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  1. Easter Egg on l2classic.club via mobile

    In development means it's in development, not that it's going to come out tomorrow/in a week or anything. There is no ETA yet, no announcements, just the info that Zaken is on development, and we are not going to stop on Saviours. So, please, for now just relax and enjoy Saviours. Zaken will come when it should come, and you will know about it from official announcements whenever it will be time for it.
  2. Streamer SPORKY

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/stohc
  3. Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/dorvaltpwnz
  4. L2classic.club Streaming campaign

    Statistics for last not calculated period were published today @W4N4L1 @StraightEdge @LandrarK Pm me nicknames for rewards delivery
  5. Chatban

    I said earlier, that the ban was NOT given by us or chat moderators. And showed how does our ban looks in your system message. It was a system ban. Increase the delay between messages, it should help to not get banned again.
  6. Chatban

    Manual ban by admins or chat moderators will always show the name of the person, who banned you, and a reason of ban The ban you got was an automatic ban.What was the reason, we will check in logs whenever we will have your nickname.
  7. http://l2classic.club/forum/announcement/60-make-sure-you-know-server-administration-contacts/ I hope this one will be clear enough to avoid topics like that
  8. Yes, it was that person. And before he was using Skype pwnz18. We were warning about him in this topic
  9. Stream

    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/pauloalves 13.05.2018 Statistics Registrations - 6 Achievements - 2. 2 - lvl 30. Reward - 2 SC
  10. Dear players! May 2nd at 11-00 CEST we are planning to make fast server maintenance. Expected downtime - 5 minutes. Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Dear players! May 1st at 11-00 CEST we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 30 minutes. Best regards, Classic Team
  12. There are at least 3 topics on the Forum warning about Admins contacts and existing fake skypes, made by some idiots to scam our players. 1 pinned in News section http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/15049-be-aware-of-fake-admin-contacts/ 1 in General Discussion section, pinned and featured http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/14647-rmtscam-attention/ 1 in Tutorials section http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/16711-how-to-contact-server-administration/ It is not hard to find that info. But since some players still can't, i'll make another topic about that matter. Maybe this time miracle will happen and people will notice it. Admins are NEVER coming to you solving ban cases via Skype. It ALWAYS goes through Tickets. Max we can have discussion about ban in Skype, explain reasons, possibility of unban etc. But unbans, if it is possible by server rules, are being made ONLY through tickets. And server administration will NEVER ask you to donate via some god knows which way except official server donation methods - Donation button on the website in the account manager, and manual donation method via San0.classic in Skype.
  13. Dear players! April 25th at 11-00 CEST we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 30 minutes. IMPORTANT!: Client update after maintenance is required! Best regards, Classic Team
  14. Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    Not anymore Fixed
  15. Login server issue fix

    Dear friends! Login server is now back online. If you can not log in game, you need to use updater. If updater doesn't help, open a Command Prompt and enter the command ipconfig/flushdns. How to launch Command Prompt Best regards, Classic Team