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  1. For those all new ppl I see on Discord/Forum asking about if its worth or not, I think yes, it is. Specially if your play time is EU you will enjoy a lot the amount of PvP we have for epics, sieges or just for fun. Also very important you should know EU side is working in a multiprimeproject which will be superworth for the server health, as far as I know they recruit ppl even at lvl55+ so everyone can participate. DONT THINK TWICE, DOWNLOAD, INSTALL AND ENJOY!
  2. NaulVM


    Best PvP CP in the server by far even being poor like rats. Imagine if you were a bit more greedies for epics + OE gear. 10/10.
  3. -1 Blue Wolf Breastplate +8
  4. When you play L II to earn real money things like this post happens. Go outside and look for a job.
  5. Pandemic is hitting Spain hard and low-wage ppl need an extra income to survive
  6. I would like another bsoe event. Top clans WHs are below 1k Events are for hippies, just delete it
  7. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    Berserker, Final Secret and Maximum Force Focus sold. ?