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  1. Warsmith- Darling not kebap boy
  2. The question is why they don't stay long ? If most of the ppl from that topic cry about trainers (how hard they are) maybe time to do something with shabis and br's because they are doing that mostly ?
  3. Good poem im proud of you. Now lets talk if u played this game probably before i born and u still complaining what i writed bro u are wasting your professionals skills there. Like u said before if u will drop your items that means something is wrong with you or your playstyle casuals,anyway topic is around trainers in gc and i will agree with you that place is not for true pleb like you. Cheers
  4. Why u ppl are complaining about droping items when 80% ppl responding in that topic plays under tag shabi or play with their ally. Did u guys even know how to press pk or make pvp ? Only lafi,modoy said something important for that forum but plebs like that unsocial00 has still his own dreams. Server was perfectly fine 1-2years a go but now its full of swamp and pve plebs who crys about trainers daggers and loose % during their farm. If me and nansey can farm with 8 trainers around us and control them,that means pve plebs this server is not for you. Stay in shabi family and ask them politely like a slave when they will spare u some adena. @Koll Koll droping items is a part of that game, if u will decide to remove that add also gm shop and auto bot so ppl will be happy to spend less time on farm.
  5. Finally somebody who knows how classic works respond. Yeah lafi 5years passed and most of the players are pve plebs rarely u can see what u mention before, but dont worry u can come for our prime if u rly miss -10% in 5min, we will give u entertainment with shabis ally.
  6. They already told me who u are just another shabi slave. Slave like u only wants to get benefits with the easiest way. L2 is hardcore game with tons of grinding and risk during it. Bye carebear dont forget to use xp scroll during peace and melody farm.
  7. The guy complaining about pvp's when he always came with zerg never solo @LandrarK keep ur arguments man for shabis ally and leave important things to the ppl which they play from the server start or like i said if u want to avoid ur "EXPENSIVE" items drop go play world of warcraft.
  8. Exactly go away casual dont ruin my server.
  9. Lineage 2 was always for not pve carebears which they are so afraid to flag on emies. If u dont want to drop because u fucked up or play bad i suggest world of warcraft. This game is not for small boys.
  10. I am almost sure u are pve pleb who hit the mobs 24/7 and scare to press 1 single button to flag on enemies, Bingo ?
  11. Can we get from nostalgia that for 80lvl players ? My friends can't hit the monsters because bad players are hitting them and bullying everyday from china. Thx!
  12. Im sad because your shabi family still speak untrue.
  13. Congratz to shaby family !!! IF u trying to flame just do it proper please.
  14. Wow finally there is a way to get baium 3 easly. Thx buddy for good guide, me and my CP leader will appreciate that.