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  1. My love letter and BlueZerg

    i dont believe this is even practical. oly system runs in a very tight time counting with days, hours, minutes, seconds, to make something like this would most likely require to have 2 diferent systems running what is not a good option. also if you make oly 2 hours earlier on a firday it will be a free olympiad for asia cuz no one else will be able to join at first hours. meanwhile rest of the times rest of the people will still have to fight eachother + fight the remains of asia who play at any time. once again bringing advantage on this change to asian players only. once again, just like it was with castle sieges where the change was only good for asian players, we still did it cuz it was viable for rest of community. this changes i do not think its viable for everyone else.
  2. My love letter and BlueZerg

    americans (NA SA) already complain about this cuz they have only last hour for oly. if you make it earlier most of them cant make it to oly. i remind you that siege time was already changed back on the days so it would be more fitting for asian players and cuz of this lot of south american people were unhappy, its not that we dont care about asian players, but we cant make changes that will hurt some to help some others.
  3. My love letter and BlueZerg

    ... you know when you change time it changes for everyone right? so if you make it later is worst for eastern europe and asia, if you make it earlier is worst for west europe and america. so any of the changes are not good for everyone there for any of the changes are not going to happen.
  4. nothing wrong with the server. if your problm still exist try contacting koll on skype koll.classic
  5. My love letter and BlueZerg

    1 - none of the asian proxies we found till today would give you better ping then the european proxy we have now. it was already said gazilion times in other topics, if you have a good service for asian proxies let us know and we will check them, untill today all are worst then the ones we have. 2 - olympiad time will not change, we understand many people are from asia but this is still a european server and as such the olympiads and main events will run on european time.
  6. Sieges again...

    clans registered as defender should have teleport rights from a gatekeeper npc. from what it was pointed out to me this is not working and it was added to be changed. about the rest of castle services i cant say for sure but i think it applies only for castle owners.
  7. Olympiad Stream

    if only i could make chars loged from modoy IP to go only against highest level DAs, that would be a stream i would watch but yeah save up that recording i might be mid driving trip also and i want to see it later.
  8. 2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed Talismans of guard and benefaction being removed by cancel skill.
  9. 2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed problm causing skill Immortal Life to not work properly on Olympiad. Now it should prevent match loss if fatal damage is taken while buff is on. (please let us know if the problm still occur in some situation) - Fixed Olympiad weakly points not being given to characters electable on the same time of matches reset but on fridays instead. From now on the 10 weakly points should be added on the same day that matches reset. (meaning 1st day of the month and every week after that on same day) - Added new NoShopZone near aden GK and rest of npcs. should be something like this:
  10. Restart 08.03

  11. Happy International Woman's Day

    Dear friends! In the beginning of spring, the most beautiful time of the year, we also celebrate International Wonen's day. Dear girls! On behalf of the whole men's part of the team, we would like to congratulate all of you, as well as our magnificent Kse, with the holiday of the 8th of March. You, with your care for us and beauty, make this world sunny and inconspicuous colorful. We hope that all your brightest dreams will necessarily come true and we will do our best to make it happen. We also would like to help a little bit for the strong half of the server, and announcing 10% discount for all accessories, as well as agathions from March, 8 to March, 12. And also from March, 8 to March, 9 inclusive, all donations will come with an additional 8% bonus! Thank you, girls, that you always remain cheerful. Best regards. team
  12. Path of the Elven Oracle bugged

  13. Path of the Elven Oracle bugged

    dont one shot quest monsters
  14. 2.0 Change Log

    - Couple of changes made to baium instance. Fixed Baium go back to sleep action not reseting instance timer. Now every time it goes back to stone mode, the next person coming in to wake him up will have again the normal 2 hours to do it. Fixed Baium go back to sleep action not reseting Baium's HP. Now every time it goes back to stone mode, his hp resets. to sum up. when Baium goes to stone mode it fully resets the 2 hour fight.
  15. Bug guard/core olympiad

    you guys do not understand fully what needs to be done on what task to fix what. the reason why some fixes come out in 2 days and other in 2 months is not cuz we chose it to be like this, its simply cuz some can be fixed in 2 days and others cant. some need more research others dont, some needs more tests others dont, some needs aditional fixing after fix and test and others dont. diferent people fixing, diferent mechanics involved, diferent amount of things it messes with or can fuk with. if all problms would be possible to fix in 1 days they would all be fixed in 1 day but it just aint like this, problems get fixed as soon as its possible to be fixed.