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  1. hii gm

  2. Nonsense

    Ahh. idunnolol
  3. Massive disrespect TKD!

    nawth kahrreeea numba WAN
  4. Clans/Sides

    interesting.. Thanks for sharing :).
  5. Clans/Sides

    Can someone explain to me the current situation/status of clans/alliances/sides/nut hugs? Is it still a quasi China/"Perkunas" vs. Jerry's gang vs. ES + miscellaneous? Just wondering how/if 2.0 affected anything. Much love.
  6. Hello in 1.0

    Damn.. the feels.
  7. Proposal all server

    "China numba 1!" Not serious. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! Make Classic Great Again!
  8. LF clam to play

    I'm also looking for a clam to play, although I prefer shrimp, lobster, oysters, or mussels.
  9. Old 1.0

    So is that you, Tatsumaki, or some fanboy?
  10. RIPBottaki

  11. Inaccessible account

    A copy of your passport? Seems legit.
  12. YOU DID IT!

    Oh boy.
  13. pp /bish or nonne?

    Bishop's a really, really fun class if you're the type of person to pay attention to detail, and if your party consists of individuals you truly care about/know what they're doing. If you compare a DD vs. Bishop vs. Prophet, I'd say the Bishop grants you the most diverse difference in perspective of gameplay/point of view.