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Just came back to check the ice cold winds standing near to a look a like npc’s in aden had a little belief that someone will break the sleep and eventually move nah nothing.

went to the new zone empty gc fi empty went on my lvl 30-70 boxes same thing all zones are empty i know i am not typing anything new so what’s the point of this massage .

simple for the idea of adding new server then merging it .

its more complicated than what you all guys think  let’s take several points and let me try to clear some of them .

1. Lineage 2 private server community is sadly decreasing faster than ever even mmo’s as a whole . According to more than 50 individuals that i had an impact over the years and it’s not based on this server but a statistic over all l2 servers i played in the majority say this will be my last experience and my last fun with l2 then they will quit .

player base is aging and no fresh blood is getting introduced to this game and it’s not appealing as the new mmorpg games lost ark , new world , final fantasy 14 ect  .

2. The idea of a new server that it will get merged later on is not the solution on a server that lost 90+ % of his population.

why is that you may ask because all the new comers will clearly come for short amount of fun and simply leave because after merge let’s say about 1 year as an avarage there will he max 10 refined core aq orfen .

maybe 1-2 zaken and 0 baium again it depends on the server population.

so all the hard work that happen can be devalued by 2 individuals of the old server .

if that’s not a big deal joining oly with players lvl 83-85 will be impossible to play against . 

3. Why not just making a server and keeping it separate from the old one .

lineage 2 servers isn’t made to live for that long any way .

4. What are the odds of new players coming to the least popular chronicle of all time numbers speak for it self .

In the end player base is shrinking in very fast base .

I encountered alot of comments like yea let 300 new players farm epics so 2 korean’s will get most of the epics with single credit card swipe each .

the new server idea if it happens it will be the only attempt that it could happen to make another player base play classic .

and investors and server staff can make a living out of it .

merging can be amazing idea with server that has 2000 online players . (20 moving in dion -10 in gludio 100 in aden .

but not 1530 and all the zones are empty litterly all the zones i checked every single on of them in eu prime and asia prime in low lvl .

Let’s not try to kill 2 servers 1 is enough and it was super  Successful 6 years speak for it self it’s time to move on .

i would like to end it like this .

i know it’s hard to see your 3-5 years of hard work go away and imagining some dreams on a new wave of players come to increase the value of your hard work .

forget your greed you already done your achievements in the end it’s a video game for fun and the whole point of mmos is the community.

i already throw everything behind i would love to see new server announcement without merge.

see you in the new server i guess 

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I agree 100% with what you wrote. 

Note that on the official NA servers it took 7 years to go from C0 Chronicles (Prelude) to High Five Part 5. During this time the amount of changes that were done in this game was huge. There was a strong progression of items all the time. In practice every half a year new items appeared. That is why people played it. 

On L2Reb they also had to make such a decision about introducing new chronicles, because the server was starting to shrink. Only they did it at the last minute, it's too late here.

I don't expect our devs to work like ncsoft because it is impossible. And it is completely understandable, that is not the point.

I propose to open a classic server from 1.0 or 1.5 and make updates every half or year, the same as they appeared on this server. During this time, the team has time to develop new updates. And everyone will be happy.

I'll just add that a lot of people I've talked to are discouraged from joining the server because of +16 weapons and +8/10 armor. We know this is the result of such a long open server and it's natural. The reason is also that they didn't add more grades as they did on official servers and weapons of lower grades were weaker.


Look out for this spam from RMT. Spam in cities, pm and email... Is there really nothing you can do about it? If someone comes here to play it looks like the official server in 2007, there was the same spam and only bots running. Surely there is some way to solve this problem, even by blacklisting words.

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2 hours ago, Owulator said:

I propose to open a classic server from 1.0 or 1.5 and make updates every half or year

I dont agree with the time of new patchs.


If u start a game with top B, ppl dont even catch up B grade and u already have A grade, lilith rune, Primeval talic.
the ppl need to have a focus. if they have everything to do, they will do nothing.


If the players have 1 focus to do. ex.: on this new patch, they change tyrano and make more eazy to make the primeval talic, everyone will be there, ppl will pvp for spot, etc etc.


on our server, is 1 primeval talic, maybe lilith/anakin  rune lvl 5 max...

right now, ppl see primeval talic, and say "wtf, it's impossible, lets farm other place".


The changes must be on game mechanics, dont really need a full patch everytime. Need some1 with good eyes to check what is happend, what is going bad, why ppl are leaving, and fix this thinks. 

and yes, the new server should be a good idea. Also have a old chronic in this new server, yes. they have already old patchs, so is just change acording with the ritim of new server. noty exactly each half year. can be fast, can be slow

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Agree with new server, disagree about merging. Would love to play on fresh started server but what's the point for me to join if in 1 year (for example) i will face same people with +30 items, full epics, cps who can fight 27 vs 200. I am pretty sure only old talking island players want to merge for fresh meat, not newcomers/future players.

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4 hours ago, Creative1365 said:

Don't cry they are making new update welcome phoenix ! And epics 80lv

I am not crying already quit from 1.5 years .

but just in case they will make a new server i just share my point of view .

or let’s say feedback for the staff of what i think is going to be more appropriate.

it was wonderful experience to play classic .

and as the staff satiated they are not hoping for a miracle to come and they are doing there best on this server.

but this topic wasn’t intended for the current server .

Just using my own logic to say what is right maybe i am wrong maybe i am right who knows .

it was a simple massage for the future 

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