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  1. Freezing Flame DC

    fisrt of all, here is no casting bar when you are using that flame. even this WC (press the link) with his cov, bw set and 3 wit dyes has casting bar, but our WCs dont (press the link). secodnly, here cool down is one second. On l2 central is 5, but on all videos is 3 seconds at least, not insta-cast like here. hope these will be enough.
  2. Freezing Flame DC

    can you describe why it is ok?
  3. Freezing Flame DC

    @San0 @Manton guys wc insta-casting flame on oly. please, set to this higher priority in your fix list.
  4. Giran CH BUGGED

    This vinter
  5. dagger in wrist

    rizos wet dreams
  6. dagger in wrist

    True. Its envy.
  7. dagger in wrist

    yo. after todays restarts dagger in wrist is not working - it doesnt cancel skills anymore (active, magic, etc). check, please.
  8. Chronicles of Shinryu 2nd Season - episode 3

    did i tell you that you put crappy content in your videos? who the f uploads a video with killing people on boxes? i am not a hater, but i dont see any wise gladiator here.
  9. Chronicles of Shinryu 2nd Season - episode 3

    those lolo crits every 3rd skill...now you can forget about them. woot at least i hope
  10. [NOT BUG]Spoil rate of robe of the seal fabric

    since you still use l2wiki, i can only wish u all the best :\
  11. [NOT BUG]Spoil rate of robe of the seal fabric

    https://archive.org/web/ do not thank.
  12. [NOT BUG]Spoil rate of robe of the seal fabric

    True. Topic can be closed.
  13. [NOT BUG]Iss rune problem

    did you test it at least 2 minutes?
  14. ss/bss slots

    Your answer is good, but I saw how people put shots there manually and it was like mini active inventory window. I hope that will find it.