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  1. Kse

    Black Friday on L2Classic.club!

    Dear friends! We want to announce, that Black Friday is coming! All donations that will be made from November 23rd 00:01 CET till November 23rd 23:59 CET will get 23% BONUS to the amount of the donation. Best regards, Classic Team
  2. Kse

    Event "Lost Pirates Map"

    How do hats, suit and agathion looks: Pirate Hat Pirate King Hat 30 days Pirate Crew outfit and Agathion - Zaken's Spirit swords 30 days
  3. Kse

    Event "Lost Pirates Map"

    Dear friends! We heard, Pirates got into a trouble with finding their treasures map and now are offering a reward for finding it, so we decided to help both you and them. This way pirates can get their map, and you - good rewards for helping them with it. And on Monday, November 19th, Event Captain will come to the Talking Island x3! Arrrr! You will be able to Find Captain in any city, but only during ingame night time! He will tell you, that treasures map was stolen, ripped apart and scattered in the wind, so your task - to find all it's pieces and bring it to the Captain to exchange for a good reward. You can obtain Map pieces from all 20+ level monsters all over the map. Bring them to the Captain, and he will reward you with the Treasure chest. By opening the chest, you can obtain 1 of the following: 3 small firecracker 1 Large Firecracker Quick Healing Potion Magic Barrier scroll Wind walk scroll Shield Scroll Empower Scroll Acumen Scroll Berzerk Scroll Bless the Soul Scroll Might Scroll Death Whisper Scroll Focus Scroll Haste Scroll Vampiric Rage Scroll Bless the Body Scroll Guidance Scroll Clarity Scroll Wild Magic Scroll Event - Fresh beer Premium account box 7 days Death's Deal Certificate 50% Box . Death's Deal Certificate 80% Box 10x Proof of Blood EXP/SP scroll (30%) EXP/SP scroll - Normal (50%) EXP/SP scroll - Medium (70%) EXP/SP scroll - High (100%) Sealed Runes lvl 1 1st class buff scroll 2nd class buff scroll Pirate King Hat 30 days Agathion - Zaken's Spirit swords 30 days Pirate Crew outfit Pirate hat Have a good hunting! IMPORTANT! Event items drop Duration: 19.11.2018 - 03.12.2018 NPC will stay till restart on 07.12.2018 In order to see event items and NPC client update after maintenance on 19.11.2018 required! Best regards, Classic Team
  4. Kse


    Referral link - http://l2classic.club/account/reg/madevp
  5. Kse

    Warlock - cant learn BLAZE

    Hello! L2wiki is based on Antharas update. We don't have it yet. On our server's current chronicles Blaze skill works as it should.
  6. Kse

    Missing character

    Hello! You need to make a ticket to support
  7. Kse

    Double EXP/SP Weekend!

    Dear friends! As a continuation of celebration, we are announcing Double Exp/SP weekend! From maintenance on Friday, 26.10.2018 till maintenance on Monday, 29.10.2018, Exp/SP rates will be increased 2 times! Have a good hunting! Best regards, Classic Team
  8. Dear players! October, 24th at 11-00 CEST we are planning to make server maintenance. Expected downtime - 20 minutes. IMPORTANT! Client update is required after the maintenance! Best regards, Classic Team
  9. Kse

    3rd Anniversary Flash mob!

    Do not forget to update your client before Flash mob!
  10. Kse

    Anniversary Donation Bonus!

    Dear friends! We are announcing Anniversary Donation bonus! All donations, made on October, 24 will come with 30% Bonus! Best regards, Classic Team
  11. Kse

    3rd Anniversary Flash mob!

    Dear friends! On October, 24 we are celebrating Server's 3rd Birthday! And, of course, we couldn't stay away without congratulating all of you! We are announcing a Flash mob! A lot of fun and presents will be waiting for you on October, 24 at 20:00 CEST in Talking Island! Best regards, Classic Team
  12. Kse


    Classic has the same client as GoD. There is nothing wrong with it
  13. Kse

    I cannit enter the game.

    Hello! That means your account was banned. For more information you need to create a ticket to support.
  14. Kse


    Hello! Auction moderators reported, that all sold lots were checked and sent to buyers. Please, check it out. If something is missing, pm me with info.
  15. Kse

    Emergency maintenance 14.10.2018

    Server is now available. If you have troubles logging in, please, don't spam login, give it few time between tries. If it doesn't help, send your IP address to me in PM