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  1. i think admins are coming to you already. prepare
  2. now is summer as you can notice and online of the server is on the lowest level. cant say if you would find some1. you should try to search in game for a one week and after that make a conclusion. glhf
  3. you - sk, he - bd, pp - box. best pve sk + da/glad = best pvp, imho
  4. @MoDoy @Rizos why you two bEAtches are opening all the secrets to our enemies? ]:-| let them use pofire or wind and thats all. upstarts
  5. summon @Legiana he knows all secrets and best variants of prophecy usage.
  6. Dont mess with the guy in avadon and very slow bow, he knows things you even cant imagine!
  7. I dont understand your jungle language, try to speak like a human.
  8. Writes a guy that doesnt know how to use his brains. Just go away
  9. You are a criminal
  10. True :\
  11. Haha, lol. Pray that Mordor clan didnt find you there
  12. Ee is best variant for all parties, problems might be only at the begining. Gl
  13. I know the answer, legiana sees some different ways to play archer that simple mortals doesnt know
  14. @Legiana again such a fail...in what game u play?
  15. Well i like the part when legiana is a camera. The best part i'd say.