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  1. Missed me?

    wb m8

    não és o único
  3. 1st serious destroyer pov

    I have a bd but every time de go pvp that box is far. I have a dream on having a active bd QQ
  4. 1st serious destroyer pov

    Sad toad is even sadder now
  5. Fk that if they have atleast 1 hand is ok
  6. Gl m8 up up
  7. Chatuba de Meskita

    Haleluia some1 gets my point I told u that toi13 was the party floor
  8. Chatuba de Meskita

    Dont mess arround with my laptop screen
  9. Database 1.5 drop spoil

    l2wiki was updated for 2.5 database a while ago
  10. FrontLine CP

    So i think you have to miss your own funeral, np we can find a dumpster for you
  11. [FIXED]77 lvl Summons bug report

    U need to w8 they will fix it at some time.... my class still have 2 bugged skill 1 that dont work at oly and the other dont work at all
  12. FrontLine CP

    Nice dont forget to tell ur family to send us the invitations for the funeral