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  1. Be happy they are fixed and don't have TI mental rezist boost, without full epics lvl 3 you couldn't land shit on them. Could probably be added some 1k range limit that the summon would return to master if is over this range
  2. this would be the best option, also if is possible to add expiring time on all xp scrools so ppl can't stack hundreds of them, a week or 2 max after you get it in inventory should be more than enough
  3. You will be buried in adena if you play support most CP looking for bd/sws/bish
  4. The problem might be that tk doesn't even have that one skill 😂😂
  5. @San0 Give this man shield bash or at least some op aoe Armageddon. He is the life of this server, more entertaining than both top sides combined
  6. Werew

    Dion x3. On the horizon

    just bring it on !!!!
  7. My suggestion is to not add improved enchants to the game not weapon not armor. They don't bring anything good but make the game worse all they do is destroying whole proces of updates and progression, for example what use is an update were you add A grade and there is no reason to farm for a grade weapons because market is full of b grade + 10 or more that are easier to enchant or buy. Also it breaks the game from the core, because if ppl have 10+ B grade they can solo farm almost anywhere, so the game is more profitable to play solo with boxed supports, as we can see today most players have access to at least one more pc or laptop so easy quad box, so this lead to ppl playing supports quitting and adena farmers thriving. As well server looks like high rate star wars and make any new comers not even try . the lower the average weapon over enchant is on server the better for long term stability, balance, update hype and progression. I would suggest to replace them with solid enchants but only D and C maybe in the quest from strix or something accessible for everyone. Obviously in next upgrade not now so any new comer, random player can get easy +6 C grades weapons jewels weapons while top players will have B grade so they will have their advantage for the hard work to make B sets +6, this will keep some kind of balance of the game and won't create a massive gap between top players and medium low .
  8. could be added with cap for start, for exaple lvl 5 rune to be max till next update or so
  9. @San0 @Ripanother thing I could come up for bards is to make confusion and charm to work in pvp, to change the target of the target randomly even on his ally (this will separate decents dd vs robots blindly assisting/nexst targeting) or to work like trick/switch, this way it should be mega fun, and useful in pvp and later in oly and won't change nothing for pve ,both have decent range and the reuse/mp consumption can be adjusted in time if need
  10. is bad idea, it will unbalance server from start, because of the no lifers that will play non stop even on new year night
  11. Only thing I would change is to change bd useless poison blade dance to a single target psihical silance, same like symphony on sws, this way is balanced and both can have decent impact on pvp
  12. Truth being said the current server is dying, there is no update that could bring a massive amount of people on server. But the club team have all files they need and experience to start a new server, and make it the best classic server ever With good advertising the amount of people would join would be massive, probably 10k online during rush hours.
  13. Werew

    C4RE BE4RS

    Long time since i've been entertained by an l2 video, loved the side comments