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  1. I think he has pornhub adrenaline to target best clips :D
  2. You failed vengeance for sure, even without jewels on you there is no mage on server who can mcrit 4k dmg on 4k mdef from vengeance
  3. If we hunt sano and pk everyday, to dlvl him, would we get more double xp weekends ? Just asking for a friend 😉😁
  4. Mby could be time for a refreshment of hats at nostalgia ? or just add some new ones, we have the same selection for few years already @San0
  5. Sounds cool, but from my experience is nothing more than a placebo and -1 buff slot
  6. Dunno on classic, but before classic at some point se/ee/pp/bish nukes had smth like -20% dmg in pvp , this way they could solo farm but not hit harder than nukers in pvp, and bcz of this nuke augments had big value for better dmg in oly, it should be easy to check if it was the same on classic off
  7. Werew

    WK vs RS Rf Baium

    Totally agree , there should be some boxes in SM to make one pt with them and that one RF party totally stands for 3 clans Vs 3 clans. I'd say we should do this everyday
  8. Werew

    WK vs RS Rf Baium

    Sounds legit WK (3 clans) Vs one clan aka RS 🙄
  9. You had to ruin all the hard work for some drama, how can this go on if I have to like your post ?
  10. This is your excuse ?🤣🤣 I have bad news for you mate, sjeks had way more adequate words for you on a daily basis, and not only you, but about some of the guys that support him at that time, you are probably the only one who didn't had the chance to find out I'm sure most of the others did in the end
  11. Exactly when you try to imply that Shaka stepping down is comparable with sjeks scam. Trying to say that bcz Bizz took his regular summer break he lost his position and sjeks is not a scammer and you didn't ally with a scammer and you are not a hypocrite saying that RS are ally with scammers. All this while you were and now you are again ally with scammers. Like I told you before in your head does scamming is bad only when it affects your side?
  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So when nothing works just pull out some disrespect bullshit ? I could say the same about you and RF, if you would had respect them they wouldn't take ch, bcz from all my interactions with them and pretty much everyone else no one have solid complaints about them, not before this ch or after
  13. So totally different situations, in your case he stepped down and give up willingly, while in ours after Bizz usual summer break he was told to leave and let everything behind or stay and follow sjeks. But somehow you try to twist the truth to look like is same thing
  14. It was a simple question with a simple answer yes or no , don't try to dodge the answer . It was his decision to give up on leading, and after you gather to vote who to be the new leader, or you decided he's not leader anymore and enforced this on him?