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  1. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

  2. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

  3. NaulVM

    [HdM] Recluta hispanos

    UP Shot00011.bmp
  4. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    List and prices updated
  5. NaulVM

    [HdM] Recluta hispanos

    Ahora mismo tenemos gente leveando en todos los niveles del 40 en adelante. ¿Te interesa? Leete las normas: Y si te sigue interesando, añade a NaulVM#4121 en Discord.
  6. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

  7. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    Lists updated
  8. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    Added to trade: Warrior Servitor Lord of Vampires
  9. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    I'll do when server on, reserve this Balance.
  10. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    We trade/sell all these books: (sale price) Lord of Vampires (9.4kk) Arrow Rain (9.4kk) Maximum Force Focus (9.4kk) Maximum Sonic Focus (9.4kk) Eva's Protection x2 (9.4kk) Exciting Adventure (9.4kk) Mass Cure Poison (9.4kk) Block Wind Walk (9.4kk) Salvation (15kk) Fire Vortex Buster (15 kk) Dance of Medusa (20kk) Destroyer's Roar (20kk) We need: Chant of Victory Chant of Spirit Victories of Pa'agrio Gate Chant Balance Life Champion Song We offer our books in trade or/and adena for its. Mail PopestarVM in game, answer this post or PM in Discord to NaulVM#4121, Grimdokor#2175, SteveXLVI#3717 or Jhao#5300
  11. NaulVM

    Drop/Spoil list of Zaken Patch

    That would be great.
  12. NaulVM

    Looking for NA/SA

  13. NaulVM

    Thanks a lot from HdM.

    Please kids, dont spam my post talking about random/nonamed clans/allies like China, Perks, Defcon1... Thats a serious topic, don't ruin it. Be happy and smile, peace and love for u all. Never stop fighting for ur dreams
  14. Greetings! I'm NaulVM, leader of HdM. I just wanna tell u all; THANKS. Thanks for giving us all the raid boss and free runes everyday Oh! Dont wanna forget the thirdclass visits at lvl50-60 zones... We rly appreciate it and love u so much for helping us growing in L2Classic Club. Cya ingame lads, keep it up!