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  1. Prophet.
  2. 2k online = 500 ppl + 4 box each
  3. Wszystko spada z ceny, bo zbliża się update 2.0 i nikt nic nie kupuje, to ludzie obniżają ceny jakby to coś miało zmienić. Tak mi się wydaje przynajmniej.
  4. mail to his main: stricken just dont talk too much coz he "no english" lol
  5. Case closed, u can go to sleep.
  6. Leona OP
  7. yes. and vote 10% speed, to reach target as meele faster, coz meele is alrdy tankier
  8. narwhals
  9. Sword Expert still bugged? Aint it should turn off when switching weapons from sword -> blunt?
  10. Ketra, Varka, Hot Springs etc. http://lineage2.plaync.com/classic/update/history/2017/170802_godard#update01 just for info.
  11. gg, more shty and permanent items not fitting L2.
  12. solo tank? No thanks.
  13. 2.0 and i will donate
  14. /summon @Legiana OH WAIT..