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  1. its critical received
  2. fixed.
  3. to report bots you can use either the report bot section on forum, or on our skypes directly koll.classic san0.classic kse.classic. we have alsot the discord channel where you can join and you can report bots either on the report bot section or directly to me or kse on PM.
  4. so you cant explain how he can get 9k damage without dying and im the one without game knowledge? oO
  5. i dont even play this game anymore and i can see like 3 or 4 different ways that a SR could go up to 10/11k HP+CP... just saying.
  6. if you guys could leave me out of your flames and trolls that would be lovely.
  7. - Quick Castle Healing Potion: Reuse time between potion added Price for potions increased - Fixed shot problm on Neti's Bow - Fixed Weapon Type on Crucifix of Blessing
  8. stream was on last sieges also tho i was not here. and before that it was not streamed once not cuz we didnt wanted but cuz it was technicaly not possible.
  9. true shouldnt be removing on healing pot. will be fixed.
  10. think about it this way. without premium you can log one acount only. the premium accounts are not considered by this system. so without premium you can have ALLWAYS 1 account only. if you need 3 accounts you need 2 premium, if you want 4 accoutns you need 3 premium and so on.
  11. w8 a couple of minutes and try again.
  12. thats how it is.
  13. w8 couple of minutes and try to log in again.
  14. 1, prolly bug, we will fix it. 2 as modoy said if the monster has shield he might get a perfect block reducing all damage to 1 and even if you crit the dmg will still be 1.
  15. mi spanol eres muy bueno, ariba ariba...