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  1. v cp esti svobodnie personaji, no net activnih igrokov.
  2. letom, kogda vse otdihaiut i mnogo narodu otsutstvuet, net smisla staviti takie obnovi. blije k oseni, imho.
  3. refresh the link for us, please. @Koll
  4. привет. английский знаешь? пм на форуме или в игре "bizqquit
  5. how long lasts spoil conditions? plus you can add here some proofs.
  6. learn l2? dont waste your time? go? lol. the only waste is to read this
  7. this post deserves a like
  8. Its good that you dont deny it.
  9. Searching for SWS/SE for our CP. or Players on our ready chars 70+ !
  10. u mad, brah?
  11. does legiana pay you for being his secretary? which video is the last for you?
  12. lol, you live in your dream world.
  13. got bored after first 30 secs. btw nice autistic music.