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  1. Meskita

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    That's odd because the time I changed class they got removed they were 2nd job so I didn't care, so in my case some just did smtg wrong XD ty for info m8
  2. Meskita

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    1 question, how about the dyes? They will be removed the same way with class transfer? They will stay in char or be returned? @San0
  3. Meskita

    Event: Cursed Monastery

    Oh my bad m8
  4. Meskita

    Event: Cursed Monastery

    Mobs lvl 20 or higher
  5. Meskita

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    That's a big diferrence Edited:
  6. Meskita

    Wts/t 3rd class books

    Wts mana gain, insane crusher, stun blast Or wtt for mass vitalize, enlightment, final secret or armor crush Pm/mail manamusa
  7. Meskita

    Wtb Great sword +7/8

    Wtb Great Sword +7/8 pm/mail Meskita
  8. Meskita

    Ban list RMT hunt august 2019.

    Agree with you. I had been banned and had to pay 10euros because of a DGrade sword 😤 who the fks Rmt for a D grade lol
  9. Meskita

    Fishing rod 10 day?

    That quest is not from this patch, you need to wait for an update. Not sure if that quest is from zaken update or another version after.
  10. Meskita


    Grab some popcorn and wait for zaken update
  11. Meskita

    Wts/t claymore+16, karmian +7

    Wts claymore +16 or trade for blunt, wts karmian set +7 4parts
  12. Meskita

    +Broad sweep Titan

    Relax guys that skill is on the "to fix" list of Zaken, so lets hope when zaken goes live it will be fixed
  13. Meskita


    Gz m8 ;)