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  1. DanKolov

    haters gonna gate

    I wondered who you are, but now I understand, you are Š•lmar GF as long as you're screaming and I can fuck you like your ex-wife :) enough of me I'll leave you to @MoDoy
  2. DanKolov

    haters gonna gate

    I think I hurt you ?very sorry but if you have a problem with the vagina I will always help you I did not know that you were from my fan club ?
  3. DanKolov

    haters gonna gate

    ofc is not me every time but i have best cp mates and drivers no point to lose my time better modoy or rizo to have fun ingame ?
  4. DanKolov

    haters gonna gate

    8 times hero bitch ?
  5. DanKolov

    haters gonna gate

    @Rizos malaka some new star ? really ? and Elmar still so PRO ? and HERO ? ?
  6. DanKolov

    Bazooka cryer

    Sayoooo malaka dai Tabletino ;))) @ProGressive ?
  7. @ProGressive gz to @Rizos and @MoDoy see u soon ?
  8. aa no no i pay evraski for hero !!! modoy and rizo cost me ALOT ?
  9. we hava MALAKAS IN CLAN this is impossible ma man