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  1. meanwhile, stun canceling is still a joke. i haven't found any infos regarding stun canceling in classic, last time i checked for infos it was about 25-30% rate, but i have the feeling that it's higher in this server. i guess it will require some testing as well.
  2. basicly it's 45 minutes of extra buffs at lv70 if you use all transformations in a row(15 mins duration each one), with reuse time of 1-2 hours depending on the transformation. or eventually it's 1 hour straight, if it's possible to transform and log off without loosing the buff. i'm not sure how i feel about this. i wouldn't mind having them, as long as everyone can use them. also, someone said they're not "classic"( while they actually are from offi - oh, the irony ). well, in that case, even all the agathions with fairies, unicorns and other korean stuff that's been around here for a while aren't exactly "classic" either, yet here they are. to be honest, i'm more worried about CP potions in 2.0 than anything else. but that's just me, i guess.
  3. since accessories don't screw up the market, unlike enchant scrolls, i'd like to see some of these in future events, if it's possible to add them in game. source: - - academy circlet iron circlet scar demon circlet gold circlet silver circlet for in-game previews: > fashion > type > accessory.
  4. ​ on offi, no half kills either. and the landrate of blows is also lowered compared to here. so who's playing dagger here is actually more advantaged compared to people on offi back in 1.5. pvp-wise, things will change in 2.0 mostly because of shadow step. people will still need to decide if going for DEX(better landrate of blows), STR(little more damage) or CON(more hp/cp, more shield def rate) depending on how they prefer to play. considering how daggers work here, i'd rather go for DEX or CON, but that's just me anyway.
  5. at this point, i'm also curious about the cancel rate for stun effect. everytime i touch someone stunned, i always end up removing the effect with the next skill i use on the target.
  6. tests should be done on at least 100 tries by default to be more accurate, however if CON is working like in pre-GoD, there's no point in testing skills landrate when every race has his own different amounts of CON. might as well test stun land rate on dark elfs(32 CON) first and then on orcs(47 CON) to see if the stun resist is really influenced by CON in this server, and by how much. then test the skill land rate itself. after that, a decision should be taken. to be honest, i wouldn't mind having the old CON system back, since it would eventually open more builds for PvP, but then it wouldn't be as classic anymore, and it wouldn't be exactly fair considering some other classes that can pretty much fearlock anyone. so in the end, it would be better to just remove stun resist from CON and keep it as offi.
  7. another thing related to runes: some people say that the SAs from those are additional bonuses, while others think that they're only flat bonuses. to be more specific: - additional bonus: extra stats that stack together with main character stats/get boosted by buffs; - flat bonus: extra stats that do not stack with char stats/get boosted by buffs. an example: passive skills for weapon mastery. would be nice to know wich one of these is actually the right one, just to avoid confusion. the runes with a fixed % increase i've seen so far are only atk speed and cast speed, while everything else gives an X amount of stats(hp/p.atk/p.def/etc), therefore i was wondering how runes were actually working in 2.0.
  8. oh, i'm pretty sure he knows already. they even recruited monkey king in their side, after all that has happened
  9. well, shit happens
  10. don't derail my thread. if u want to talk about OE stuff, go make another topic about it. @san0: can u confirm the info about duals A grade in 2.0 being only kesha*kesha please? i would like to know wich duals A will be available here, before wasting adena on something i won't be able to use( and probably i'm not the only one that wants to know ). as for unsealing, on RU offi apparently they made an event with letters that gave cloth pieces for unsealing as rare reward, otherwise there would be no other way to get those cloth pieces except farming toi+instances.
  11. ​ probably better to stay in BS farming with boxes and pr on sight
  12. people keep forgetting that to do 7k+ damage on PR with FC u need to be at very low hp, wich means u can oneshot people but u can get oneshotted as well. if you let a PR kill your whole party, the problem is not the skill but rather the fact that you let him live to do so. that's why usually people focus always PRs first in group/mass PvP.
  13. i'm at a loss of words. at this point, i just want to ask if we will have that very same(and only) method, just to be sure about what's waiting ahead. also, since i like planning: meanwhile, on KR wiki:급+이도류 so: will kesha*kesha be the only available A grade duals at 2.0 release, or there will be dama*kesha as well? asking 'cause i haven't found anything on EU/KR wiki regarding the crafting method for kesha*dama. the available infos from offi i've found so far are only regarding kesha*kesha.
  14. some more stuff from offi regarding buffs and skill damage:
  15. that's how it's supposed to work indeed, even the raid description says so. it's based on the level of the DD who did the highest dps. thing is, dropping jewels from epics isn't exactly a walk in the park, so usually DDs stay around the RB lv. for normal RBs, those who hunt them don't really look at the level range for drops unless it's 6+ levels difference. because most people still have no clue how L2 works, even after more than 10 years from its release.