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  1. Werew

    C4RE BE4RS

    Long time since i've been entertained by an l2 video, loved the side comments
  2. then we can say is the long hand of Karma 😁
  3. and probably some few other new guys that don't know Pose, anyone else knows that if he says he will do something, it doesn't mean he'll actually do it🤣🤣
  4. I can't say I saw at least one good oly player, who I could say he is bad in open field, but I did meet great guys who could move really good with a team, who would make a difference in open pvp almost every time, that would have much more impact than some top oly players but will not do so well in oly.
  5. dunno how this item loss buff is supposed to work, I like the ideea but it shouldn't apply while caracter has karma , only under flag/ not flag status
  6. is the best time to play dagger since club server opened
  7. o rly? so you have gear for 3 different characters sws 80 and mby pala 80 also some epics on each one of them so you can pvp on equal terms with anyone that come to compete, I'm impressed. Even if this wouldn't be bullshit it still wouldn't matter because one guy or even 10 that can do this won't make any difference, vs full force from any other side. I know you want to "protect" your free farm but at least try to bring some decent bullshit
  8. how many times an ally that wasn't in top 3 actually did this in 5 years ? Or is just the regular double standard "we want pvp but not on the things we can free farm
  9. I belive you are wrong thinking this would advantage the strong It won't because atm they have twink for Core another for aq and another for Orfen so even if there are 2 epics spawn almost same time is a matter of seconds to log another twink full buffed full mp and just get them both. While if they are high lvl they have to come on mains also, at least for defend the farm squad even with gate, ( I would make core room , all sea of spores and QA nest a no gate zone so there would be a bit of running also ) so it will take bit more time and this would give a chance for the weaker to try
  10. Actually I think is good idea to make them like 75/76 so hitting with 78 lvl won't give drop penalty the best thing from this will be more pvp on actual main setups, will bring something new in farm strategies if mby for example, fix that fire resist on aq so high lvl sorc would be a good thing to have, power up they're skills etc according to lvl Somehow I would see it like a normal thing to "evolve" this low epics to curent server status and lvl. and I can't really see any disadvantages of this, is not like any lowbie clan/ally is farming them or has any chance, is still big boys competing for them so let them fight properly with big guns it will only make game more intresting and force people into more pvp
  11. I was thinking about lowering puri resists, but I don't think is good idea bcz even with 40% puri SR won't stun nothing elemental mages wont land vortexes good enough to make a difference wc wont sleep with enough land to worth wasting mana on it glads as well won't stun nothing etc . I believe lowering puri will only benefit to classes that are already strong like DA's will land fears necros will doom Also I was thinking about crit wound for daggers but atm the general vibe is OMG daggers OP so I skip it for now, mby only if remove the crit dmg bonus and increase blow chance bonus might be the middle way
  12. 2 hide 2 shadow steps and I mean the fixed chain that can fail even without pury not the 100% like we had it should give you some space but it was more of a middle solution to not add mass chain
  13. I believe you, but did you had clear movements at that time ? I did this chain strike suggestion considering exactly this fact , that a good player on dagger at this time can still do his job because of hide and clear movements , and chain has fixed 15 sec cd not affected by champ or renewal songs and I mean chain strike that has NOT 100% land rate like we had before I do believe chain strike made game way more interesting the only problem was that it didn't require a spell book ( also being bugged and had 100% land rate) so all the tanks go it while daggers need sb for clear movements, I mention daggers bcz I agree they were most affected by it bcz of only mele DD
  14. I personally believe mp pots should never exist in classic, there are rechargers and clarity buff, elixirs have enough cd to be acceptable I agree on this. Sr and he are utter trash atm I don't think there are worse dd atm, and the triggers are useless as they are now , the way I think they should be is that both counter dash and rapid shot(rapid shot should give atk speed to all classes not only to archers 15% for archers is not worth to have sr in pt if is for all then at least is worth to have sr for farm in pt ) , should have low duration like 15/20 sec max and activate at 1k dmg + done not received this way you need to have live he/sr in pt with decent equip to constantly make that dmg to activate this. This is why I mentioned mostly only single target debuffs, this would give every class something unique that if used wisely can have impact but no class should have the power to have major impact alone for medusa and song of silence duration can be reduced to 5 sec , quick spear is also 5 sec and can be broken by dmg (5 seconds will still have impact but won't be OP). The main idea behind all this is to make every class useful but not OP
  15. Paladins now are boosted, they heal way more than they should and this is ok, bcz of this cps have main paladin, if we would have offi paladin then it would be just buff box To make game balanced. fun for everyone and make a good healthy server every class should have it's role that has some decent impact in pvp and no class to be able to have major impact in pvp alone, like DA had with 10 sec CD IC or sws with puri that makes all party immune to almost everything and neutralise epics worth billions of adena I don't say remove puri song, it does make game more interesting, but give every class something to fight against it, I strongly believe no one wants to see a server only of daggers or tyrs or summoners only.