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  1. Meskita

    chat system keyword filtering

    ty for info m8 but still weird af
  2. Meskita

    chat system keyword filtering

    why is 923 obscene? 🤔
  3. Meskita


    every rb PT want a warlock or es for non stop heal so its a plus for you, about PT in farming grounds dont have any info
  4. Meskita

    Forum Warriors Event

    nah i love the most when its my weapons thats why i already made loads of cry b and c lol i would like to see a event that every1 of the PT used 1 enchant on each main weapon ^^
  5. Meskita

    Forum Warriors Event

    next time invite me, its always nice to oe some weapons ^^
  6. Meskita

    Baium bug Drops

    still w8ing for that penalty drop bug get fixed since blue side got bugged drop source: <3bugs
  7. Meskita


    fix eta: Soon
  8. Meskita

    Tyrant Set Up

    for solo in toi 10 i had better results with light Edit: only with wc for support
  9. Meskita

    WTS/T YAKSA+11

  10. Meskita

    its rly bot ?

    the odd thing about terminate all processes/rr pc is that when i do that the chars dont insta delog they remain logged some more seconds (10-20) before they dc from server (atleast when i do try that is what happen to me) about proxy i dont know because i dont use any program for it
  11. Meskita

    WTS/T YAKSA+11

    also accept glom scrolls
  12. Meskita


    a única coisa que não pode fazer é restringir o acesso ao boss, por exemplo puxar o boss para dentro de um castelo o que impede outros players de pegar o boss isso sim dá direito a penalidade/ban
  13. Meskita

    AFK farm scool dark arts

    ok i was thinking report via ticket XD ty for info
  14. Meskita

    AFK farm scool dark arts

    i made a ticket about a duo bot party, passed 1 week and still w8ing for reply to my ticket 🤔 imo topic is better ^^
  15. Meskita

    WTS/T YAKSA+11

    Wts yaksa mace +11 or trade for MT or 1h mage weapon ++++/2h sword +++ pm on forum