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  1. Trader at GH

    You need to create ticket, without ticket you won't get unban anyway.
  2. Trader at GH

    1.13 Deliberately use similar game items textures as well as nicknames to scam other players. http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/2181-project-rules/
  3. бан

    Hello. Account name?
  4. How Unban ACC

  5. Game disconnects after logging in

    You still need to contact me to understand problem.
  6. Game disconnects after logging in

    Hello. Char name? Or you can contact me at skype: koll.classic
  7. Cant see numbers

    Hello. Talking with webers
  8. Причина Бана?

    https://image.prntscr.com/image/qd2rsymETzOPh0XgVA_soQ.png Contact supports via ticket for unban. http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/2164-ingame-chats-rules/ Party Matching has to be used for party matching only. Trade messages are forbidden and will be punished with character ban.
  9. class change delay

    Hello. Yes, sorry for delay, there was many class changes this time, supports will finish it soon.
  10. Help

    Just finished download System folder with updater - it's working correct.
  11. Help

    Hello. You can download patch from site, just copy system folder from archive and start game with l2.exe.
  12. Game crash

    Hello. Please contact me at skype: koll.classic
  13. Virus in your updater

    https://mega.nz/#!kj4wgKQT!H3Rsl3sC-s7TZHAMLlfjRnLcXpnb1W9MDBTlPNdBCHQ Patch without updater.

    Contact me at skype: koll.classic
  15. BUG: item drop wrongly

    Hello. Please make relog and check your inventory again.