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  1. Hello. You talking about Mounts? Because Classic doesn't have pets system.
  2. https://gyazo.com/479f097120ee803db0ad6611bc5fc027 https://gyazo.com/b614125919ae7bbf67e3ab5dc918d9f9
  3. To end this up: As players you see game from your perspective, so everytime you see something happening in game you: either think it's a bug or think it's intended and work around it. Sometimes you can't tell if something is a bug unless you ask us. Last example: Lilith + Dance of Shadows. There are other bugs which you know is not intended - like buffing trought Baiums door, because you clearly see restriction for it. What we see in this case? From players perspective they noticed that Baium resets his HP after not getting any damage for 10 min, there was another instance of HP reset ( example: QA reset and regen HP to full ), so from players perspective if other bosses + Baium uses same mechanics - it's intended by admins. From our perspective - Baium have his own reset feature and it's going back into stone, using on top of it another reset feature - is wrong because Baium have 2 hours farm timer. So because from players point of view ( through game ) it's intended ( because Baium + other bosses uses same feature ) and from our - it's not, you can only get clarification if you come to admins with specific question, which not everyone is doing. Some players is adapting to a gameplay even if it's harmed/harming/will harm them. And in the end - our conclusion: Baium should not reset if not taking damage for 10 min because his version of "reset" is going back to stone, which is happening after 30 min not taking damage ( only in this case he should regen HP ). Already fixed and installed on live server, will apply with next restart. Regarding screen: players might see it as intentional work because other bosses/baium him self used it before and unless they ask admins, they can't confirm if it is or not. - I don't see reason for a punishment ( ban ), full blame on us. This issue harmed or could have harmed both sides. Based on all of that information: We decided that we don't want to punish both sides by just removing Baium. We don't want to give Baium loot only to 1 side, because one of them did ~150% of intended damage in order to kill Baium. 2nd side was reacting and changing actions based on current state of Baiums HP and got him at the end. So both sides got same loot that was dropped.
  4. They didn't attacked Baium for 10 min. I don't see in this actions bug abuse.
  5. Don't see it as bug abuse, I only see it as a bug of Baium taking information, that it shouldn't, from Global Bosses AI. I'm sorry for that incident. Baium have his own "reset" version is when he goes back to stone, only in this case he should regen HP to full + reset farm timer. To help our players, ( 24.09.21 ) we added this timers for Baium/Antharas in our DB: https://l2db.club/?show=npc_info&id=29020 - 30 min reset timer for Baium. https://l2db.club/?show=npc_info&id=29068 - 15 min reset timer for Antharas.
  6. Hello. Our DB. https://l2db.club/ ( but I don't think any other cloak is traidable ). https://l2db.club/?show=item_info&id=47165 - for example.
  7. I see you managed to change class
  8. https://gyazo.com/bef8a25eb355ecd87819ff438748f1c4 - Ask about second class transfer https://gyazo.com/b6b23986d5444b2f28c08cea16810f7e - Sorcerer https://gyazo.com/acb025c140995bbc88709d3707717341 - Change occupations to a Sorcerer Give me screen of what you see in system message when you trying to do it or in HTML.
  9. No problem.
  10. Yes, you said you finished 1 out of 3 quests you need to change to 2nd class: https://l2db.club/?show=quest_info&id=214 https://l2db.club/?show=quest_info&id=217 https://l2db.club/?show=quest_info&id=228 You finished all of them? You must have 3 marks: Mark of Scholar / Mark of Trust / Mark of Magus
  11. Hello. You did only 1 mark out of 3? For a first class you need only 1 mark, for 2nd you need 3 marks. You must have specific combination of 3 marks. What class you want to be?
  12. Koll

    Test server is available

    ALT+G enter name, click Search Skill then target your self and click on a skill 2 times to get skill on your self, to give skill to a clan //acquire_pledge_skill ( if you don't know how command works, just enter it without anything and it will post in chat how it works ).
  13. Koll

    Client crashed

    Hello. Drivers issue: amdxn32.dll
  14. Koll

    Test server is available

    4 players online on test server right now, please download updater, delete your system folder and use it. test server using autoreg + some old accounts database + only new chars getting builder.
  15. Hello. Please create ticket and give me ID.
  16. Hello. https://l2classic.club/forum/topic/7439-class-change/ Create ticket.
  17. Yes. To get lvl 6 you need 2 runes level 5.
  18. Already fixed, also applied, but need to restart event, didn't want to disturb farm/fights.
  19. Koll

    Strix Daily quest

    Discussed all options, found few possible solutions, but need to rewrite quest + all mobs, will take a some time and will be done only in 2022
  20. Koll

    Strix Daily quest

    I think other option is to make it take all from you. So even if you bring 2000, it will see that it's more than 600 and will take all 2000 and give normal reward as for 600 badges.
  21. Koll

    Strix Daily quest

    Hello. It can't work based on FI quest idea. On FI if you will have 20k items you can complete quest 20 times ir a raw. This quest is daily so you can complete it only 1 time per day and can't farm more badges. Issue is happening because lineage 2 server waiting when you hit exact 600 in order to give you 2nd stage of the quest. But if you farm in different location ( dropping 1 item from mob and then 5 items from mobs ) - you might get from 596 to 601, because it's not exact 600 - quest doesn't switch stages.
  22. To prevent players from using Dance of Shadow we have Buffs on bosses, they didn't stopped players from farming with them, which we will fix. Regarding other questions, we won't leave gates opened forever, but will give players a way to resurrect after boss death and will work out summoning.
  23. Our last idea regarding the scrolls didn't worked, server doesn't allow trade "shadow" items: 12/25/2021 08:22:48.841, Periodic item must be keep_type=1 and /*can_move=0 and */is_trade=0 and is_drop=0 and NOT stackable. line[5936], CanMove=0, IsTrade=1, IsDrop=0, IsStackable=0 Will work on another solution. Regarding events: was more focused to make new mechanics ( had only 1 change regarding reward by creating coupon system ), my most concern is to devalue players achievements, like it was when we first time introduced Cloth Piece as an event reward.
  24. Koll

    Sealed Runes

    Currently it's impossible. We will try to check it at some point after update. When they stack you can't level them up via compound system. It doesn't allow to install same items unique_ID in both windows. I also tried to summon just 2, so when you drag 1 of them in box #1 and have only 1 left - it's still doesn't allow to set last one in box #2.
  25. Koll

    Sealed Runes

    I'm testing it right now, I don't know how other systems will react to it. I guess there was a reason to make them not stack.