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  1. Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 2

    percunas... when i see a gladiator that uses just 2 skills in pvp (blaster and melee stun), i close such video.

    i think that capped crit rate with runes will compensate it. ofc not so imba in pvp, but anyway. something good for fighters
  3. the server is dead. lol.

    u dont say, bro ) i put at maximum ofc.
  4. the server is dead. lol.

    enteresting what is responsible for that.

    we have not so many OE weapons. in my opinion all is fine. to have +10 c dagger or +16 d dagger is not so OP (talking about myself).
  6. the server is dead. lol.

    If you compare our screens, you will see that we made almost the same screen, but my ssd doesnt show names of all characters. Do you play on hdd?
  7. Есть вопросы!!!

    1 - хз. 2 - хз. на хай лвлах - есть. 3 - сырки не оч полезные, остальные - окей.
  8. "like" if you enjoyed it!
  9. ты смотришь базу 2.0, тут 1.5, имхо. fake death не 100%. от себя добавлю, что нужно отбежать от мобов подальше и только тогда его юзать. не благодари.
  10. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    @San0 i agree with this guy. actually pro players wont come here bcs this looks like pvp java server. we all wanted to be 2.0 as much as it should be, without any custom adds. in my opinion if you want to support newbs then do it in other way (free scrolls, shots, exp bonus, free teleport till 40 lvl), but not like now. when some guys from off find our movies on youtube with all those custom tank buffs, cubics, cats, ponies...i think they are laughing and closing that video.
  11. L2Classic.club 2nd Anniversary

    @Kse hey. thanks. so 2.0 comes at 24th october?
  12. WTS Queen Ant's Ring Lvl 1

    over 9000
  13. WTS Queen Ant's Ring Lvl 1