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  2. Lin added a post in a topic: Newb!   

    ​I've seen a few active prophets on this server--if you really don't mind the play-style and know what's expected of you, it probably could make for at least a nice duo combination. I always see demand for active SWS, BD, EE/SE, and BP based on forum posts--CPs and clans are always looking for actives (or drivers) for those classes.
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  3. Lin added a post in a topic: Newbie   

    ​Hey, welcome! I suggest you post in the Recruitment section, and also add a little more information about yourself: where you're from, what language(s) you speak, what voice communication program(s) you use, and of course, what your prime playing time is.
    Good luck! I do think changing to Warlock is a valuable move--when 2.0 comes (even now) many constant parties (CPs) could benefit from having an active Warlock.
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  4. Lin added a post in a topic: Question about class change   

    @MoDoy 's point was more about parallel skills and classes. For example, if you rerolled from Phantom Ranger to Silver Ranger, would Stun Shot still be learned at the equal level as it was while being a Phantom Ranger? The answer is no. Everything is reset to what was learned up to 40--every bit of SP earned thereafter is refunded, and it's up to you to place those points. So going back to the example, as a new Silver Ranger, you could choose to not level up Stun Shot at all beyond 40 (which is nonsense, but I'm just validating the point).
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  5. Lin added a post in a topic: ARYSTOKRACJA - zaprasza nowych graczy   

    x7 L2 Enraged Aristocracy? I remember the same clan crest, and many Polish players within them.
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  8. Lin added a post in a topic: the first of January?   

    ​Hahaha! I have a feeling YOU are already drunk.. happy new years
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  9. Lin added a post in a topic: the first of January?   

    ​Just find the right group of people, and any siege can be a drunk siege
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    @Phoenix  you should create a sub-forum for all things related to zorgzor. It could have its own rules, and might pick up more traffic hits than the regular forum itself.

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    ​Cheers mate
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  12. Lin added a post in a topic: Vampiric rage   

    If GHPs had even the slightest percentage of alcohol content, my character's liver would have gone into cirrhosis by now. That said, I've got OCD (partly paranoia-induced because of potential war ganks) with keeping my HP at 100% with each new mob. VR noticeably helps, but it's nothing spectacular. I think it works just fine.
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  13. Lin added a post in a topic: LoA pvp 2 parties vs 3 parties   

    Being entirely objective here: ​I'm curious to know how else DarkLegion was supposed to play out that scenario in your opinion? They were mage parties, cornered in heart, and their only chance to win was to maintain a 2-line war, and kite and assist nukes. They did the latter well enough, and even used what little terrain there was to help disrupt rush attempts, and cancel enemy casts. I also see an archer party in their mix, so the scenario was the same for them--maintain 2-lines, kite, and assist.
    What surprised me here was not seeing that monstrous  push  that wickedsick is so good at. Even with mobs on them in past videos and fights, they've successfully pulled off finding the right moments to just push and disrupt that 2-line war so well.
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  14. Lin added a post in a topic: vs Fun collection   

    I think the Fun groups still need more PVP experience. I've met a few who are first-time players, and my first impression of them overall is less hardcore than the other big groups here--maybe I could be wrong though. They've got the numbers, but they're missing the former. Just as an example, start the video at 2:33. Reminds me of CS 1.6: /ff "Friendly fire is ON."
    Thanks for sharing! It's great to see action going on during other primes.
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  15. Lin added a post in a topic: delay and very hard to get connection?   

    IN after Co-owner! Spot reserved.
    On topic:

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