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  1. Low levels maybe, but not high levels. If high levels move there - means that wanted to leave, but instead of loosing them, we will have them on HF.
  2. Hello. We have supports skype: events.classic You can contact them to recovery password.
  3. Hello. We are planing to open H5 on this domain.
  4. Hello. How it will stop people from summoning them there?
  5. Hello. Already banned. Thx for report.
  6. ​Hello. Donations already working, what problem you have with it?
  7. Hello.  We know about first one. About 2nd one - must be like this, check description.  3rd also must be like this. 4th will be checked.
  8. ​Hello. More info will be after 2.0 on classic.
  9. ​http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/3510-how-to-submit-a-ticket-to-support-center/  
  10. ​yeah, but i mean what could it be? coz i was logging like 10 different accounts in like 5 mins, and at some point this message came across, i didnt do anything (coz i dont use anything), and tried to log the accounts again and everything was fine, just this message popped up once and thats it ​Any program except standart like browser/skype/discord/ventrilo ... 
  11. Any program that trying to inject in l2.exe process for any stupid reason will be equate to bots.  L2Tower working same way. Some l2injectors making it, l2phx working with l2.exe memory.
  12. Hello. You can contact me at skype: koll.classic, or download patch from site and start game with L2.exe from System folder.  
  13. Hello. Something trying to inject in l2.exe memory. Try to close all strange processes. 
  14. ​We won't have it. It was in 1.5 or 1.3 I think. ​we are in 1.5, it exist or not? ​We don't have it and won't have it.
  15. ​We won't have it. It was in 1.5 or 1.3 I think.