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    Extra Bar

    You can upload it somewhere and put as links. But I will check if it's possible to approve them. Last time we had issue with people uploading files to us, IPB not fully secure from injections...
  2. Hello. It's Java server feature. It might affect perception of server platform.
  3. We are not interested in advertisement of other projects using our community. We have 0 issues when someone mentioning other servers in the conversation without advertisement propose, but we can't have promotions of it for our players. MoDoy is a part of history of this server, we didn't want to block him, but you can't advertise other projects and/or their updates/events/news. We told, rightly, what was the reason for ban, and unban is possible when advertisement will be removed from his title. We still stay on this, we are ready to unban him at any time after advertisement will be removed and we will be notified about it. We weren't building our project and community, investing in advertisement and putting our work in it to let it be a place to promote other servers in any ways.
  4. Lineage 2 Classic 2.0 Zaken.
  5. Vampiric Claw - don't need a book Hurricane - don't need a book Curse Fear - don't need a book ( SPH don't have it ) Silence - https://l2db.club/?show=item_info&id=3064 Surrender to Wind - there are no such skill in classic Death Spike - don't need a book ( SPH don't have it ) Seed of Wind - there are no such skill in classic Aura Symphony - don't need a book Demon Wind - don't need a book Elemental Storm - don't need a book Shadow Flare - don't need a book
  6. Hello. You can find information here: https://l2db.club/
  7. 2nd class books - only drop.
  8. Hello. You can contact me via "Contact us!" in right bottom corner on forum
  9. Koll

    US Proxy

    Hello. Can you give us information about that servers to check what proxy server they are using?
  10. In this case NPC won't count enchanted item correctly. For example you have +10 and +5 and when you will return item, it might take +10 and give reward as for +5, because it will scan for item ID, which you have 2 same one.
  11. Koll

    Error Box Event

    Hello. Will be fixed.
  12. It doesn't decrease. Every enchant step have same chance. And yes, chances are same as fighter weapon.
  13. Hello. You need to return weapon to NPC in order to get reward. NPC will take weapon away and give you box based on enchant level.
  14. Koll

    5th Anniversary Contest!

    How about yes? https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/24291-event-make-it-or-break-it/?tab=comments#comment-170708
  15. Dear players! Many Aden soldiers were killed, many weapons were broken in a fight with Mammon, which wouldn't be won without your help! Now Aden army starts rebuilding. Many new recruits joining the army, but Blacksmiths are struggling to make them all proper weapons in time. And result of a battle depends a lot on soldier's strength and a power of his weapon. So Blacksmith Ambassador Noos is here for your help! She will provide you a Guardian Weapon, which you need to enchant and return back to her in exchange for a reward. Better enchant - better reward! To get enchant scrolls, farm monsters 20+ all over the map, and get from them Scroll: Enchant Guardian Weapon Use them to enchant given by Noos Guardian Weapon. If you will break it, no worries! She will give you another one! With successfully enchanted weapon you can count on following rewards: Enchant +4 - 6 Novice Enchanter Box Enchant +7 - 9 Skilled Enchanter Box Enchant +10 - 16 Best Enchanter Box Enchant 17+ Best Enchanter Box + Mount: Blue Dynasty Unicorn And for Enchants farm to not be so boring, bring to Noos enchanted to +4 Guardian Weapon and she will give you a Blacksmith Blessing, which will increase your EXP/SP gain for next 4 hours, increasing every hour. You can exchange enchanted to +4 Guardian Weapon to Blacksmith Blessing every 12 hours. List of rewards, which can be obtained by opening Enchanter Boxes (1 reward from the list at the time): Hat, Agathion and Mount looks: Event duration: 07.09.2020 - 28.09.2020 NPC will stay till 02.10.2020 In order to see Event Items and NPC, Client update is required! Good luck to everyone! Best regards, Classic Team
  16. Hello. I can't see screen. Upload it on https://imgur.com/ and post link.
  17. Hello. What server are you talking about? NA Classic? Because we don't have any fee, our server is free 2 play.
  18. Hello. Yes, he have it: https://prnt.sc/uci4q5
  19. Hello. Can you make a video of issue you are having?
  20. Hello. You can't buy this book. DB will be fixed.
  21. Was solved via "Contact us!" chat around 5 hours ago.
  22. Hello. About №3. Other issue that we have with that is people trying to sell faster and dropping price low. When there is a lot of same items, people logic will be to drop price in order to sell it faster. At some point you will have an issue, that it will cost less, then it should. At this point, if you still can't sell the item, but you really want to, you will continue dropping the price. Other people won't put their items at all, because they will see a price on item that is too low for them to even get any profit from it. Same logic is behind Oil pricing. Companies making conferences where they decide minimum Oil price. They can sell it cheaper, but it will heart whole economy. Players who are selling items on auction will start earning less money from it or won't have any profit at all which will scare them from the auction. About №4. We can't bind auction item price to CoL price because of: CoL price is not constant. It can be up to 500k per CoL and few weeks later drop to 250k per CoL, based on CoL amount in game. Control CoL price each time before approving item on the auction is bad. 1 day we won't be able to approve 60 euro for your Staff, because CoL price is low and next day, when price will increase - we will have to approve even 50 euro for your Staff. Because you won't be able to change price on a go, you can't compete with items that were approve when CoL had high price. And difference can be insane. Based on your staff example it can be from 40 euro ( when CoL price is 500k ), to 80 euro ( when CoL price is 250k ).
  23. Hello. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/22220-it-was-never-so-easy-to-join-l2classicclub/ Here you can find video of San0 doing this quest. https://prnt.sc/ub61ve