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  1. I would like another bsoe event. Top clans WHs are below 1k Events are for hippies, just delete it
  2. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    Berserker, Final Secret and Maximum Force Focus sold. ?
  3. NaulVM


    @Xplicit Thanks for your videos, thats why I love this server, high quality PvP content everywhere. Media maker and top TYR, what a beast. Who are you, from which side? I know you are a top Titan with big sword, but can't recognize your colors cos I see u always untaged/boxclan avoiding PvP. Are you in my alliance? Dv8? China? OldSchooll? Perkunas? Bbeeeeeekkkk? Tell me, please.
  4. NaulVM


    The hardest part of DI is when Dv8 party comes at night and you have to waste all your MP for killing them. Well, not gonna lie, not all of them; just the one who don't insta bsoe. Changes are fine, nlucky for the autistic ppl who bring hes buffer and just farm like a bot for 10 h perma next target.
  5. NaulVM

    WTS/WTT 3rd books.

    List and prices updated
  6. Ahora mismo tenemos gente leveando en todos los niveles del 40 en adelante. ¿Te interesa? Leete las normas: Y si te sigue interesando, añade a PopestarVM #4121 en Discord.