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  1. 2.0 Great contest participation thread

    That video doesn't have yours, original content, so it doesn't count as a participation
  2. 2.0 Patch test

    Dear friends! Please, update your 2.0 patch and log on Open Beta Test server to check your connection. It is needed to avoid any connection problems after update release. Best regards, Classic Team
  3. L2classic.club Streaming campaign

    Statistics for last not calculated period will be published today
  4. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    These transformations will be added a bit after 2.0 update
  5. 2.0 Update Great Contest!

    Participation in the contest will end on October, 24! Make sure you will be in time to participate!
  6. [FIXED]Twilight Knife on AH -> Hell Knife

    Please, submit a ticket to support and ask them to return the item back to you.
  7. [FIXED]Twilight Knife on AH -> Hell Knife

    It was fixed ^^ It will just apply with newly added knives.
  8. 2.0 Update! 24.10.2017

    Dear friends! The time for so awaited Great Announce has come! L2Classic.club Team is happy to announce L2Classic.club v. 2.0 Update date! Update will go Live at server's 2nd anniversary! New Zones! New Raids and many more features will be waiting for you on 24.10.2017! Exact time of update will be announced within few days Full L2Classic.club patch notes for 2.0 Update you can find Here! Make sure you have new 2.0 Client and Updater by the launch date! To download the Client and Updater, follow the Link! Don't forget to participate in Great Contest! It will run till 2.0 launch on Live server! Best regards, Classic Team!
  9. Dear friends! Auction was shut down for the maintenance It will get back up tomorrow Best regards, Classic Team
  10. Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/marplaysson1 17.10.2017 Statistics Registrations - 0 Achievements - 0
  11. Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/rool2301 17.10.2017 Statistics Registrations - 0 Achievements - 0
  12. Dear players! October 9th at 11-00 CEST we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 40-60 minutes. ATTENTION! Client update is required after tomorrow restart! Best regards, Classic Team
  13. L2Classic.club 2nd Anniversary

    Dear friends! Our server is live for almost two years without wipes/re-openings! And it wouldn't be possible without our amazing, supporting community! These 2 years were a great adventure! Players were joining, leaving, server was changing along with our community. And now we can say, that our server grew as a great place for our players. We can't be happier to see our hard work being paid out, by our server being full of life! Our 2.0 anniversary is right over the corner. And we are starting the celebration now! Events, contests, presents will be waiting for you these 16 days till server's 2.0 anniversary! And tomorrow all our players will receive first small gift! So don't forget to update your client after server restart! Best regards, Classic Team
  14. Fun Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/bsklakis2 17.10.2017 Statistics Registrations - 0 Achievements - 0
  15. We've got a lot of accusations about unfair bans for RMT/rules changes, insults, threats from Caruso. And we want to bring some light on the situation to the players, who is protecting him, and other players. 1. Rule in Ingame chat rules, that RMT offers are forbidden, exists forever, and our players knows it. Based on it all RMT shops or players, who are willing to sell Adena/items for real money are being banned. Since some players, as Caruso, doesn't bother to read all rules, we decided to add it to the main project rules section also. With hope, that players are reading at least them before start playing on our server. Now we are being accused of changing rules, when we just moved them from one place to another But ok, let's not stay for too long on that point. 2. Caruso claimed that he did nothing wrong by saying WTS Adena in chat And some of his clanmates also think it's ok to will to sell adena like that, out loud in the chat. But anyway, unfortunately for people, who were protecting him without knowing full situation, it has continuation - actual deal investigation. And in this case it's not even close to "i just wrote that i WANT .... for the desire" And this is just 1 of several screenshots of the deal, which Caruso was trying to make. So as you can see, regardless of the rule about RMT offers, in this case other rule about actual RMT is joining the party. Caruso wasn't just saying WTS adena in chat once, he was actually selling his Adena. Or by his words - was making RMT sales. It didn't happen after all, not because Caruso decided to not break server rules, but by the buyer's decision. And one more time - we are fighting with RMT for them to not happen, and not just waiting for the actual deal to happen to ban the player, which already got his money and doesn't care about coincequences. If you want to make RMT sales freely - our server is a wrong place for that. WTS adena in chat - perma ban. So for Caruso and everyone - Caruso's account will stay permanently banned.