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Don't play temple knight

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TK can't learn skill of Arrest(provoke+immobilize) or Shield Bash(stun) as talking island.

consequently TK can only aggro(changing target) skill and tribunal(Dealing skill) skill available when PVP.

attractive cubic change PC target  but no aggro to mobs. it's insane.

also M.accuracy of Holy Aura skills is sucks! even to low LEVEL mobs!

my TK is 71LV now and my life cubic heal me around only 360HP. WHAT THE ......... ?

that's why everyone play other tank but no one play TK except me. don't play Temple Knight. it will be waste your huge time.

Shillien knight much better. because SK paralyze  tank to drop his item when tank pulling many's basic SK play. he is one man army.


you can check DION Top Tank of rank 200

NoPainNoGain 74 Dark Avenger Decimate
sh1 74 Dark Avenger Rain
Mikhail 75 Dark Avenger Souvlaki
Kadil 75 Dark Avenger Vigilance
Din 73 Dark Avenger WINNER
Nicholas 75 Shillien Knight Ace
10cm 74 Shillien Knight Ace
SHIRE 74 Shillien Knight KFC
Aner 73 Shillien Knight OkayBro
Donyonychus 74 Shillien Knight PowerRangers
HHHHHHHHQQQQQQQQ 74 Shillien Knight Rain
archer 75 Shillien Knight Speed
Raulrabufety 75 Shillien Knight Syndicate
Angra 74 Shillien Knight Vigilance
KimYoJong 73 Shillien Knight Vigilance
SuaMae 74 Shillien Knight Vindicate
Ponce 75 Paladin Syndicate


no one play TK. It's true. many user play SK and DA and very few user play Paladin.\

unbalanced classes skill result in unbalanced server to short term life.

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@San0 Give this man shield bash or at least some op aoe Armageddon.

He is the life of this server, more entertaining than both top sides combined 

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if you want to be 1 skill bot - play sk or da, if you like your class, just play it and learn it. 



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23 hours ago, Poseidon said:

if you want to be 1 skill bot - play sk or da, if you like your class, just play it and learn it. 



The problem might be that tk doesn't even have that one skill 😂😂

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TK is fine 2.0 and later, in fact a little too strong on TI.
You get update early summer so bare with it.

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hey! dont complain. Atleast you have soulshots on TK, unlike some other classes :D

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