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  1. Should have seen the ammount of bot parties they logged to farm epics when they had competition for those .
  2. Please teach me more about farm and profit, Mr. lvl 76-77 on a 3 year old server, 1 year into 2.0, playing here forever... Maybe if you didn't sell every char you level up every 6 months you could actually be a big boy 78+ by now? I mean, we had boxes higher than that and we were big slackers through most of the year. Most of us don't even play here anymore, what a confused mind you have... You wanna talk hugging gk, but that's so clueless that it hurts the eye reading it, maybe if you weren't permanently hiding PvEing you would know better.. Which reminds me that you had plenty chances to fight us in loa too as we also went in to have some fun with you but you always chose to party return and end prime when we were actually in front of you, so for a pussy you just post too much. sorry for our spam boyz. cya next week
  3. Sorry, i didn't know the endgame of 2.0 was between 3w and sniper bridge, i apologize, Joker.
  4. Please, i'm the bullshiter ? Get a mirror so you can see yourself instead of projecting yourself on others, maybe you were not active enough to see what happened when you were off.. Forest farmed the entire day so many times in this server, aoeing loa from asian prime till end of eu (or until any war went in there and ended their prime), doesnt mean your full cp prime was 10h+ obviously, it is different. Even their twitch streams hit 10hours+ very often. That goes for both of his cps. Such a pointless talk. Talks about me quoting 1 clowny phrase from him while you enjoying arguing back and forth about one word i wrote. And if you cant understand why poseidon sounded cringy af saying all of that when his cp barelly fights (you literally beat them once and then they dodge you forever until you get bored of full PVE primes in a 3year old server), i'm not the one will keep here explaining why, most people know better.
  5. 6h full prime would already be 2 times more hardcore than any cp in this server, lets not even mention the possibility of forest and some others farming entire day right ? Always so white knightish for nothing, should take ur time to put some sense into poseidon instead.
  6. They did level up pretty fast.. if not no lifers, many drivers. Thats not the only reason poseidon's phrase is cringy tho.
  7. That is so cringy..... You log like 5 times per year and wanna bring nolifers here to fight you. just lol.
  8. weeeeD

    First 80lvl

    It all started with the Enria business...... It was going good for a while, but eventually the stock market crashed like they always do and it was hard to bounce back from that
  9. Published on May 15, 2018, lol.
  10. Not when you are surrounded by people and pvp all the time.
  11. I hope your new opposition plays exactly like you, dodging every party vs party, doing only 30x9s and killing you with boredom not giving you any pvp fun ever.
  12. The extra effort is certainly very annoying.
  13. OP is just mad his country is ip-banned.
  14. Yea, everyone should join perkunas + wukong ally and PVE forever.