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  1. Contact me at skype: koll.classic please.
  2. Hello. Just try other ingame proxy.
  3. Contact me at skype: koll.classic please, we will make some tracert tests.
  4. Many players wasn't able to donate. Not all regions was supported.
  5. Hello. It means you was trying to login or relogin very fast many times. Antibrut protection blocked you for next 15 min. Just wait 15 min and try to login again.
  6. Hello. What error it give to you?
  7. Hello. Right now not all regions supported, we are working with service to make it available for all regions, but I can't tell right now when it will be, sorry.
  8. If it was on stream, can you give link on vid with timestamp?
  9. Already.
  10. It will be in 2.0 client.
  11. Hello. Please contact me at skype: koll.classic
  12. Yes.
  13. - Character's transfer to another account: 10 Euro
  14. Hello. Yes, contact me at skype: koll.classic
  15. Hello. Did you get answer?