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  1. as you can see Arm, same shit, different day. dualboxing every once and then, as usual that shaman is always waiting for his master to return, you know.
  2. DYE

    at this point, i would be more worried about the enchant boost on D-C weapons in 2.0, rather than the dyes limitations. boosting further an already broken item on the market isn't exactly a brilliant idea balance-wise. real money-wise is another story, and we all know it already. without +12 on dyes, most people will always stack on them anyway. while that limitation would "balance" things out a bit, it would also change only the basic setups variations, wich means that in the end everyone will run around with pretty much the same build of everyone else in any case.
  3. the downside of going for -15 dex is that you'll suffer until lv72, when you get the 2nd lv of duelist spirit, so with that you can manage to balance the loss in atk speed. critical chance and accuracy will still be crappy, but at least u always have the toggle for accuracy that you can use if you're really missing too much( althou you would want to avoid mobs with evasion passives to begin with ). for solo pve, you may consider just going for -con instead of -dex starting from lv40, otherwise you'll be hitting like a potato until you reach higher levels. as for STR/CON stacking, let's see: u get around 450-500 more damage on skills with +12 STR, so that build works in every situation, be it pve or pvp. with +CON builds you'll be more tanky, wich is always helpful when fighting mages, but you'll also deal less damage compared to +STR builds. needless to say that the loss in damage will also have negative effects on your mana pool, since you'll need more mp to kill people, unless you get lucky with criticals. random example: gladiator skills mp usage range from 87 to 102mp more or less after lv70, so if you have around 1300mp without bless the soul, mana will indeed go off quickly. even further without clarity. usually it takes 3-4 skills to kill robes/archers, however that number will surely go up depending on the other classes you're fighting. in group/mass pvp, when you've already killed 2-3 people and there's no rechargers around, you're basicly done with your work. +CON may be better suited for solo pvp, or group pvp if you're rushing the enemy together with other tanks in first line. for mass pvp, forget it. no matter what dyes you have, anything that goes under 900 range and gets focused by enemy fire, usually dies after 4-5 seconds. i still prefer +STR anyway, since your main role when playing gladi is to actually kill people, not tank them( otherwise you may want to consider playing a tank instead ). it is a bit more risky than +CON builds, as you have a lower/default hp pool, but you can always take healers with you. hybrid builds may work as well. i said "may" because they tend to be very situational and not always reliable, wich is also why i'm not really a fan of mixing different stuff together, unless i consider it worthy. i prefer just maxing one stat and benefit from it in any situation, but that's just me. in the end, it's all up to your preferences. if you have a good party to back you up( and that's really all that matters in classic ), you can enjoy the game regardless of dyes setup anyway. [edit] on a side note: if you wanted to compare STR gladi vs CON gladi by any chance, forget it. i say this not to sound like an ass, but simply because in gladi vs gladi matches all that matters are 3 things: luck with stuns, luck with criticals, and luck with evading skills. no more, no less. there's no amount of player skills involved that will save you from luck going bad, so just consider it as playing with a slot machine, 'cause that's what really is
  4. archery p.atk on majestic light has always been an odd bonus due to passives and such, so i guess it's normal that PL gives more damage overall by default compared to MJ. as for passives, that's right, they don't scale together with extra bonuses/dyes/buffs. they give a fixed - flat, to be more specific - bonus on base p.atk when wearing certain weapons, but that's all they do. people will probably still run around in MJ light or heavy for the stun resist anyway, however before seeing someone in A grade, there will be months of farming toi/rift ahead, unless they decide to add other ways to get cloth pieces for unsealing.
  5. no. most people usually think that STR and other stats are the same for every race, but it was never like that. the most known formula was +1 STR = +2% p.atk, so if they didn't change stats scaling in classic, +4 STR should still be +8% p.atk. that's the basic increase on stats for most warrior classes, then every race has its own different stats scaling based on default settings. usually elfs with 36 STR will get only +1% p.atk increase with a single +1 STR, then it changes to +2% only after reaching +2 STR and it stays that way with further upgrades. other races get +2% p.atk just with +1 STR from the start, and it stays that way up to +8. after that, stats scaling changes again, and some races get +3% instead of +2% p.atk after going beyond +8 STR. that also explains why going for +12 STR in classic gives a ton of damage to warriors, since +4 STR gives roughly 100-150 more damage on skills based on current STR cap( except daggers due to different skills formula and how they work ). long story short: STR isn't the same for everyone, so every race gets different bonus increases with dyes/armors. it doesn't give a fixed % increase to everyone, unlike specific armor bonuses that say "p.atk increased by X%". needless to say that if an armor set gives both STR and p.atk, STR would be calculated first, and the latter bonus would be added after. so for some classes might be better to wear sets with +X% p.atk, rather than +STR due to different stats scaling and more reliable boosts. then comes dyes setup, class, playstyle, etc.
