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  1. Evansion/Accuracy

    the difference between your evasion and the opponents accuracy must be big if you want to evade something. i dont have any links, but all info is in google
  2. Trolling SM

    all essence of Perkunas in one video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxM_s5Dehgk summon haters
  3. Dyes and Runes for PR

  4. Dyes and Runes for PR

    the stupidiest setup i've ever heared.
  5. It´s worth it?

    you chose hard way. server is fine, but it might be hard to find cp, cause daggers are meat till the end game. if you like it just go ahead. gl
  6. обновление 1.0 - 2.0

  7. Пропала аден

    koroce topic starter shkolinik kotoromu sku4no. temu mojno zakrivati
  8. Пропала аден

    ого, 38 часов онлайн и тебя уже взломали. взлом дата центра, друзья со смеху попадали, где такой сервер нашел... цирк.

    hello, everyone. nice hype. unfortunately i cant provide any proofs, but rb was inside like 2-3 mins, after that clan mates said about this cool rule. rb was pooled outside immediately. after this topic starters and qq'ers was wrekt and lost rb as it should be. after this we killed it in abg. ofc they was hurted so much and posted only screens where rb is inside. @Koll if its possible do not punish other people, or do not permanent ban them, because all fault is on me. i didnt read server rules. if some1 from our party got perma ban pm me for details and we will solve this, and i am sorry for inconvenience. for rest haters - cya tomorrow
  10. CP vamp

  11. Hero weapons addition!

    who knows what is in your mind if you dont even use ctrl to pick up faster?
  12. Hero weapons addition!

    if you think that people choose weapons because of buff then its
  13. Hero weapons addition!

    its not a theory, i saw it. btw you have not enough dmg for that
  14. Hero weapons addition!

    weapon buff should remain on character after switching, coz its a buff
  15. Hero weapons addition!