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  1. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

  2. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    its not the video i personally asked u to put. So not interesting. Im not interested in ganks or under mobs. In fight on hill where everybody were prepared u lost. It was only Stiba pt.
  3. Suggestion

    buy +++ jewels +++ armors. Ppl buy +++ weapons but forgot +++ defense. no offense, but nobody will add custom ++hp ++cp ++mp here, we re not high rate server
  4. Suggestion

    i have idea, dont post your ideas.
  5. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    anybody on this forum is more reliable than u, so plz dont. Only soil lies more, but hes not here anymore. P.S: i forget bout Bilbao that always say he have no empower and is -2 lvl to u after he die in pvp (while he has same or higher). So Bilbao and u have 2nd place. P.S: omg and Bsoeyama that believes everybody PR in front of him, but he bsoe even on castle siege. So top third is Bilbao, Bsoeyama, kktnxbye.
  6. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    still i dont see u put videos how u die to TT for example, which has average of 71 too if we have to be so mathematically correct like u.
  7. Update classchange system in 2.0?

    u will think i dont like u and i harass u, but let me ask what was the choice in previous 10 topics about changes in class change? I think nothing has changed, so 11th topic about it is pointless. No offence. And if u would like to know my vote imho daggers should be different group where u can roll from dagger to archer/warrior/mage but nobody can roll to dagger. Bcoz dagger is the only class that cant successfull join any aoe party and he farm slowest so nobody should be able to roll into him. U may like my opinion about dagger group, but its pointless coz nothing like this can happen, and its 11th topic bout same. And again why to ask GMs about their plans if they didnt plan anything in 10 previous topics? Its just persuading to something because u want it. Class change system is fine except one small thing i mentioned above that daggers should be not able to roll into and have own group.
  8. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    U re responsible of what u put in video. If u put in video only fights against way lower lvls and not ur lvl i believe it means coz u lose 100% fights at ur lvl and its obvious u dont put loses videos in it.
  9. l2classic.club 2.0 update patch notes

    free/discounted lel u funni, nobody forced them to play summoners, they choose it or those re just boxes. Except the guy u pay for exping u.
  10. [FIXED]Twilight Knife on AH -> Hell Knife

    working, thank you, topic closed.
  11. The cancerous community

    wow so cancerous, are u dead yet?
  12. "Critical" CP recruiting

    im not ur fan, more like antifan, but very good screen and first time gonna wish u good luck in what u do but how many cps u play in? didnt u rec into meele cp?
  13. Drop Items

    its classic feature. this server has nothing with ur luck. i die thousand times per month and dont drop weapon oe or not oe i kill myself to guards and i dont drop weapon 2 times per 6 month is not much.
  14. Custom pets

    lvl 1 but effect 3... except clara.