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  1. No. I laughed aloud, but then again I just found out a few nights ago that you can commit suicide from reflected damaged received.. (Hey, most games would just bring you down to 1 HP..)
  2. Skipping everything except the OP, let me get this straight: Eirene is/was a close, real-life friend with Hemera. Hemera screwed him over. That in itself is just so unfortunate. It makes me wonder if there is something deeper to the story that would cause this aftermath--not just materialistic greed.
  3. Yeah, yeah, I know .
  4. ​Thanks! It was a thrill to PVP alongside you for a brief moment by the way. Yes, I was archer previously as well as so many (too many?) other classes--see my response to MoDoy below. As for the hotkeys, this is not the first time someone's commented on how sparse the bars are. I've got terrible OCD with it. I already feel like there's too much on there now as shown. It's as F2, F3, F2, F3 spam as it gets ! ​I was once a SPH before on this server, and it was the most fun I had of all the mage classes. I say "all" bringing me to my next point: I've been SPS, SPH, Necro, SPS again, EE, BP, PR, SR, TH, PW, and now back to the mage group where I'll most likely remain SPH. The previous changes were all in order, but done from two accounts. My plan is to save some adena and go for the + Hell/Twilight Knife enchant, but that'll be a ways down the road. The Ecliptic Axe would be a dream! I've seen that used so often on other servers. Is it purely an aesthetic choice, or am I missing something more to it?
  5. Back at it again to try and promote and encourage server and community awareness. If anything, I hope to provide a little entertainment. As always, good luck and have fun be you friend or foe . [Video Index] 1. L2Classic.Club - Castle Siege - February 12, 2017
  6. ​I dont Know since when you came here but from the very beggining of the server jerry's party was at the top pretty roaming every single party at server ​Not sure about now since my prime is so different now, but back in the days of 1.0-1.3, only Jerry's party could be on par with Reaver's.
  7. ​The point is bk in 1.3 when the areas that drop EWC and these staves were overfarmed (ok lets say core and dark lords are farmed more now for homu, which i doubt in case of dark lords), u couldnt find as many OE weapons. Its just a question of supply. I m just saying its curious. ​Mm, sure, I see your point. I have my opinions too, but I don't think it's corruption. People who have money, will spend money. Let's leave it at that.
  8. As someone who's made a +13 Demon's Dagger, +12 Demon's Dagger, +8 Kris, +13 Kris, (2) +13 Cursed Maingauche, +12 Cursed Maingauche, in just the past 2 weeks with less than 100kk adena, I don't doubt the real rich folks have the power to consistently create and sell +12 Homu's for profit (hell, they probably start buying/reselling from +7-+9).
  9. @Kure I always keep my word . @MoDoy too late!
  10. ​Hahaha. Thanks Fried Chicken.
  11. Good points. Thanks for the responses, I'll do some more searching in game as well. Well, fingers crossed for an even larger and more active population within this prime when 2.0 hits.
  12. Anyone remember the guy who created sketches of L2? Seemed to be a newer player. He shared some Photoshop/other "landscapes" of Lineage 2. Link me the thread, and I'll send you 1 adena. Thanks,
  13. Hi. Just seeing if there's anyone within a prime of GMT -6 on this server. Thanks,
  14. Voted 50-60 people per clan because I'm about 5 glasses of scotch in, and also I feel like having ONE organized group for each major ally would help significantly with communication all-around. Whereas we would have 5-6 clans (puppets included) per major alliance now, we'd have 2-3 clans (at most now) for each major alliance, and easier communication. Plus side: no one needs to shuffle around clan leaders, clans in the alliances, etc. I don't see a downside to this. It's not like our server has 1k+ active at one moment anyway. The way I interpret this, SoiL, is it's just opening up communication efforts for clans. As a result, there will be more activity all around. So for me, this is a plus. But again, I'm 5 glasses of scotch in. Who knows. Deep down inside I really don't give a f u c k.