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  1. i think you dont fully understand how the pk system works. 1 - you cannot use pk scroll while with karma. meaning if you are with karma you still gonna have to clean it like you would before, if you are with karma and over 4 pks you still gonna drop items if you die. 2- the point of quest cleaning pks was the time person used to level up the sin eater. in a normal situation player takes longer to remove 5 pks with scroll then he would take with sin eater. 3- the ppl that run around with 9k pk points, they would run around with 9k pk points either way if there would be no pk scrolls becuz if you get to 9k pk points i dont think they are very worried about the consequences anyway. to sum up: consequences are the same they used to be. and pk cleaning takes basicly same time if not more then with sin eater considering you had chance of geting up to 10 pk points removed with it. not to mention the fact that its more expensive with the scroll then it would be with sin eater that would eat like 2 wolf food during the lvling process. also for the ppl who get pked by high lvl under lvl 40, you guys should start using the blessing buff from the npc.
  2. U know wrong.
  3. Share my video on site when its possible.
    Thanks In Advance

  4. the list is merely informative and it has flaws on it. problm happen when i make list before they use the unban service. so lets see i get MyCousin boting, and i ban him. tomorrow i make list and his name will be there, but if in 5 days he will come to use the unban service, the char will still be on the list tho he unbaned cuz was his first time. there for when he will be baned again, his name will show again on the list. hence the double names some times, so just becuz name is on list doesnt literaly mean person was banned twice. thats why sometime ppl show up twice in list, others dont show up if banned once, others show up once even if they unbanned.
  5. the cubics i believe so, the pets are the part we still thinking if to change something or not. just for the record, none of the "custom" added skills will be available in olympiads.
  6. Party buff pets , mass cubics, and combat aura were added by us on 1.5 update.
  7. most of the sales there have a group of levels from 1 to 75, if you open the party matching and press "lvl limit" twice, you will get all the partys looking for ppl together before any shops almost always.
  8. thats why on message before i said to ppl to log NOT on eu/sp proxy
  9. you trolling me?
  10. try logging in again using not european or spanish proxy, if it dcs you right after proxy select, reopen client and try to log on same proxy it dced you before.
  11. eu and spanish proxy are down atm, to log in game try using one of the others. if updater doesnt work you can download patch directly from site and just replace files and run game from l2.exe till everything is back to normal with all conections.
  12. european and spanish proxy seem to be down atm, please try using one of the other proxies while we solve the problms.
  13. atm we might have some problm with some of our proxies so instead of using updater please try to download the patch from ourwebsite directly and run the game without using updater.
  14. seems to be atm some problms with some of our proxies that might also cause problms on the file downloading process. try downloading patch instead of the updater. and run game from the l2.exe. the download link is working fine for me.
  15. server was up before you you finished this topic