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  1. Game chats Moderators Recruitment

    @BizQQuiT, @JerrySM I will talk to you in Skype during the day/evening
  2. Ban/unaban politics update

    Dear players! Our Ban/Unban politics were updated. And some moments, which were working till now, were explained in details. Please, make sure to read it, and don't break rules! Best regards, Classic Team
  3. Money transfer from Auction

    Hello! Yes, it is possible to do. But only on WMZ wallet on Webmoney.
  4. Dear players! If after today's restart you can't log in game, please, make sure you updated your client. Best regards, Classic Team
  5. Dear players! Next server maintenance will be done on Tuesday, 06.03.2018 instead of Monday, 05.03.2018 Maintenance time: 10:00 CET Expected downtime - 30 minutes. IMPORTANT! Client update is required after restart! Best regards, Classic Team
  6. DanKolov/NonFactor

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/dankolovv
  7. Future

    No one is stopping you to step up and move trade zone to Giran Town or anywhere else from Giran Harbor if you don't like it. Offline shops are free everywhere, in every city and village. We are not forcing anyone to stay in Giran Harbor. Whoever want to move - doing it pretty successfully. It's in players hands to make whatever place they want to become a new trade zone. And yes, if any other zone will become more populated than GH, we will even change directions in the auto announcement.
  8. Dear players! February 27th at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 20 minutes. Best regards, Classic Team
  9. Nonsense

    The time of restart was moved for the morning, because EU players came to us and asked to not interrupt EU prime and not cancel clan bonus with restart. And still, EU community is the one being unhappy. Well, seems like we just have to not listen to anyone and do it when we have to do it.
  10. Dear players! February 20th at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 30 minutes. Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Attention! Brute force attack.

    There are no leaks from our side and never were. People are using other server databases to try to get to players accounts here. Which servers they got their database from - we simply can not know. Basically, they got bunch of accounts and passwords somewhere, and now are trying to run all combinations here. As far as we saw, they were trying account + password combos (usual in those cases) This is why it is important for players to not have same passwords on different servers
  12. Attention! Brute force attack.

    Our responsibility - keep our database safe, and we are doing it properly. We can't be responsible for the account names/passwords you choose to use. And we can not guarantee you your safety if you don't bother to do it yourself and creating accounts with same info everywhere. We can't be responsible for other servers loosing/selling their databases, which some people are using to get accounts on other servers. If you will use "asdasd" account and "asdasd" password, some one will log it, damage your account - is it our fault? No. People always were and are trying to get to other players accounts, this time it's just a massive attack with many tries at a time. So we had to warn players.
  13. Attention! Brute force attack.

    Dear players! Our server is under massive brute attack. That means someone, by using leaked databases from other L2 etc servers, is trying to get access to players accounts on our server. We are trying to control the situation, but those people used over 200 IPs already and keep trying with more and more new IPs. So if there is even a slight chance, that you are using same account/password info, as you were/are using somewhere else, we are strongly advising you to change your passwords for completely new. Otherwise, if you were/are using same info somewhere else, and now will get your account damaged, it will stay your responsibility. Best regards, Classic Team
  14. Facebook Page Loss (Again)

    Dear friends! Our Innova friends activated again in a fight against us. Today we've got our 3rd since server start Facebook page removed by their complains. But we are not the ones to give up or cry in the corner. Soon new page will be created and announced! Stay tuned! Best regards, Classic Team
  15. Valentine's Donate Bonus!

    Dear friends! We are announcing Valentine's Donate Bonus! On Valentine's Day, couples in love give each other presents. We want your gift to be better! On this from 00:00 CET on February, 14 till 23:59 CET on February, 16 all donations will come with 14% Bonus! If you don't have a date for some reason, don't get discouraged, buy a gift for yourself! Happy St. Valentine's Day! Best regards, Classic Team