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  1. i think you must tell "seiva and crazyBISH", but not Reaction. If you wanna to know, ask me P.S. Hi, Stiba
  2. seiva

    Insane location bug

    because you running with keyboard
  3. seiva


    true, one time i did like this as mistake, i didnt do relog and than rune must be shown, i went and put new one rune.
  4. seiva


    работает все нормально на силеносах (и спойл, и дроп) проверено.
  5. what about you talking shame on you that must all of you wrote: "Thx for my allies for their long participation, patience at the Oly, because they spent so much time knowing that you are not a candidate is not fascinating. Thx for everyone`s work" P.S. Be normal
  6. Only the fact that after the battle we didnt write a single word. Only you thought it was good fight. But then kid`s trashtalk followed on the forum, one of us wanted to convey to them an idea that they missed and didnt see. We dont need to look for exuse. We are self-sufficient cp and know that we can. And last, this wasnt epic won on us and i dont think it was reasonable to pin and enjoy one of the first victories over us under similar circumstances. Although probably they are very waiting for the moment at least somehow self-fulfilling. Such actions can not cause respect.
  7. what is wrong with you, man? You did sacrasm about using ctrl and we will be surprized. I wrote you the same sarcasm - "teach". Sinse the realy pro can joke, but doest not think that he writes even. I SPEAK LONDON
  8. so OP that you can use agro nontag/nonflag targets, teach me P.S. bd/sws without clan
  9. I cursed the one who controlled me at this fight
  10. Если у тебя такое случилось по причине падения сервера - заходи в личный кабинет описывай свою проблему и причину почему это случилось, если действительно по причине падения сервака, то тебе помогут. Хотя мое наблюдение показывает, что после краша поднимают сервак с минимальным откатом. Но никому не будет дела если ты дисконнектишься по причине своей связи.