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  1. As far as i remmember people were selling clans with ch. Try search, there were people who sell aden CH 8 months ago. Just check to be sure.
  2. Gift character to "friend" And he will gift u adena because it is wednesday
  3. Actually its not
  4. why dont u play in retail servers?
  5. And solo players with boxes
  6. I would compare better skelth and our server. PVP level. same probably. Online amount. Same.(most of club people play there now) Updates. Skelth->Club Rmt/bots. Club->Skelth And so on and so on. And in the end skelth will win probably. But we are x3. This server is for noobs who dont have time to play. For me its perfect. Im 72 level and i play as much as I can. Just neednto see what we will have on 2.0
  7. I agree with most of your thinking in all posts but the point that u cant communicate with people because they all are RU gives a very big ---- as a Classic server player. Same like china here, we all see them like a one big cucumber which sucks. And because of the dramma happened on GK most of parties will start there, just to make money, like already minimum 10 parties who have prime of 8+ hours going there. There will be some new guys for sure. I myself got invite for normal prime there, so server will be overcrowded 100%. what is good about that server as u mentioned is stable updates.
  8. Dont mail him, he is the richest summoner in game and I am a new player. I have only BW set...
  9. I remeber something about 20 k eu. But i dont remember exactly, it was 1.5 year ago.
  10. Welcome. Hope you will have fun in our server.
  11. Atleast fights looked insane when they played. Comes 2 mage CPs and kills like 2 whole clans because everyone doing to them 300 dmg and non of the debuffs lands. Write on youtube "Comedy in skelth" or something like that. Should find some videos.
  12. One CP/Clan played with 3 people on every character each person for 8 hours per day. So every character was online 24/7 and they owned server/farming spots, because they were like 15 levels ahead of everyone and if im not mistaken they made 76 in 2-3 weeks on x1 startig with 0. And then they sold acc and left server.
  13. Its out of topic, but i didnt wrote what you quoted.
  14. To know how to press login button u dont need much brains boyz Yea i agree that playing with community which u dont understand is not comfortable. But half of east europe +- understand RU.
  15. Mister big boy will you come for 2.0?