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  1. Hello. Don't see level 2 in learn list: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Scavenger#20
  2. Hello. Check again please.
  3. I have 3+ GB of different bots on my PC. I know how working each of them. Yes, this is enough proofs to tell that he was botting. Check video by your self.
  4. Yes, I checked full video 50 min just sitting and trying to understand if he is botting or there are not enough proofs to ban him. And yes, based on video there are enough proofs to tell that he is botting.
  5. You know that I can explain every bot movement with this. "What if I wanted it". What if I wanted to run between mob and drop for 1 min ( which is showing that bot doesn't decide the priority )? What if I want to spoil Elpys on char level 70 for 3 min?
  6. In 49 min he stopped from killing mobs 4 time. EACH of them he run in same position ( because bot didn't have new target to kill ). Watch video your self before answering in topic please.
  7. Yes, but when you running between mobs your screen moving, means even if you will push same XY coodinates on monitor - you will get in different places because your char moved. Chars camera locked on chars, so if char moved 2 meters left, camera moved for same 2 meters left and when you will click in same XY on monitor - your char will get in postion that are 2 meters left from position that you trying to get.
  8. 1) There are no such option in L2 to make macro go in exact coordinate. 2) No other mouse/keyboard option will be able to put you in same coordinates.
  9. They he must go at this point each time before attack mob. Not only when he doesn't see next target.
  10. Check timing: 27:40 28:50 31:27 34:37 Make screens of him running on a spot ( as I did ) and compare if it's exact same spot 4 times or not. Lineage client have antibot only if we create it. But we don't put enought time in update it because of 2.0 work.
  11. Guys, I'm sorry, but I can't read trough all messages in this topic, so if you have something to report, you need to: Contact supports via ticket or skype: events.classic Or me via skype: koll.classic
  12. KingLeonidas AeGeaN Banned for botting. There are few things that showing it: 1) Coming 4 times on same spot. 2) His buffer. At ~40 min he start rebuffing, but 1 buff per 5-7 seconds. So he had to ALT+TAB on 2nd client each 5-7 seconds to give 1 buff and ALT+TAB back on main char. I think all of us will just make 1 macro for all buffs and when buffs start droping from main char just ALT+TAB 1 times and push this macro or rebuff everything in 1 ALT+TAB . In this case bot program was checking if buff dropped and only then rebuff it.
  13. As I see you already have this quest on your char.
  14. Hello. Please give your char nick. Also video of how San0 doing quest, maybe will help:
  15. Hello. I saw topic, video is long, but I will check it soon.