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  1. and here i thought hdm hates me
  2. i feel so obsolete,you didn't even included me in the screenshot with list of heroes
  3. they were busy aggroing a prophet,in all honesty
  4. What is this shit topic about though
  5. This whole post just seems like seeking attention to me, If majority of people would vote yes,would you actually give the epics back? cuz i don't think so ;p
  6. Weeeell,i've had a 3k+3k+1.5k from summoner nuke in oly,maybe the damage would be fine if not for the fact,that summoners just take a new magnus out of their asses as soon as you CC one,and hug the beloved pillars.and then there is our beloved transfer pain which basically says "fuck you".
  7. @Noveria if that would happen,i believe san0 would make all the bards/enchanters into some wonky DD classes
  8. i would make prophet into a more real "warrior-wizard" type of class,utilizing both melee and magical skills.
  9. Agreed,its less invasive than lotteries,also more cosmetics are always good.
  10. i would totally roll around in school uniform,or a barbarian wolf costume on a WC
  11. It's not a qq,more like,how the fuck does this game actually work?
  12. some serious reading with understanding problems i see