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  1. Black Friday on L2Classic.Club!

    Dear friends! We want to announce, that Black Friday is coming! All donations that will be made from November 24th 00:00 CET till November 24th 23:59 CET will get 25% BONUS to the amount of the donation. Best regards, Classic Team
  2. [LF] 2.0 Mods

    The patch for it is sitting right on the top of your thread The rest i believe doesn't exist yet. As soon as our scripter will get time, he will try to make drop/spoil patch.
  3. I have not played for more than a year

    Hello! You need to submit a ticket to support
  4. Dear players! November 21st at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 30 minutes.
  5. Class change

    From November, 20 2017 restart is not required for Class Changes, so they will be done in a following way: After Ticket with Class request will be created, you should expect an answer from Support staff, where they will report the transfer of your request to the specialist. From the moment of the answer, Class change will be made withing 12 hours. So please, don't plan to participate in any important events. For the Class change process your character will be blocked. You will be informed about character's availability in the Ticket. Class changes will not be made on Sundays!
  6. Trade restricted zones

    Dear players! We want to remember to everyone, that trade zones restrictions exist with a reason. And overcoming this restriction is going against Project rules, and in particular So if you are trying to make a shop, and the system message telling you , that means exactly what it says - You can not open a Private Store here. So all you have to do - go and find a place where you will be allowed to place a store, and place a store there, without using any geodata flaws you learned somewhere to make it "like a boss" in the middle of restricted area. Shops, placed on the restricted area, won't be just kicked out as before. All character, sitting on the restricted area, will be banned. First ban for such violation can be removed by contacting support via Tickets. Such unban is free. If you will be banned for this violation second time - it will be equal to real ban (first or second depending on your character's history). What to do in this case - read Ban/unban politics Best regards, Classic Team
  7. Double standards in their best... Something is not working good for a player - BUG! FIX! FAIL SERVER! Something was fixed to how it should be, but stopped profiting - WTF you removed this feature?! FAIL SERVER! It was said billions of times - we are the server, which is trying to be as close to offi as possible. So if something wasn't decided to be changed to work/be different - it will be official like. Topic closed
  8. Не могу войти в игру

    Hello! As far as i understand, your character was banned. Reason - trade message in Party matching. http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/15833-party-matching/ To unban your account you have to create the ticket to support
  9. Color Title

    Dear 2.0 Update Great Contest winners! Color Title item was fixed. To use it, you need to update your Client. Please, keep in mind, it's 1 time use item, so pick the color carefully. Best regards, Classic Team
  10. Dear players! November 15th at 10-00 CET we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 30-40 minutes. IMPORTANT! Client update is required after the maintenance Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Ingame loop marcoses can be used in any way except afk farming/leveling. If all or even 1 of your characters performing automatized actions without any human response to Administrators/GMs checks, account(s) will be banned according to the rule 1.1 of Project rules. Best regards, Classic Team
  12. Clans PR Campaign

    Want your Clan to grow big? Need a "fresh blood"? We are here to help you! Let us advertise your Clan in a social networks! All you need to do is: Create a topic of your clan in recruitment section (only if it doesn't exist, if it is - move to the step 2) Add screenshots/videos of your Clan activity, fill it to be attractive and fully understandable. Send to Kse the link to your topic (with the title of the PM - Clans PR Campaign) If your clan is not international and everyone speak same non-English language, it can be done in your clan's main language. And we will take care of your Clan promotion! Example of promotion post: Best regards, Classic Team
  13. [Not Bug]Rune compound bug

    Exactly. In your case you need level 2 rune and level 1 rune
  14. Server specs and Rates

    http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/2882-talking-island-x3-special-shop/ This is a ingame special shop (not full, some more hats/agathions were added meanwhile) And the list of possible services http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/3894-available-services/
  15. Is afk macro loop against the server rules?

    Hello. Yes. You are not allowed to use macroses while afk.