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  1. Freezing Flame DC

    i think i found problm but just in case still pm me that orc stuff please so i can reproduce exacly.
  2. Freezing Flame DC

    this is how i see it. you are right about the reuse tho, can you pm me exacly what gear set up on that orc?
  3. Freezing Flame DC

    i have it working normally for when i check it is working ok. what is wrong with it and why for me it works normaly?
  4. Vision bug of transformation

    you can if when they transform they are not in your vision range, for some reason they are are not loading if persons transforms next to you, it requires some sort of reload, like relog, teleport, etc. i talked about this with manton already.
  5. 2.0 Change Log

    - Added transformation skills: Pirate Dark Assassin White Assassin
  6. New Player Question - Summoners

    1 yes 2 no
  7. Poll needs attention

    i dont have any problm on freezing flame atm. what problm you talking about?
  8. Transformation

    San0 not forghetti... mom's spaghetti..
  9. Christmas Event spree!

    world announcement.
  10. Giran CH BUGGED

    1 have you tryed puting more money on cwh? 2 are you sure money is on cwh? 3 is the message still there?
  11. Christmas Event spree!

    yes no one knows, he may show up at any time during the event. update your client. if all pouches would be tradable it would defeat the propose of the special santa since you could just give all pouches to one guy in clan and have him exchanging them for everyone.
  12. Giran CH BUGGED

    "all payments will be processed within 24 hours" is that message and the money on CWH for longer then 24 hours?
  13. Christmas Event spree!

    i believe you wanted to say usable, if yes answer is yes. arrive to the place you want to shop and use the normal offline shop comand after setting the shop
  14. San0 wp

    i deleted post cuz i didnt liked your tone and cuz of a accumulation of other topics with same behavior, thats why it got hiden and account blocked, and thats why the same will happen to this one. it also broke about 4 or 5 rules from this list. for the same reason this topic will also be locked and this account will also be blocked.