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  1. side pm/mail Pince, akwa, Becca
  2. FearNoOne CP Vol.03 - BS/SPS/EE PoV

    JesusCrist rushing alone literally into your clan on hero zerk on superspeed pot to blow up grandeur and fear and your dds cannot even burst him down or focus him at all.
  3. Quest Testimony of Glory.

    follow ingame quest info not websites, they are not accurate
  4. Is Spoiler worth?

    only idiots with range fear or root will let spoiler to come for stun on 40 range, if u let him come u die
  5. Is Spoiler worth?

    or bd with bow, or sws with bow or anyone who has better self buffs and bow, thats why i say, spoiler will win only vs noobs who will face tank him, or someone with much worse gear so spoil will out dmg him with better bow
  6. Is Spoiler worth?

    how u get stunned from spoil by hitting him with a bow or range skill?
  7. Is Spoiler worth?

    look, a new player is asking if its worth to play spoiler, ofc it is but he will get shit on at oly from most classes if u dont have op bow
  8. Is Spoiler worth?

    u dont need to kill it, just win on dmg
  9. Is Spoiler worth?

    dont, know from where u guys get your speculations i have got experience from skelth where there is at oly 10x more spoilers than on club, saying played properly with yul 13 and talismans.. so i say the enemy has the same... talismans on spoil is useless anyway, cuz its melee class, any decent player will run it out, let u to waste them, the only hope for u is to get a noob u stun, or someone with no gear like u spoil is low tier at oly
  10. Is Spoiler worth?

    not rly, u get outkited by a lot of classes, most of spoilers i played against just gave up chasing and sat on the ground lost by dying or lost on dmg not even close to be strong class at oly
  11. Simple Question about server

    from my point of view : Dex the last Dex server that was actualy very good was Wrath, xx years ago - do i give it a chance now? ansolutely not, why?, lot of bugs, not working skills etc... still cannot make a solid server after years Skelth i was playing on Skelth and i came to play here on club, why? 1. since cata/necro was openned, maaaany bot trains just appeard, u go to cata/necro ... 2 pts active, 10 pts on bot train, from my own experience ppl just join skelth not rly to play there, but just to play double bot train in necropolise = quiet good amount of € per day no1 cares about bots there, even players like dvp farming 24/7 on mouse soft in devil isle (no wonder his own boxes are in between top lvls on server) 2. 2 sided server with low quality of leaders 3. club has like more than doubled activity on castle sieges compared to skelth 4. players are scrared to flag agains another random pt (nooo bro dont flag pls..) players on in random pts have balls atleast 5. lost hero on 68 glad with no feed, to 77 glad with 22 relogs in a row from his ally last day for about 4 pts la trashes in total - is the best EU classic server atm (still need to fix some bugs geodata and so on.. probably wont be like skelth but its still okay, compared to Dex which is way too behind.. quality of files is terrible)

    all this looks to me as a made up story to get his acc back
  13. U are just trying to get things worse, giran harbor is the best possible area for offline shops, as someone already wrote here, imagine giran square full of offlines where ppl walk pass to luxury and the rest of shops for top gear, clan halls, the town where ppl group up for loa, for castle sieges. I was playing on big ru servers with over 10k players and nothing is more annoying than to check giran, aden, mdt and the other towns to find an item u want and teleport x times in between them. Giran and Aden is the most stupid idea to put shops in. Have u ever played on Core official ? there is Aden full of shops literally from GK to Oly manager, go try to walk pass this to get in grocery.. GL with your PC. Forget about MDT, its way too small for this server. To limit offline shops for tickes its just makin ppl to collect staff in multiple whs, not everyone will buy tickets, we would have less traders = harder to find what we need. Is better to make an offline than spam chat with macros. I like to put my fishing chars in giran harbor cuz there is a fisherman NPC just behind u and im not the only one who likes this i bet. One man complaining about 5 mins loading giran harbor on low pc.. open website, read some memes to reset your head from l2 for 5 mins... better than to make another stupid complaint on this forum and waste 5 min of your life.
  14. TK

    yea thats right move, TK is fun to play and its cubics are great