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  1. San0 added a post in a topic: horror vs mental shield   

    ​on olys prepare for this to happen
    i keep saying the horror skill is working with the normal chances as it should. problm here might be from mental shield but we will have btter picture about it after tomorrow mental shield changes.
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  2. San0 added a post in a topic: horror vs mental shield   

    it is %.
    and yes it works on fear.
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  3. San0 added a post in a topic: 23.01.2017   

    - AQ fix will be installed with restart on live server. It shouldn't get out of her normal territory anymore. AQ spawn time will start counting after 18:00CET as it was the last time that it died in a normal way.
    - Mental Shield buff effect both from NPC and chars values was tuned up to better match the official values:
    lvl1 - 20% lvl2 - 30% lvl3 - 40% lvl4 - 50% Resists to Hold/Sleep/Fear/Mental Attacks.
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  4. San0 added a post in a topic: Ant Queen Bug   

    Fix for aq will be instaled tomorrow at server restart.
    AQ respawn will start monday at the last time it died in a normal way wich is 18:00cet.
    Sum up: Monday restart fix will be instaled.
    Monday 18:00cet spawn starts.
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  5. San0 added a post in a topic: Clan slots - Alliance slots [Poll]   

    ​you would be surprised
    we actualy beated our own record of last 7 months i think on last weekend.  (by about 200 ppl)
    anyway back to topic.
    i dont think it would solve the cH problm. smaller clans who would get into bigger clans would just keep the CH to use on their alt chars in their alt clan having more slots into a alt clan ending up inviting more ppl to that alt clan there for leading to the same problm it is now, so even if we do this. in 3 months we will have still no new clan halls, and clans again complaining they need more slots cuz they have 7 clans in ther side and would be good to communicate all together and so on and so on. dunno if you guys see where im heading here... 
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  6. San0 added a post in a topic: Ant Queen Bug   

    QA will be removed from game till monday after fix. AQ will disapear at 01:00CET.
    Both sides had time to try it and both sides realise they will not manage to kill it this way. there for no AQ till monday after fix.
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  7. San0 added a post in a topic: WTF every day some body   

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  8. San0 added a post in a topic: Fetal Counter   

    removed crit chance.
    increased p attack dependence. (skill takes more advantage from p attack then for instance double shot)
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  9. San0 added a post in a topic: 20.01.2017   

    - Fixed the block change against some skills. The following skills now ignore shield defense:
    Spinning Slasher
      Hammer Crush
      Excruciating Strike
      Fatal Strike
      Triple Slash
      Burning Fist
      Soul Breaker
      Body impale  
    - Fixed Drop list for monster Death Wave.
    - Fixed Shot consumption on Big Hammer.
    - Fixed Fatal Counter skill.
    removed crit chance. ​increase p attack dependence. 
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  10. San0 added a post in a topic: U should say in Class change thread ...   

    What they said... ∆∆∆
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  11. San0 added a post in a topic: RMT spam reports   

    they arr banned but next time pls report it on the bot section as it is hiden from players. this way it works also as advetisement for them even if its not in your intention.
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  12. San0 added a post in a topic: Ignore Shield (Important)   

    yes rest was correct.
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  13. San0 added a post in a topic: What the h*ll is this ? Selling eq on skype fo real €   

    Would be better if this would be on report section and not on suggestions boys.
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  14. San0 added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    on aion and on other chronicles/servers. you dont drop your gear when you die.
    lets say we put this set up you guys saying. some dude is farming pulling small trains and his internet crashes. char stays in game for 10 seconds and he dies to mobs dropping his weapon and his gear or even epics he spent over a year to get.
    now imagine that guy was you.
    still think its a good idea?
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  15. San0 added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    Clan halls are monotorized as much as we can. Not so long. Ago 2 chs were placed to auction due to rmt deal and before that there was another ch put to auction due to clan owners inactivity.
    We just cant go to ppl who won a ch bid and take it from them even if clan has 5 ppl on it if they still playing.
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