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  1. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    Zergunas speaking about zerg being healthy
  2. SM recruiting pm Valeera

  3. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    Dunno but if new cps wants to exp just go NA prime. Never seen easier prime.
  4. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    I think one party of NF interrupted crest, one party crested castle and two others won mass pvp But maybe im mistaken.
  5. Oren impossible to lose

  6. when u think it's boring to play support

    In mage cp its dunno, way different.
  7. horror, lightningstrike, fear skills
  8. Bracelet of Duty

    U got berserker blade +++, thats your reward
  9. 17 May By Forum Warriors

    MVP wc, full mp, full cp. Good player.
  10. 17 May By Forum Warriors

    As well looking for warcryer 76 + with cov.
  11. Clan Unity PvE dmg bonus

    Chain strike nerf also nerfs DA. Its fine any.
  12. Missed me?

    You have bad gear because u said dex is better than club, and made a bit of mistake u know.
  13. Missed me?

    You need better armor, never seen dankolov killing someone so easy. Like a robe user.
  14. Dead Paladin

    They said there is no point leveling necros, nothing good at high levels.