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  1. So is that you, Tatsumaki, or some fanboy?
  2. A copy of your passport? Seems legit.
  3. Oh boy.
  4. Bishop's a really, really fun class if you're the type of person to pay attention to detail, and if your party consists of individuals you truly care about/know what they're doing. If you compare a DD vs. Bishop vs. Prophet, I'd say the Bishop grants you the most diverse difference in perspective of gameplay/point of view.
  5. Hehe yeah he was a total leech! Yep, he's busy with life and other games now. A good guy always.
  6. THs? Tatsumaki > (insert any dagger's name here).
  7. Can someone dedicate themselves to start cliff-noting every siege thread? Will pay adena. Thanks!
  8. Soon.
  9. Fattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt~
  10. California looo-oooveee.. baaaaadumba dum-dum-dum-dum-dum
  11. So many old names there..
  12. In all seriousness, the first potential grouping containing oddly capitalized letters "G O S N E E A K D" could rearrange to "Go and seek." I was seriously onto this as a starting point.. Also, for some reason there is a very transparent "abcabcabc" that spams itself endlessly when trying to select/quote your original post. San0, you're a master troll, m'lord.
  13. First guess: the hidden message is an endless transparent "abcabcabcabc" making this all a big joke for April Fools Day where you want us to chase our tails in search of a deeper meaning using three distinct categories: oddly capitalized letters, bold letters, and red letters. If not, then abcabcabc might suggest the hidden code's pattern, and there actually is a larger message left to be solved.