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  1. Radar

    So how you like new china radar? I mean at first it was "maybe lucky". Now its not even funny, when u restarted with camera, waiting to log behind wall, and after logging whole pt runs to you. To a fuking corner in sv where is literally nothing and they had no clue you are there. Anyone know which radar they use and can send me link?
  2. FearNoOne CP - Cardinal 02

    Offcourse why not?
  3. FearNoOne CP - Cardinal 02

    When u have castle its not a problem.
  4. My love letter and BlueZerg

    Well he has point. More chinese, better for project. Its sad for Na/Sa players but this is eu server... I guess nothing to do here. we can earlier/later oly time but what will happen with eu cps when they can feed only 2h? All start crying...
  5. FearNoOne CP - Cardinal 02

    What does that mean? I like such kind of videos, really nice. But now: First fight why dont u stand behind the corner? Got wl stun, mage died. Wanna Barry to rape u? Ooo last fight braimdamage full burst bd with UD
  6. Evansion/Accuracy

    Evas are already op. Believe me with hero blunt its unkillable.
  7. Chatuba de Meskita

    I really really like that kind of music, dont listen to haters
  8. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

  9. Well i agree for sleep animation. I see from Nvidia users they dont have problem, but for me as AMD user i have huge fps drop because of this animation. And really people in towns annoying. Now we have lag in towns near GK and in giran harbor, when we could have only in harbor.
  10. Wc weapon runes

    I mean if u focus one rune go only wynn. If u focus something else, depends what u do. I myself play with two wyn+yul. Orc is really slow, so for regrouping with party its very usefull. Go BW robe, because light eats to much mana pool as well as mana regen. Mass pvp mainly you focus on the target thats nobody focuses in game > tanks. U just Freezing Flame, if he goes ud, Fear also. Never go less than 1.4 k mana if its not needed, to have for rebuff later. For example if bishop makes mass res on 5 ppl u can fast rebuff WW+haste+mdef+pdef+reflect.
  11. Olympiad Stream

  12. I never played L2 before

    Oh boy. 1. grind and spend your hours. 2.Grind grind grind. 3. Pvp, grind grind grind.
  13. Wc weapon runes

    Oh boy. Ecliptic axe + wyn Ecliptic axe + yul Ecliptic axe + iss Thats it ^^ If u dont have adena and u dont pvp much go for iss first. Having MP for rebuffs is always good.
  14. Mission of the Day: CRP Farming

    Nope, i have work