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  1. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    Dude, you're like 60 lvl. Sup with the politics lecture? Speaking of zerg...If your girlfriend cheated on you and then you payed her back with the same way, isn't that a win-win? W/ 2 cents as NF: When you decide to ally with SM for Baium/TOI, you have to put up with all the shitty useless clans they bring along, hoping you will get rid of them at some point (more accurately when top parties get a bit more power). Now you'll see the cool kids who free-farmed TOI (thanks to zerg ofc) come here and cry "ZERG!" Cringe? They are the minority for the 1st time in Perk history, but hey! Now they are quality factors since they RMT'ed epics and free-farmed, right? Care to give us your "ethical" take on this too, btw?
  2. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    a concept you've been familiar with for years
  3. Missed me?

    Myrcius the Merciful !
  4. CS movie Aja

  5. Demonic Blade Dance

    i would usually also say "fk the custom craps" but given how fewer and fewer active BDs we have, i wouldn't mind it
  6. New Video (RedScarlet)

    after months of being terrorized by SuzieQ you had enough and finally rerolled?
  7. Server politics

    We do appreciate your decision. Sadly I must add : If blue side had no problem swallowing Stiba, you would be no issue at all, Myrciu... sigh
  8. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    I don't know whats cringier... AD thinking he has done something in this game or Soil giving integrity lectures? Debateable.
  9. Legendary player is back

  10. For Drama Team Alliance

    either photoshopped or test server, there is no ally
  11. srsly

    @Rip re malaka i try to gather material for 50min movie, dont leak my shiets already
  12. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    too civilized, arent we? thank god there's pince around
  13. When you lose pvp in toi

    its Lsno.... you got trolled too ez.
  14. WTB spellbook: Spark Cubic

    I pay 8kk - mail payment Nansey, much love
  15. 3 sided server <3

    fair enough, just for entertainment then...