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  1. ​either i am blind or even the DD which posted frapses in this topic has his macro binded on "E" button, thing that nobody focuses him is different story, but there are for sure ppl having him on macro ​Okey i wrote it bad. No one uses macro. Instead of have.
  2. ​Are u sure? Yesterday any said he again got two times blocked by sws. It is either Anytime noobing, or we are testing something wrong ​i tested it yesterday! works normal so far. Maybe its cauz position of client is a bit lagging and server have other info. Also you can miss Backstab with chance around +/- 15% (Rizo says 10%). Maybe i need test with more trys. No more Bres for you...
  3. This Fire + cat buff is insane. Look at the damage to SPS/SORC 76 Just sadly cat or bd is boxed i guess, would be nicer -1 DD + 1 active cat About CC. We make full ally CC, not only ones who go loa. Btw i dont have fishfood in friendlist oh oh oh Again 0:38 whymonday rushed in and no one of DPS have macro for him. Good that some random fear came in... I remember fight maybe 3 weeks ago when we go raped because their over came in and made mass silence + root two times... All in all i want to say: Oh Oh Oh ! etorazetodwa=pincakerino ulialia.
  4. ​Are u sure? Yesterday any said he again got two times blocked by sws. It is either Anytime noobing, or we are testing something wrong
  5. Party must be 9 people. Can be 6 active + 3 boxes. For example 8 people cant play, but 8 +1box can. Also if San0 could answer what he is thinking would be good. Because if no GMs thinks to help I will first try with our alliance how is the "crowd control" working
  6. ​UP Viewer bot?
  7. ​If we make more then there should be prizes 1 2 3 places. And 10 kk for someone is too much, for example none of parties 60-65 will join because they will be crushed.
  8. ​UP
  9. ​Totally agree. Especially when we dont ask same levels or equips. One GM is enough like San0, to countdown and close gates, regen MP. And koll can leave stream in the middle in the room and go sleep.
  10. ​The point is thats why i dont ask to make something like that video, because it takes time and preparation. And for tournament in coliseum it takes only "close and open gates" And thats it. Everything else can be done by players. Actually i can make most of thing with registration and so on. Just need to think what u guys think. If there will be a lot of people who want it, we can even do it on our own, withouth GM
  11. ​Mine would lose it also, but i would like to go to something like this.
  12. Okey need some community opinion about this. Because I am fan of 9v9, I would like to ask you if your party would like to participate in something like this: Typical 9v9 tournament Event idea: To see which party is the strongest in the server at exact date.(+-) Date and time: 2017-02-05 gmt +2 18:00 (siege time) Location: Coliseum Entry: 1kk per party Best of one. Game table(only example): Table matches made by random generator (video for proof and no drama later) Winners take the prize and Honor Rules: 0) Max 16 parties (because it will take around 2 hours) 1)Party is allowed to have boxes, but in total 9 people 2)After buffing only 1 minute to rest or full rest(with gm help) 3)No potions or res/BRES scrolls. 4)Party who is late or don’t have full party is eliminated. 5)Last party member standing=winners 6) People breaking fair play rules are kicked out of tournament. 7)payement and participation has to be done till Saturday evening(this is joke atm) Soooo we can make this even withouth GM help if we have normal community who wont interfare.(but probably impossible) But offcourse with some GM closing coliseum gates is easier to make tournament as well as good commercial for the server + fun for the players. And izi pizi 16 kk for winners.
  13. more like 90% of glads can't be bothered to recharge sonic focus during mid-fight, wich is the biggest mistake possible. there's also people that still use DSS before TSS because "hurr durr it haz faster cooldown!!!1!1!" so...yeah as for daggers: ​in 2.0 to be really effective u need to get to triclass first, and then hit 77. after that, you need to get clear movements, and then you can reset the cooldown of hide and shadow step. that way u can become pretty much untargettable for a short amount of time, with better chances to cancel enemy skills casting too. i still think that giving them stun on shadow step would be still a somewhat viable solution to their lack of ccs anyway, since there's no bluff skill after 76. not sure if they'll add it on live server in KR thou. ​Why u need bluff skill when 2.5 shadow step stuns target ?
  14. Man, you have same activity. Its just that you brought 2-3 parties who farm abg i guess P.s. in vid is 3rd top mage party on server with hero 78 lvls vs 3 party of 70-76 guys without hero. ​Thats what i said in post man. That when u have all four points combined, u can kill with one PT whole clan.