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  1. regarding general infos about the game's knowledge: would be wise to check classes skills first, before picking one.
  2. yeah right, like any version of lineage 2 didn't had already an history of botters and e-bayers through the years in their servers. there will always be RMTers regardless of the region, especially when the game itself was designed with the concept of botting included. ask yourself why they've made macros for automated gameplay on offi, because clearly it wasn't made just to make the gameplay easier. thinking there won't be RMTers or people botting just because it's a RU server, now that would be delusional for real. of course, everyone is always free to make their own choices anyway. whatever happens, happens. to be honest, skelth/club are on a way different world compared to RU. on RU offi they play ZergvsZerg battles for most of the times, so you can't even have proper GroupvsGroup battles without getting enemy reinforcements zerging you after 5 minutes. solo PvP will probably be non-existant. pretty much like chinese servers back in older chronicles, just with a different language.
  3. people that already played on Skelth know very well how it will go, theorycrafting here has no relevance whatsoever. if some people want to reroll over there i can understand that, it's more than justified considering the current situation and all that has happened so far. i'm not saying they should give up on it, it's their choice in the end. it's just that EU/NA players thinking to reroll over RU offi while taking the new server as a holy grail of L2C makes me smile, because they clearly have no idea how the game will be played over there, and they probably won't be able to play it anyway due to region-lock. unless you nolife until early 70s or pay for drivers to get there, you'll never be competitive in RU. and with the mayhem that will be waiting ahead in the first days, good luck at leveling and catching up. if there's already around 6k people on GK with full queues during primes, guess what's going to happen when the new server will open up. but in the end, i suppose some people will be happy just about low/mid level gameplay. after all, it's not necessary to get to end game at all costs in order to have fun.
  4. beside that, when they said that they will open a new classic server on RU offi, it was obvious that it will be region-locked due to publishing rights. they're not going to open any other english server as long as skelth doesn't reach full queue times like on RU offi, so that's not going to happen in any case. as for the region-lock: Japanese L2 Classic is free to play, and guess what happened to foreign people that started to play there? they got banned after few weeks. and over there, even speaking any other language than japanese in normal chat is more than enough to get you banned. i don't know if they follow the same rules in RU, but i'm pretty sure people playing without proxies won't be able to do shit over there. and even then, it's not guaranteed that using a proxy and/or changing region language will not get them banned if they get spotted. right now, the only people that could "benefit" from rerolling over RU offi without negative consequences would be either russians, or bulgarians/people from east-europe countries, given that they can understand and speak RU, off course. language barriers aside, when competitive russians have the mentality of playing L2 for at least 12~16 hours straight everyday, or even 24/7 if they're paying drivers, i can only laugh at EU/NA people willing to reroll over RU offi. it will be a matter of not even weeks, but days before they get outleveled and locked out of farming areas. it will happen what has already happened on Skelth, with the difference that it will be on a way bigger scale.
  5. some probably will move/reroll over there regardless of the situation, especially those that may have just started over here in club. then, they'll get outleveled by russian nolifers. they'll get mad for being costantly locked out of farming areas. and then they'll either join them, or quit that server for good.
  6. being tankier of course. especially because if you're fighting another melee CP with "equal" strenght, who do you think will survive in the end: the one with more endurance, or the one with more speed? speed is better suited for archer parties, since they can kite better. beside, nowdays most of the melee classes have been given tools to reach/stop ranged targets, so speed isn't really a problem when you can just stun your target with ranged skills, or dash to it. 2.0 makes reaching targets even easier, since some classes will be able to teleport to them with shadow step if they're daggers, or pull them to close range if they're tanks.
  7. yeah, we need more scammers around, so change it back to the original texture pls. and while we're at it, change also the censored version of the naked dark elfs women dress pls. we must get back the good old black bra+tanga of c4 times
  8. fear of a CP that PR when they get a real challenge and never comes back? lol apparently letting you go was a mistake, i will fix that the next time i see you under train
  9. he's probably mad because we wiped his entire party for -4% yesterday at ABG, and he would have died under mobs as well if i didn't decide to let him go out of mercy perhaps the next time someone declares war at your clan, don't wait too much before accepting it
  10. the problem is that they stack only from 0 up to lv2 sonic focus, so if i'm at already at lv3 or more i'm forced to use the charge skill itself instead of the stones. unfortunately, macros don't allow the use of items right away after the skill casting starts, or rather, you can link them in the followup commands, but they trigger only when the skill finish the casting. so i either wait for the skill casting bar to go off before linking/using other stuff, or i do it manually while casting at the same time, wich is actually what i'm aiming for since it's way better mp/speed-wise, but more complex to perform due to the skill casting timeframe being usually around 1~2 seconds only. i just need to practice a bit more and get used to it
  11. sadly i wasn't using fraps when those fights in BS happened, so the only thing i could do at that time was making a meme about it. lucky Modoy we ran in BS/ABG a bit yesterday too, but there were so few people around that i'm afraid more frapses will have to wait until september, or when 2.0 hits.
  12. it was meant to be around 10~15 minutes longer, but since youtube is being an ass(1 hour to upload only 5 minutes of video), i decided to make it shorter. beside, most people are still taking a break due to summer, so there's not much to fraps either these days. part of the videos were also getting a bit outdated, so i wanted to let 'em all out before getting tired of waiting for new content to show up. i could have put in another 5 minutes of people getting hunted down, but frapsing soloers with boxes getting killed by a group isn't really fun for me. anyway, that's all there is for now: hopefully 2.0 will bring more people back for pvp
  13. basicly they're just "revamping" (or rather, resurrecting ) once again old areas while setting them as new end-game zones. wonder why i'm not surprised. ah yes, probably because i've already seen that move happening with the GoD update. not to mention the "new" amazing elementals mechanics, wich will probably end up being just another alternative equal to farming elemental stones all over again from previous chronicles. way to go NCSoft, top quality content as usual. only rune and shuttgard missing at this point. after that, we'll probably get back the beloved kamaels along with isle of prayers, followed by hellbound, gracia and god knows what else.
  14. yeah, let's get an estimated date. i heard the updates here are always on schedule, 100% accurate everytime
  15. we started with 1.0, we updated to 1.3, then we updated to 1.5, so it's bound to reach 2.0 eventually. there's a progress list for that as well. the only thing the admins did wrong was making that announcement about 2.0 ages ago, because in the long run it made them loose credibility and pissed people off as well with that move( not mentioning the pre-OBT start of 1.0, wich was postponed before as well, and that should have already been a lesson for them ). some top parties are taking a break from club too, simply because it's summer and some people would rather prefer to go out or do other stuff, instead of playing with a low online. beside, when you're already high lv and there's nothing else to do except grinding mobs, things will become boring for sure if you're doing the same stuff day after day, over and over, without any other alternatives. at the moment, playing here is worth for new players interested in the game, or for those people that want to boost themself a bit in order to catch up on levels before 2.0 hits.