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Found 26 results

  1. Waylander152

    WTB EMI +8 to + 12

    Hello WTB EMI BOW +8 to + 12 pm with your price pls.
  2. Robbin92

    WTS EMI+11

    WTS EMI+11 pm-mail
  3. Chest

    WTT/WTS +14+9

    WTS/T : Emi+14 offer WTT > demon dagger+9+adena for +10demondagger , or+12+ kris PM or MAIL ingame "Jackals
  4. WTT Demon's Staff +7 + Eminence Bow +8 for Demon's Staff +12 or +13. PM here or mail to EsSaCe ingame.
  5. HellHound

    WTB BW Heavy set +3, Eminence bow

    Hello all, WTB BW Heavy set +3 & Eminence bow mail me here or in game... nick Hellhound
  6. FionnaLux

    WTT EMI+12 for BOP+8

    WTT EMI+12 for BOP+8 or EMI+13 WTS ZUBEI HELm 4.5kk WTS DOOM Leather Armor 17.5kk or DOOM leather set 27kk Best Way to FInd me is to PM or Mail ingame to "DelicioOus" Prices are Fixed.
  7. HellHound

    WTB EMI & Sages Staff

    Hello, WTB Eminence bow WTB Sages Staff pm me here or in game Thx
  8. Nevalon

    WTB Emi +5

    Mail/PM Nevalon
  9. i need Dwarven Hammer( Top C blunt ) or Berserker Blade +7 , if someone can wtt for emi+7 mail me on this nicknames : i6a6ywka,RedOwl,Desorato thnx a lot and have fun
  10. HachiRoku

    WTS +33333 BW Heavy

    WTS Full +3 Blue Wolf Heavy Set. pm "HachiRoku or send mail w/ offer. Thanks!
  11. Revan011

    WTB EMI +6 or +7

    mail spazmas or private with offer
  12. Naiguel

    WTT 2 EMI+6 FOR EMI+++

    WTT 2 emi +6 for emi+++ pm "gabrielamicheti
  13. Dhol

    WTS Emi+8

    WTS Emi Bow +8 120kk or WTT for Demon Staff+. PM here or leave mail "Torkleigh or /target Dhool at GH.
  14. WTS Bow Of Peril +5 WTS Bow Of Peril +7 WTS Eminence bow +13 ________________________________ WTB Demon's Staff +12 Pm in forum or in game Mupa
  15. As topic says, Want to buy Bow of Peril +6 or more or Want to buy Eminence Bow +13+14+15 PM in forum or in game "AwakenDemon
  16. Joaqo


  17. SteelWind

    WTB Eminence Bow +10

    WTB Emi bow +10 pm here or in game "SteelWind
  18. Hi, I have a question about which bow is more appropriate in the next version.. Some say that it is convenient EMI for the amount Enchants! other BOP for weapon B grade and SA is better. Some have information about it ? Thank you so much, excuse my fuc*** English
  19. shardon

    WTS Doom Heavy Set , Eminence Bow

  20. alexdfrost

    WTS Akat Bow+13 (P.Atk 454)

    WTS Akat Longbow+13 (P.Atk 454) Pm here or in Game "MOPnEX , "AzeroT , "KXAJI
  21. alexdfrost

    WTB Emi Bow+12 or more

    WTB Emi bow+12 or more PM in game "MOPnEX
  22. Liso


    WTB EMI+10 / BOP+0 / BOP+3 PM - MAIL IN GAME WITH OFFER TO "Cortito" or Forum.
  23. Samus

    WTS OR TRADE Eminence Bow +8

    WTT Eminence Bow +8 for Dual Katana +8++ OR BW Heavy set OR Dual SLS ++ or give me offers in adena. thanks! Message me here or mail me ingame "Dracian
  24. Haibara

    WTT Demon Dagger+2 for Emi Overchant

    simply. wtt Demon Dagger+2 for Emi Overchant. offer here or pm in game. "Haibara . muak
  25. AwakenDemon

    [WTB] Eminence Bow

    As title say, WTB Emi bow. PM or mail in game or leave message here Nick: AwakenDemon