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  1. Hello i bring screen of a Classic how lava on BS should work. GM pm me if need to confirm where i took the screen. http://imgur.com/a/GtVDC the moment we enter lava this curses + danger zone icon appear, they count down from 5s-0s and again they trigger 5s-0s, in the very moment we leave lava it not trigger anymore. And the danger zone icon also dissapears.
  2. ​Let there be justice.
  3. Its Classic chronicle. It has best ideas from C1-Interlude + some GoD features. Its the "newest" chronicle after GoD - back to old style - "Classic" Atm its 1.5 patch so max lvl is 76, soon (hehe) on patch 2.0 u will be able to make even 85 lvl
  4. ​Thanks Cyane. Looks like checkmate San0 coz looks like SoulBreaker has highest landrate. But i wont count chickens before they hatch and do test before to comparing our server But if San0 could compare % of fixed Hammer Crush/Sonic Blaster to Soul Breaker it would still be closing case in half alrdy. Again thanks Cyane, thats fun
  5. ​So could u take a look and compare % of Soul Breaker to Hammer Crush/Sonic Blaster? Maybe its just my feeling that it land worse. And i would do research if the difference will look suspicious and not right.
  6. ​Well excuse me San0, u checked and adjusted (fixed?) land rate of reported skills. But what about of the rest stun skills? They should be revised in that case also. Its been increased 2 stuns of Gladiator, how about the rest of classes? What about classes that got only 1 stun skill, which makes them alrdy behind compared to 2 stuns on Gladiators. For example - of course, bcoz thats where my experience comes from - Tyrant, compared to some shield stun or other stun skills Soul Breaker has poor landrate. So skills of classes below advantages of other classes should be checked coz skills what Gladiator comes from (skill evasion, stun resistance, ranged stun etc.) so its hard to compare Tyrant to it, and i see only adjusting of Gladiator stuns here. Or myby im just wrong and should make different topic about Soul Breaker? Coz i thought if we talk about stuns then all stun skills going to be checked.
  7. np w.o extra stats
  8. lol Soil, why u cheat urself
  9. ​ u re adrenaline user im not adrenaline user, u know why? Bcoz i dont have it on my pc. If u have it on pc means u downloaded it, maybe setup it, just to do one thing - use it. So u re adrenaline user.
  10. No grade bow - no grade SS - no grade arrows D grade bow (from 20lvl) - D grade SS - D grade arrows C grade bow (from 40lvl) - C grade SS - C grade arrows etc. etc. no other option
  11. they cant screw market bcoz 90% of them is untradeable. the problem is they re crappy. Plastic hair, grasshopper, etc. + agathions babies, flying hearts ruin real feeling of L2 that should be more like medieval not like korean-teletubies. Ur ideas are fine, i prefer to see them instead of this crappy looking we got served so far.... Until like C5 or Interlude there was no korea-teletubies stuff (fancy hats/agathions), and game was looking very good, now its some kind mistake i though its classic...
  12. Nah, its our San0 - San0 cruel but still :D
  13. Nintendo L2classic.club See difference? Me not, so why to rush now seriously, San0 y u do dis to us (╥﹏╥)
  14. 1st u ask as newbie then u argue like u playing classic 1,5y like me, wheres logic