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  1. san0

    ty men
  2. san0

    Hi folks I'm a spoil that is lost in the search for keys and materials, recipes could be so kind to give me a page that well the drop and spoil ? drakes damn boots : P
  3. pow of beril

    I shit on everything lol
  4. LOA

    the server will kick ninja as wataaaa .. where is the updater ?
  5. where is the updater ? Today will be a beautiful day
  6. vamos san0 que el servidor tiene que ir para adelante! bY. Character LordChaos
  7. cual sera el maximo lvl?
  8. San0 y Bolson en los comienzos del gran server!! lastima que me tirastes Ban! Shot00111.bmp Shot00112.bmp Shot00107.bmp Shot00108.bmp
  9. lion la tiene chiquitita
  10. laugh when bot know who is and who is not but it does not feel anger and continue as in the Classic game. "Play what you can and enjoy what happens when you're taking control of the character" thanks and would be impossible but if you can old man good server and also the people who shape.
  11. update version 1.3 ! "enana mandale aver que tal esta".
  12. lion la kiteastes y tas fruteando !!!