the cat, Crit chance is caped and it wont be too hard to hit with some runes and skills tho crit power is not caped, there for to avoid insane damage output on certain skills/hits, this skill had to be removed. overall: This pets will still stay in game. they will be useful in lower lvls helping groups progressing with their smaller support but this changes added before to keep them useful will start fading in the higher lvls as they transgress from a more supportive role to a more offensive role.
  9. Enchanted - chance

    admins are silent becuz theres nothing to say as nothing was changed on the enchant rates and they are quite busy atm to have to come here and explain stuff everytime you guys come up with a new theory about something xD.
  10. Blessing of Light v1

    this value doesnt show on the bonus SP part its just simply added to the normal SP value.
  11. Ban list - Pay2Win server

    as far as i know this person was banned only once and rules are the same for everyone since the last 2 years.
  12. 2.0 update patch notes

    1- list is on server descirption topic. 2 - that is not true you can get the agro with damage if you agro % goes higher then whoever is agroing it. 3 - summon have 50 range not 0.
  13. the OBT is not for a new server. This OBT is for the update that will be instaled on the server that is now live. and obviously chars created on OBT will not be on live.
  14. problem with human cleric quest

    i think it should be in ruins of agony