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  1. Naoki

    WK Pvp Brazilian prime.

    is a new player on ee. thank you for the tips.
  2. Wtb Bw Gloves and Armo Hevy +7 !
  3. Naoki

    Wtb Curse Of Doom

    Wtb Book Curse Of Doom
  4. I don't see with insult if you also call him dog eaters.
  5. LF Sws for Mage cp Prime NA Lvl 74+ ( UTC -3:00 ) 20:00 at 00:00
  6. Naoki

    Wtb Demons Staff +14

    Wtb Demons Staff +14 Or Wtt Demons staff +12 and adena for +14.
  7. Wts Karmian Gloves +7 Wts Karmian Gloves +6
  8. only get exp if they hit too.