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  1. Competition in server

    so, how does it feels to get zerged by a bigger zerg? pretty fun right?
  2. Competition in server

    oh oh oh, melly chlistmas evelyone! and a happy new yeal too!
  3. Magical Tablets

    meanwhile i have yet to see tablets dropping in BS after being there for 3 hours a day, for more than 2 weeks now. and to be honest, at this point i strongly doubt it's about RNG.
  4. Stun land rate

    how can it be wrong when it's taken directly from offi? as far as i know, nothing changed in landrates with 2.0. only some debuffs duration has been changed so far, and in the official patchnotes there was nothing mentioning a nerf in stun landrates: if you have any info/proof from offi that can confirm what you just said, then feel free to share it, so at least we'll get the correct infos and we won't waste more time testing and reporting stuff thinking it's broken when eventually it's not( even thou i still have my doubts ). that's because stun-canceling apparently is set around 30% chance, so you have pretty much 1 chance out of 3 of removing the stun effect if you use another damage skill right after stun lands, or if the same skill with stun effect deals damage and gets resisted. i don't have a problem with the stun-canceling ratio anyway, even if i think it's a pretty dumb skill mechanic compared to what some other class has at his disposal( korean logic at it's finest ). the problem is the land rate of some stun skills that has gone to complete shit lately, and nothing was mentioned about it until now. if the landrate we have now it's supposed to be ok, then my bets go on CON being messed up once again.

    having some extra compensation for christmas would be nice, i guess i don't really mind daily coins thou. i'll be just fine with a silver cloak
  6. Stun land rate

    taken directly from offi: today i tested sonic blaster on destroyer lv75 with gladi lv74, both without buffs(no resist shock and lionheart). land rate of sonic blaster was around 40~50% at best, and i'm pretty sure that hammer crush could be bugged as well, even thou i didn't test it yet due to lack of time. @San0 please check once more all kinds of stuns and their landrate/duration, thank you.
  7. Assassin's Creed

  8. Olympiads Matching level system

    there never was, and probably never will be. this game has always been all about gear and levels anyway.
  9. Chronicles of Shinryu 2nd Season - episode 3

    yep, quality of enemies is slowly going down day by day guess i'll just keep frapsing mass pvp, or eventually group vs group when it's really worth it.
  10. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    current level of salt in this thread: mission accomplished, time to go make another video
  11. January Heroes - Curiosity Topic.

    well, to be honest it's always been pretty much situational up until the 3rd~4th week, when everyone has gathered enough points and the overall rankings start to settle down little by little. but even then, it all depends on luck with match making in the end. you either get lucky and find an "easy" target, or you end up with a counter-class that can potentially screw your points up. anyway, my current bets are on these: dark avenger - erky TH - anytime/poseidon Necro - ripwalker Warlock -fusso sws -bizzqquit spellsinger - sjeks silver ranger - modoy shilien knight - sayomi phantom sumoner -trashlord not going to mention the other classes, as there's no point in my opinion.
  12. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    it's about the wild animals of the Jungle