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  1. cant log in 2nd account

    Contact me via skype: koll.classic and show via team veawer or skype screen share.
  2. cant log in 2nd account

    Start client, login with char that have PA. Start 2nd client, login with char without PA.
  3. cant log in 2nd account

    Hello. You activated premium? And you need to login first account with premium.
  4. hii gm

    Hello. What error you getting?
  5. Attention! Brute force attack.

    If you also using same pin, that you was using on another server which DB they are using...
  6. Another BUG in the Wall

    Already fixed. Was report via skype.
  7. what happened to discord?

    Just tried with another account - working.
  8. Пару вопросов)

    Right now in game around 280 people from level 40 till level 50 included. 136 of them from level 45 to level 50 included and it's not prime time. I can't tell how many fingers you have, but I bet not that many
  9. 1,5 info

    Hello. Maybe cache?
  10. Valentine's Chest Event!

    Not every event will be with Cloak.
  11. Valentine's Chest Event!

    San0 with Kse
  12. Valentine's Chest Event!

    Fixed, thx.
  13. Valentine's Chest Event!

    Dear friends! We are happy to present you the Event, dedicated to Valentine's Day! From February, 12 till February, 26 farm any 20+ level monsters in L2Classic.club world, and get Event Items: 1x Ancient Key Crafting Instructions 1x Key Holder 5x Piece of Metal 5x Key Wire Bring the items to our good old Friend Leonardo! You can find him in Gludio, Dion or Aden Leonardo will craft from your items the Skull Key of the Heart Find Chests of the Heart, spawning not far away form the Leonardo, and open them with the key. 1 Key - 1 Chest. After opening the Chest you will receive your reward - Valentine's Gift Box! Double click on it to get your reward! Possible rewards: 3 Small Firecracker 1 Large Firecracker Quick Healing Potion Magic Barrier scroll Wind walk scroll Shield Scroll Empower Scroll Acumen Scroll Berzerk Scroll Bless the Soul Scroll Might Scroll Death Whisper Scroll Focus Scroll Haste Scroll Vampiric Rage Scroll Bless the Body Scroll Guidance Scroll Clarity Scroll Wild Magic Scroll Scroll: Enchant Armor D Scroll: Enchant Armor C Blessed Scroll of Escape Blessed Scroll of Resurrection EXP/SP scroll (30%) EXP/SP scroll - Normal (50%) EXP/SP scroll - Medium (70%) EXP/SP scroll - High (100%) Sealed Runes lvl 1 1st Class Buff Scroll 2nd Class Buff Scroll Feline King hat Feline Queen hat Agathion Juju And that's not it! For the Event period every character will get the buff - Valentine's Fever When used - for 20 minutes Transforms your appearance to the Formal Wear and giving following bonuses: + 10% EXP/SP gain, +5% PVE damage dealt, -5% PVE damage received. Reuse time - 12 Hours. Event Items drop period - 12.02.2017 - 26.02.2017 NPC Leonardo and Chests will stay till - 02.03.2017 IMPORTANT! In order to see NPCs and event items, client update is required Good Luck! Best regards, Classic Team
  14. Could you add drop/spoil hack?

    Hello. We working on it, there are guy creating program for us, because of change protocol we can't use that we already have.