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  1. MaieV


    giran harbor makes more sense
  2. Boting here as we speak, already pk-ed them twice, pls check and ban if i'm right. ty nickname: locorico
  3. this. I want the classic L2, the hardcore grinding is what L2 stands for. The 3x rate is already enough, even if classic rates are different from old L2 rates. Looking forward for some 2023-2024 grinding. GL and HF.
  4. Salutare, Se pare ca astia sunt baieti destepti cu un nou server, si cu siguranta voi fi pe serverul acesta, dar CP-ul meu nu pleaca de pe elmoreLab, asa ca m-ar interesa niste baieti mai de viata cu care sa putem face o colaborare frumoasa. Nu ma intereseaza neaparat cp, ci doar sa am cu cine farma/pvp seara dupa munca dar cu siguranta voi fi competitiv, m-ar interesa un party melle, eu cu standardul meu dagger nu va fac de rusine. Looking forward to my homies.
  5. i remember when i entered 7 years ago, and did not see the shops in towns, i said "dead server", then tp-ed to harbor, i was "well, i was f wrong" lmao
  6. i have EE for my cp and i dont agree with that logic,i want to play a classic close to the official files,so i dont agree with trance if its not on 2.0
  7. it's not about him(sry for agressive behavior),his clan pk-ed cruma/DV all the time,not allowing new cp's to do something except if u are on his side
  8. look at BizQQuit ,he knows hes stupid and picked sws
  9. every1 wanna play MA/DD and they have slow pc or can't target to save their life
  10. u will be sick of low lvl's alt's in 2.0 since they need bosses 20-30,31-40 for SA gems ,so system for new players i think its enough
  11. MaieV

    Ceva romani noi?

    sunt romani destui,doar ca bizQQuit isi trimite clanul in spoturi low,gen cruma,dv sa le dea pk,un ungur infect!
  12. MaieV


    here's a crazy ideea ,leave only white or dark assasin,from lvl 60,boost only speed and hp and the problem is solved,gl
  13. all seems good here except the cloaks,hero cloack's should remain like official,but the one from castle owners must and have to be off.
  14. no bluff,no blinding blow no mortal strike,why bother playing dagger(except th ofc) ,u dont have any balance for pw and aw towards th,maybe in 2.0 where DEX matters it will change something,and pls remove class changes,its sick watching ppl farm easy with other classes then rerol for 20$ into dagger