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[discussion] Making cloth piece somewhat more accessible in Zaken?

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Since we're not 100% fully following the official patches and all... I always kinda wondered why NCsoft decided to make the cloth pieces so difficult to obtain compared to the actual sealed stuff. With the current drop rates, most of the sealed stuff is virtually trash because there's just no reason why would anyone ever unseal for example DC heavy. Or any non-Majestic set for that matter. So what if the cloth piece just dropped more? e.g. double the droprate from Baium/Zaken, add some very low chance for dropping one from small epics, maybe sparkle some 0,00% over to some 70+ RBs, maybe even incorporate it to event with "1 or 2 cloths for entire server per event"-kind of chance, maybe add it to L2store for NCoins (j/k haha, fat chance). I declare I have currently no posession of any sealed A grade armor whatsoever.

What could possibly go wrong? /discuss, rational arguments both for and against the idea are welcome

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1 hour ago, Pendragon said:


"rational arguments both for and against the idea are welcome" ty for input tho we're sending over a t-shirt stay tuned

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If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Classic is designed to make end game content more and more easily accessible with each patch. That will happen on zaken patch too with cloth drops from zaken raid and baium raid. Adding another source of cloth pieces will fuck up the economy and the server as a whole. Unsealed A grade armors will become much much more common come zaken patch. Personally at the end of the patch I expect them to become as common as bw +6 sets are right now. Just imagine zaken and baium dying every week and dropping 2 cloths each on average. Now add the already existing cloths and the cloth drops from heavenly rift and you will realize that the market will become flooded eventually. 

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