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  1. 2.0 update patch notes

    Only one possibility here. Summoners its time to delete game. Because u get beast shots but someone delete buffs. Oh oh oh.
  2. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    Ah yeah i forgot, but still, we had only 4 ppl from our cp out there. And that DS or executors were too scared i think to do something. Also u had boxes i think. and we were 17 active.
  3. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    That was two parties vs one. They had no mobs. Stiba told his pt to relog. Then thought to make sandwich with archers. But suddenly we left two DDs in back where they reloged. They killed whole stiba party. And 7 people killed full archer party. Yep, sh1t happens. Today was first day after i returned when we didnt win any pvp on prime actually. WP, u can kill knoriks now.
  4. Stream

    When stream?
  5. Update classchange system in 2.0?

    SUGGESTION OF THE YEAR !!! We also decided with rip that should be Npc where u can convert SP to EXP and EXP to SP.
  6. Update classchange system in 2.0?

    Just delete the groups or make three big groups and finish clown fiesta. Because some classes is better till 74 other till 78. Some are better for solo and some are better in parties. It depends on which "fastest exp" we are looking. Already groups based on total bullshits. Summoner should be lowest of all probably. if we check solo exp. If we check group exp it goes aoe and 1b1. Again different situation. 1b1 fighters better than mages. Aoe mages better than fighters. And bla bla bla bla bla. And then bla bla bla bla bla more. and still leveling from 1-75 almost wont change, so if u have buffers and rechargers top is PR. I vote for total donation system. u can change only to following. Tanks>>25 eu>>DD>>25eu>>support>>25eu>>Tanks. So if u want to change for example from DA to paladin you need to pay 75 eu. Lets ruin server all together boyz. oh oh oh 69
  7. 2.0 update patch notes

    @San0 Just ignore him. Guy 1 month ago noticed that when 2.0 strikes there will be 77 level guys @Stiba007 Did u checked if knoriks will be changed?
  8. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    Someone need to check difference between POV, compilation and plays
  9. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    Fire dance makes some damage ^^ You mean from two days, not last week
  10. the server is dead. lol.

    So thats why There is file to see names all the time. i dont use it because its not so interesting to play. Yes file allowed
  11. the server is dead. lol.

    u have ini to see names far?

    Good try
  13. 2.0 Update! 24.10.2017

    @San0 if i exploit bug which i dont know that is bug. Is bannable or no?
  14. Server totally dead

    Put OL in party if possible. Way better than wc
  15. Server totally dead

    We started full, but after 1 minutes souless, V3ndeta and DanKolov were in town. Two miss clicked, one made too fast decision. So in total 6 ppl in pt.