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  1. Hello. If you didn't have items anymore - please contact supports.
  2. Hello.
  3. Hello. First step will be make delay 0.75 second and increase sell price to 40k. Then we will check if it's enough and will fix problem.
  4. For first time as always he will be able to unban for free and we will just warn him. If he will continue - he will be actually banned. Can be even permanent banned.
  5. Banned. Thx for report.
  6. Tracert till our server is your provider responsability. You showed that on IP you have ping till 1000+. Also you told that your ping till EU proxy is 30.
  7. Must be fixed, check now.
  8. Hello. Try again, must be fixed.
  9. Hello. Check now, must be fixed.
  10. Please send me in PM Screen of error.
  11. Hello. You trying via G2A?
  12. Checked video on speed 0.25 to fully understand if it's possible or person using some program to use this pots. Char banned because of using 3rd party program to use QHP.
  13. You need to create poll about it. Will see if community like this idea.
  14. It's part of NCsoft idea. Only community can decide to change it.
  15. We will change only that we have custom.