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  1. Welcome to lineage, to begin playing, you need to create character, to continue doing it till the end game you need to have some determination and balls. First post this type was made on 1.0 when clan pride(if i remember correctly) was pking all cruma. And was many such cryshouts after that. Did server die? Someone will find the way how to continue exp others will leave server anyway, because later they die 2 times from cw, will be unable to freefarm and think its unfair. And they will be right - this game is not fair... But its beautiful in this way. Removing drop from rb was bad.
  2. klanas lietuviams

    Up. Klane 10~ Lietuvių
  3. My nice screenshot

    need more content like this
  4. berserker blade edge

    if i try for 2 rebuff it can be bad luck but not 2 hours 3x bssb rcp and not a single blade.. fuck that place
  5. berserker blade edge

    Hi, I was unable to get a single blade in 6 rebuffs. I killed 300+ shamans, got 2 x BSSB rcp (4X lower chance ), but not a single blade. It should be like every 30 mob. Pls check. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Oel_Mahum_Shaman Unless on 2,0 there are different option. On wiki it say it is only obtainable by spoiling these shams.
  6. klanas lietuviams

    O pas jus yra dar nors vienas LT? As galvojau dankolov LT bet pasirodo kad ne. Nusprogusi dieda irgi uzsenieciai boxina
  7. klanas lietuviams

    uzauge pas jus eis
  8. klanas lietuviams

    10% clan skill 10% unity
  9. klanas lietuviams

    Yra tokia situacija, kad daug kas nori lost, bet neturi su kuo ir tyngi ieskot, todel nusprendzia nebelost vietoj to, kad bandytu susiburt komanda. Siulau tokiems parasyt man ir pasijungt i klana, kad lengviau susirastumet chebros. Renku visus Lietuvius. Kol kas yra 6-7 LT visi like international. Yra vienas besiburiantis lankų CP. Reikalavimas - kad bent valanda per diena pasijungt. Geri clan skills; 4lvl unity (+20% exp) ir t.t. Discord/in game - Vanagas/Solmyr
  10. Drama Road

    nice, something different
  11. FearNoOne CP / 77 Necromancer / MASS PVP

    like for just to go against racism
  12. Zmogeliuku

    Pas mane clane yra 4 LT 40-60. Visi laukiami. Clanas su gerais skillais +400hp +5speed min 3lvl unity ir t.t. Jei butu noro ir privs galiu duot pasitvarkyt pagal poreiki, pats dabar beveik nelosiu.
  13. When you lose pvp in toi


    it was vice versa before, now the scales have turned for C grade http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/18027-b-vs-c-grade/