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    Yea you need to give accounts to drive for uncle progressive. Never problems. Only +++ exp.
  2. Summoners while on Mount

    I tell u they are best pvp nukers in antharas update. That skill criticals for 2-3k damage. it has 77 power. its like necro just less debuffs and better pet.
  3. Just a reminder

    He is actually one of the best in forum i think. Forum troll level over 9000
  4. Update info before 2nd Baium

    What? I think u wanted to tag @Pendragon
  5. Update info before 2nd Baium

    Best eu summer Clan is not even here...
  6. Lietuviskas Klanas "Nosferatu" iesko nauju zmoniu

    Kiek tu charu turi? Pakelk ta savo PR goodlife clane ir paims i normalu
  7. magu cp 70+ lf mago

    Parcio jau nebera poilsis.
  8. January Heroes - Curiosity Topic.

    DA- The all mighty @Stiba007
  9. Clans/Sides

    I spoke about you with my CP two days ago. We will see good archer CP comming back?
  10. Clans/Sides

    Oh boy. Welcome back. Still recruiting summoner? Do you have a clan hall?
  11. Q.Q

    -10 Q.Q
  12. Summoners while on Mount

    I voted yes because summoner needs 77 levels farm to become something really good. Its not like any other class who can level up and be viable during leveling. To win pvp till 77 u have like 10%, its compensation for being sh1t. But if u change it np And tablets stuff, summoner was always rushing char. On the other hand, in new update they get this mega nuke damage with 1 k per hit. Which makes them probably strongest pvp nuker in game... But its not soon in our server
  13. All who came back.

    I dont know how u play with him so long then Srsly TT has normal people but this Stiba man idk. All his life in server called everyone nolifers and that his clan is low levels. How wars can kill low levels= all noobs. Then he cryed that he playes most nerfed class in classic(HE). Then he again said all play bad he needs only level. Then he rerolled. (i didnt see what happen next)But now when he is high level and probably no CP(Because solo of the time).He disappears? Or this two topics of no castle raped him? @Stiba007 atleast be polite in game. To answer hold shift and press " P.S. lafi magnus is comming i think ^^