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  1. early 1.5 on market u could make XXkk daily just to buy cheaper sold better. Just now market is fucked up. But overall adena is not a problem. lol u 69? Since u like forever here QQ on this forum average of my all chars is 65 atleast. no forum cancer = lvls
  2. k, ty info. If its truth then all i needed to know, coz simply did not. Why each time i log on gank necro i got anchor and gg. Need log off on zealot or roll to noob glad
  3. k, if so then enough, forget necro era is not for a reason
  4. Check one of two. Anchor too big landrate Mental low defense agains anchor.
  5. German proxy is top proxy
  6. top lie classic now poor wars act sad and say "we never had". sorry im too lazy to find this posts and u re not worth my time to proove u.
  7. want to see u how u survive on official classic
  8. too much zerg
  9. earlier
  10. FC was changed for a reason too. Hows ur one button char?
  11. so on retail not even on 2.0 exist buff pets? Thats fun.
  12. @Aduha be usefull seems mass cubic re custom, not a single siege on YT i see with ppl on cubic