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  1. Werew

    Just another oly day ..

    And he'll still be for years probably, I hardly can think who will be willing to invest the amount of adena or $$$ he did in a character that is nothing more than a more tanky sws but without lol songs , is like having 2 sws in pt one for songs and one for "agro", and all this just to bring some competition, I personally played tk on h5 there it was a different story but on classic is just sad what they did with tk
  2. Werew

    Just another oly day ..

    Yea , you're wright the Chinese guys are doing a far better job overall
  3. Werew

    Just another oly day ..

    Yeah ofc, after you lost hero on aw 2 months in a row, ofc you play tyr were you have no competition in terms of same gear, I guess modoy will play tyr as well now bcz wr is not fun if you fail hero :))), I guess if china put full bust on a tyr and put someone who can play it decently you guys will swap to spoilers bcz so MUUCH STRONGER no ? :)))
  4. Werew


    I'd say 2 wl and sk (chain,hex,ls) + tyrant for brust dmg or glad ( glad is better till the moment he finish mp after is just another wl with bow while tyr is still a killer even without mp + ee or se or paladin -ee is for regular player nothing special just try to heal /recharge as much you can before you die bcz in mele pt staying behind is not so easy -se is for better player who can heal recharge root stigma on assist - and my choice and the option for a very good player is paladin end game and lvl 80 i consider paladin capabilitys over ee/se , hero paladin is just unstoppable healer for 2 min you can't kill him and you can't debuff and he heals 2k+ per sacrifice after all this he can be the 3 rd agro in pt after bards (sk is supposed to be main assist so no agro used to often ) aoe arest and decent dps ater all have died at least once and have shit bufs and in next update he can use ai in full hp and lvl 80 skill in my opinion is better than ee or se lvl 80 skills All options will require at least one recharger out of pt and pp for good farm aoe and proper bufs engame farm and pvp so is a matter of personal preference
  5. Werew

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    I guess no one needs me to point out how you contradict yourself in the same sentence, you should give modoy your forum account to "drive" it,not only your main. My " feelings" about you are still the same, like before you changed class, a mediocre in your best days.
  6. Werew

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    Ass kising modoy won't save you from paying his Kebabs
  7. who cares when you have +1 more wit than sps with no dyes
  8. Werew

    When Anyone dont know where we

    dark blue weapz hero and 74 + lvl s vs 60 ...you nughty boizz
  9. Werew

    Summoners while on Mount

    When you are on mount you can't use any skill and not even atack when you are on mount oviosly you can't use skill sumon panther, unicorn cat etc. so I don't see why would you be able to use sumon to do anything . If would be normal to use sumons then sumoners should be able to use sumon related skills like sumon bufs heal rech but they can't so I don't see any logic here .
  10. Werew


    You'r just haters lol, that thing at min 42:30 you say is hapenning al the time without any lol programs, if the one taht box is on folow don t go to far before box get stuck or lose target and you come back or there is a way to follow box whill do it and you don't even need to alt+tab. Comming with this thing that you learn in first weeks after you start dual box ever in you'rlife lol. just prove you are haters and nothing more. Even if he is actually booting proffs that you say are total bullshit
  11. Werew


    For example when I whas in college I whas doing the same. Alot of free time, I whas sleeping, eating and farming all day long for months lvl-ing my TK with fenir( still can't understand how I din't go crazy or didn't get bored).
  12. Werew


    I don't see patern in his play, like there are few times when he don't agro mob before hit even if he do it like 95% of times even if mob is near him I don't think programs "forget" to do actions. So in my opinion is just you'r personal hate vs him.
  13. Werew


    then you must be more experienced than me in boting
  14. Werew


    I see a guy that stun mobs while chaneling, runing with a box after him. I don't know any bots that are able to see a mob chaneling spel, and react. Just looking at the way he stuns you can se there are no patern in it,like a boot program whill do it, sometimes he stuns first mob sometimes is 1 hit and after stuns sometimes 3/4 hits till mob start casting something and he use it to intrerupt. So if you hate him so much you need something better than this to ban him. Edit: and at min 20:18 you can se how he kill mob forget to pick up and stun next mob that apeard and start casting and after pick up,this is not smth a boot program can do.
  15. Werew

    CP with char

    Hello, I want to start to play on this server so I'm looking for cp who already have a char lvl'd up from freinds or someone who quit game etc. I have 5 years + of l2 experience, I start to play like 10 years ago on dex C3 x3 in Panic and after RIP with Scufa , till Interlude after mooved with OOWW on RPG after Luna off, I can play any class as I've been MA for nuker and archer cp.