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  1. Imho if u want do this thing u need to take day and time that is aviable for most of ppl, for sure its not monday 12am. And secondary, use CET time zone to annouce hour, not ur time zone.
  2. bb, mail itemz to Lokiardy, will do good use.
  3. Its just typed like that it confuses. Coz when u read that first time u think it reduce ur crit chance, while it reduce enemy possibility to crit u
  4. Here u go. Hitting like a bullet train! Easy as that. Anything else u want to say?
  5. Should be banned along If he was buying CH with illegal adena before.
  6. no worries, 2 times lost like 2h on this part and got frustrated too
  7. U missed 1 checkpoint somewhere i was stucking on this quest two times too before, he talk smthing bout glove? i dont know, but he dont spawn mobs, true, but its occured bcoz u missed 1 part of quest. GL anyway
  8. imho Cleef and Legiana is 1st place. Top tankers in archers.
  9. why u double voting thread? There was alrdy pool about this. Its obvious A grade should be not possible to be sold on AH, but the "AH owners" will set it even w.o players will, so hope atleast not from begining.
  10. BH

    1h blunt all the way. Or pole for aoe. Its easy as that. p.atk dont affect stun landrate.
  11. i doubt if its even classic coz it looks crap, so dont bother ur heads
  12. feel free to play and bring friends, also u can advertise the server wherever u want, its players duty Dont worry, theres no server with 2.0 except retails.
  13. sadly it happens like this when enemies of this clan for example enemies of TotallyToxic re farming low chars and create alt clans, bcoz they re afraid to be killed like on main clans. My tip is to talk with them (TotallyT) and try to make friendly alliance instead of flaming on forum. And for the last thing is that L2 is cruel, u either have to join or become enemy, or simply deal with it and farm.
  14. +1 for no custom crap not to mention EE cast sleep pretty fast and it land very good.