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  1. WTT Emi bow +10

    Wtt emi bow +10 for bow of peril +
  2. Dagger video

    Depends, if your target is locked and you stay behind, then no need to move
  3. Dagger video

    cause it's not mage pov, y? yeah, i am the otec here :_))
  4. Dagger video

  5. Dagger video

    everything is situational. dex gives bonus land rate, you can see guys above gave already all info. you can benefit from every variant and loose something too. in conclusion, there is no best variant. depends on your willing to boost some stats and decrease others.
  6. Dagger video

    45% in face * 1.10 = 49.50%. so yeah, great boost, you know might be useful for pw for extra dmg. Is useful in PVE, but in other cases - a waste.
  7. Dagger video

    thanks for your words. for now biz's cp is full unfortunately and have even extra players, so maybe i will come later. we will see how it goes. anyway you have @shazhudehanzi to play with
  8. Dagger video

    Thanks, friend. Yes, 3rd skill helps you a lot and it should have better land rate (dunno how it is here). I think if you push something hard, one day you reach it. We will wait you with solved problem ;-)
  9. Dagger video

    RIzo answered on this very good.
  10. Dagger video

    about hero zerk and castle circlet - it was automaticaly, realised that it wasn't necessary only after use =) about land rate - it is always like this, i think @Alpina will not ask any questions after watching it.
  11. Dagger video

    if you did, like on utube, subscribe to support me ;-) p.s. on utube turn annotations ON
  12. Dagger video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25KorSXHLJ0 hi guys. so i couldn't wait more and collect good content, due to extra low online and decided to upload as it is. several videos are super old, because i started to make this video long time ago and now i don't have time to change something :_( hope you will enjoy it anyway. in short about daggers - in my opinion it's the maximum that TH can do in this update with sh1tie land rate. TH is useless in mass pvp. tried not to use hide after opponents hide, because it's easy win for me and i wanted to feel who can do what (my voice wasn't recorded at the end). unfortunately, haven't met really strong dagger (except Jackals ofc :-)) and expected more from Rizo. Hope now aw/pw can do more with FD, coz at that moment he hadn't. wish you an awesome day!
  13. WTT Emi bow +10