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  1. Christmas Event spree!

    Random enchantment from +1 to +3 or fail Same scrolls you can get from the quest in LoA Hat, agathion and a cloaks can be obtained from Special Pouches only. Full reward lists from both kinds of pouches you can read at Santa's Girl NPC
  2. Christmas Event spree!

    No, it's random from the list
  3. Christmas Event spree!

    Santa hats will be gone with the event
  4. Christmas Event spree!

    Rewards from Special Santa Pouch are permanent Yes, it's stacking with other buffs
  5. Christmas Event spree!

    Dear friends! Preparation for Christmas and New Year is all in! And we are launching for you Christmas Event! Event period: December, 11 - January, 8. First Event Part - Santa's Hat! Every character gets Santa's Hat! Santa's Hat coming with a skill - Santa's Blessing* Use the skill and you will get Santa's Suit Transformation!** Along with transformation you will get passive buff - XP/SP bonus +10%, damage received in PvE - 8%, Damage dealt in PvE +7% *Santa's Blessing skill reuse time - 12 hours **Transformation duration time - 20 minutes Second Event part - Holiday Tree! During Event period, gather 1 of each from following items: Holiday Tree - Star Ornament Holiday Tree - Globe Ornament Holiday Tree - Garland Ornament Holiday Tree - Bow Ornament Holiday Tree - Christmas Flowers Bring them to Santa's Girl, which will be waiting for you in any town And she will exchange them for the Holiday Tree and Santa's Girl Gift Pouch Double click Santa's Girl Gift Pouch, and you can get useful rewards. (The list of rewards can be found in game at Santa's Girl NPC) Third Event part - Special Holiday Tree and Special Gift Pouch! If you want to get even better rewards, you can keep Santa's Girl Gift Pouches, gather a lot of them, and trade them for Special Gift Pouches at Special Santa, when he will visit us. (The list of rewards from Special Gift Pouches can be also found in game at Santa's Girl NPC) To get 1 Special Gift Pouch you need to bring to Special Santa 30 Santa's Girl Gift Pouches. By talking to Special Santa you can as well exchange 10 Holiday Trees to 1 Special Holiday Tree. When Special Santa will appear? No one knows. He will come several times during the event with announcement few time before his appearance. How does Cloacks/Hat/Agathion looks like: And a Bonus! For the Event duration Offline Shops in any City is Free!* *You need to have at least 1 Adena in inventory Happy Holidays! Ho ho ho! Best regards,, Classic Team
  6. Dear players! Today at 21:30 CET server will be shut down for the maintenance Expected Down time - 30 minutes. Server will be moved to a new machine. Best regards, Classic Team.
  7. Eiz_Games Twitch/YouTube

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/eiz_games
  8. account ban

    Hello! http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/3531-banunban-politics/ It doesn't matter if you was banned by staff of by the system. Each released to freedom bot user will be deprived of almost all his Adena, resources and all quest items for the Adena quests. Best regards
  9. Dear friends! New it's the best as never before time to join our server! You don't need to be afraid to start from 0 on the server, which is over than 2 years old. And now we will explain why. We have a lot of features, which will help our newcomers! Starting Pack Some Quests increased Adena reward Herb of Progress Moon Knight Quest Achievement System New Permanent Event - Cloe's Hats Best regards, Classic Team
  10. Black Friday on L2Classic.Club!

    Dear friends! We want to announce, that Black Friday is coming! All donations that will be made from November 24th 00:00 CET till November 24th 23:59 CET will get 25% BONUS to the amount of the donation. Best regards, Classic Team
  11. [LF] 2.0 Mods

    The patch for it is sitting right on the top of your thread The rest i believe doesn't exist yet. As soon as our scripter will get time, he will try to make drop/spoil patch.
  12. I have not played for more than a year

    Hello! You need to submit a ticket to support
  13. Dear players! November 21st at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 30 minutes.
  14. Class change

    From November, 20 2017 restart is not required for Class Changes, so they will be done in a following way: After Ticket with Class request will be created, you should expect an answer from Support staff, where they will report the transfer of your request to the specialist. From the moment of the answer, Class change will be made withing 12 hours. So please, don't plan to participate in any important events. For the Class change process your character will be blocked. You will be informed about character's availability in the Ticket. Class changes will not be made on Sundays!
  15. Trade restricted zones

    Dear players! We want to remember to everyone, that trade zones restrictions exist with a reason. And overcoming this restriction is going against Project rules, and in particular So if you are trying to make a shop, and the system message telling you , that means exactly what it says - You can not open a Private Store here. So all you have to do - go and find a place where you will be allowed to place a store, and place a store there, without using any geodata flaws you learned somewhere to make it "like a boss" in the middle of restricted area. Shops, placed on the restricted area, won't be just kicked out as before. All character, sitting on the restricted area, will be banned. First ban for such violation can be removed by contacting support via Tickets. Such unban is free. If you will be banned for this violation second time - it will be equal to real ban (first or second depending on your character's history). What to do in this case - read Ban/unban politics Best regards, Classic Team