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  1. yeah i already answered on the other topic that they were right about this and theres indeed a level missing there on 64.
  2. went totally off topic. locked.
  3. if you keep having problms with the donation systems on website try contacting support with a print of your problem or error message etc. if in any case you happen to have a paypal account you can work out the donation directly with me on skype san0.classic
  4. july was all tired and sweaty so she had to take a break to eat and shower. she is back to her enslave... hmmm i mean working place.
  5. July had to take a shower after 2 weeks of standing there. she is back now.
  6. not gonna happen. at least for now.
  7. Due to some technical problms some of the class changes ended up being delayed. they are being finished now.
  8. Hell. or burning how i bring you hell, something like this.
  9. yes i was checking this also and i also think you guys are right. gotta check with the scripters about this.
  10. guts lvl 4 should be learned at lvl 74. i think on 2.0 you get guts lvl 4 at 64 becuz a new lvl of guts was added on 74. i might be mistaken so if anyone has anything on this lemme know please.
  11. i have no idea what you mean by new server same staff... we do not have any other server or plan on opening any other any time soon, this server Talking Island x3 is the only focus and only project we have.
  12. Fresh Fruit Cocktail contains Mage buff set (20 minutes duration) Sweet Fruit Cocktail contains Fighter buff set (20 minutes duration) Fresh Beer contains mixed buff set (20 minutes duration) Sun Warmth - buff, which is increasing your EXP/SP gain by 7% for 20 minutes Beach Towel Sun Glasses Ball Cold Beverage Sun Protector Lotion this ones are tradable. agathion, hat, and suits are not.
  13. so first i was playing with perkunas side and i was reaver, or reaver was me something like this, then i switched over to the enemy side and i was friend of soil or i was soil, now im back on perkunas side and im modoy. im curious who i will be next
  14. you guys already know what is happening with 2.0. its being done and theres some stuff missing as you can see on the progress tracker. i know its not the answer you guys want to hear so you just keep asking again and again in hope for a different answer but thats the answer we have to give.
  15. what official answer you are w8ing from us on something that doesnt even have any answer? modoy just trolled all of you and you went with it. that is not even close from our admin pannel. its amazing how you guys make messes our of nothing and allways pulling us in to coment/answer on something that has nothing to do with us.