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  1. Will be fixed.
  2. PM me with game account, I will ask to check.
  3. Hello. Please send me screen of error.
  4. Hello. Check in clan penalties.
  5. Please contact me at skype: koll.classic . I need to know dates when you was logining, when char wasn't on trade and etc. Will be checking logs.
  6. Hello. Please give your account name.
  7. Hello. - Administration checks on the legitimacy of your items, and only after that they appear at the auction (the time to check items - 24-72 hours, in some cases - more)
  8. Hello. To login in game you can't use your e-mail, you need to use your ingame account and ingame password.
  9. 1) It's on 2.0 only 2) We don't think that it's needed. We think that in 80% of times people will us it as bot or spam bot.
  10. Hello. They was Rejected. You can't put items from char that below level 20.
  11. Dear friends! We want to congratulate all women playing on our server with this amazing holiday! We wish you all the best! Happiness, health, success in everything in real life and in game! And as a small gift, all female characters will get 7 days Ribbon Hairband!* *To see it you need to update the Client after 08.03.2017 maintenance. Happy Holiday! Best regards, Classic Team
  12. Hello. 1) If you don't remember exact date - just answer something. 2) About donations better to know date, what system you used and amount. It will help to understand if you are owner or not.
  13. You can try to check this:
  14. Antibot protection doesn't block bot programs. It's just checking for them and banning if spotted. So if it was antibot - you will just get ban, but as I understand you didn't.
  15. Sorry, but you need to google your problem. I don't know what's happening on your PC. I have Anansi and don't have problem with it using any client.