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  1. This sarcasm is real. We all know that legiana sucks as warlord
  2. Im best till 40. Sadly game goes 40+
  3. I dont agree with u. Did u ever tryed buffed bd with right dyes + hex ? he pve faster than gladi solo.
  4. Lietuviai isimaise visur. Vieni net top parciuose losia O grynai lietuviu clanu ar dar kazko nera.
  5. Tankai tai priklauso ka jus norit daryt. Jei pvp tai SK arba DA. Jei pullint tai sws. mellee gladas/tyrantas. Warlordas possible. Priklauso nuo build ir t.t. Jei solo tai nieko nera geriau nei WL + recharge arba lankas + prp.
  6. Sie ne, bet turi akademinius klanus, kurie tikrai priima. Priklauso nuo roles
  7. Join boyz This nasty CP has some skillz !
  8. Master is no more master But shaman is returning as a driver i think
  9. So who is the leader? biz still playing? Where is modoy, rizo, lokiardy, driver, exotiq, jerry, sonixs, salaras, morde and other famous personalities ? P.S. Anyone still plays my wc ?
  10. Nice to hear that u are still alive boyz I see enemies still in forum, good to hear LOL. this soon stuff is server main phrase u know. So server was still two sided and now its one sided? No new sides? I hope all will be fine and i come to game in 2-3 days, to check how your gears shine guys
  11. How is server doing boyz ? Anyone can sum up situation?
  12. ​either i am blind or even the DD which posted frapses in this topic has his macro binded on "E" button, thing that nobody focuses him is different story, but there are for sure ppl having him on macro ​Okey i wrote it bad. No one uses macro. Instead of have.
  13. ​Are u sure? Yesterday any said he again got two times blocked by sws. It is either Anytime noobing, or we are testing something wrong ​i tested it yesterday! works normal so far. Maybe its cauz position of client is a bit lagging and server have other info. Also you can miss Backstab with chance around +/- 15% (Rizo says 10%). Maybe i need test with more trys. No more Bres for you...