  6. well, that's what you get from a game with character's items drop on death by mob, along with hours of grinding to get exp back. nobody likes to waste his time to work hard for something and then see it all vanish in an istant due to obsolete/fail game mechanics. as for the block function: it's not about being offended, 'cause i honestly couldn't give a shit, it's just that i don't have time, nor will, to deal with crybabies. their dramas do not interest me, i'm here just to play a game
  7. have to disagree, community is trully cancerous, at least on higher lvls well, at least there's always the block function. one click, and the scrubs are sealed away forever. helpful especially when you kill them, since they can't flood your pm chat anymore with their tears. true story
  8. offi has everything working( of course, it's offi lol ), it's updated and it has some content that's different from here. exp rates are fucking insane. p2p model. here usually we have bugs on skills/items until they get fixed properly to work like on offi, new content that needs to be updated( and adjusted to avoid bugs - althou on private servers there will always be bugs, no matter how hard you try to prevent them ) and some custom content, like PK scrolls with use restrictions, extra summons, etc. exp rates are ok, more or less like 1/2 of offi back in pre-GoD times, with the difference that getting to lv60 here it's like getting to lv75 back in the old days. f2p model, or p2p if u really need/want a box.
  9. let's make things clear: Classic is basicly what GoD should have become if they kept all the classes variety, the main major changes are some skills after 2nd/3rd class, and how character stats work. the world is the same as c1-c2, so far. Hi5 is just an older chronicle. with more content probably, but a terrible, horrible, disgusting class balance. i still remember every warrior at lv84 running around with rush impact, it was really a joke of a chronicle. if i had to choose while starting from scratches, i would rather play Interlude or eventually Gracia than Hi5, but that's just me. beside, after playing classic for about a year, there's no way i'm going to throw away all that time to restart from 0 on another chronicle, simply because i don't have the will nor the time to farm again for all the levels, gear, SA, knight eppaulettes, elemental stones and god knows what else. not worth the effort, so i'll keep playing here.
  10. i'd like to have infos/updates about the current stun canceling rate as well, if it's possible. being forced to stunlock people to death everytime just to prevent them from using bsoe/pr has become quite a joke. if i had to use only 1 button for pvp, i would have played dwarf instead...
  11. a fact. from offi.
  12. meanwhile, stun canceling is still a joke. i haven't found any infos regarding stun canceling in classic, last time i checked for infos it was about 25-30% rate, but i have the feeling that it's higher in this server. i guess it will require some testing as well.
  13. basicly it's 45 minutes of extra buffs at lv70 if you use all transformations in a row(15 mins duration each one), with reuse time of 1-2 hours depending on the transformation. or eventually it's 1 hour straight, if it's possible to transform and log off without loosing the buff. i'm not sure how i feel about this. i wouldn't mind having them, as long as everyone can use them. also, someone said they're not "classic"( while they actually are from offi - oh, the irony ). well, in that case, even all the agathions with fairies, unicorns and other korean stuff that's been around here for a while aren't exactly "classic" either, yet here they are. to be honest, i'm more worried about CP potions in 2.0 than anything else. but that's just me, i guess.
  14. since accessories don't screw up the market, unlike enchant scrolls, i'd like to see some of these in future events, if it's possible to add them in game. source: - - academy circlet iron circlet scar demon circlet gold circlet silver circlet for in-game previews: > fashion > type > accessory.
  15. ‚Äč on offi, no half kills either. and the landrate of blows is also lowered compared to here. so who's playing dagger here is actually more advantaged compared to people on offi back in 1.5. pvp-wise, things will change in 2.0 mostly because of shadow step. people will still need to decide if going for DEX(better landrate of blows), STR(little more damage) or CON(more hp/cp, more shield def rate) depending on how they prefer to play. considering how daggers work here, i'd rather go for DEX or CON, but that's just me anyway.