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  1. i leave daj to argue with you. it's all in your hands now. godspeed.
  2. because it fits the character better
  3. i'm really sorry, but that sonic thing never gets old enough for me
  4. unless you can run FAST
  5. 1 month has passed, any news?
  6. what the fuck am i reading... alright, let's try to go by points: to be honest, i couldn't care less. i'll speak only for myself: i've always played in DL since i started on this server, and that was 1+ year ago up until the "Soil incident". after that, we merged 2 of the few remaining active CPs in DL ally(mine and anytime's)and we kept playing together since we've always been in good relations from the older days. we never switched sides(talking always about my CP). we sticked together after DL broke down and kept going on together regardless of the odds. we were just one of the few CPs that managed to survive after the breakdown, we were what was left of DL. the only difference, or evolution of facts - to be more precise, is that now i'm also fighting against people that were once allies(SM, RoK, just to name few examples), while fighting alongside old foes(ES) that became ally due to server politics. and let's be very honest here: nobody wants to play in a one-sided server, especially because that kind of servers are not meant to live long. EU offi is always a good lesson for everyone, too bad that people tend to forget things so easily. also, joining an ally with a clan that keeps the same structure and the same CPs inside of it isn't exactly the same as switching sides. if by switching sides you mean a simple change of clan crest in order to fit with a new ally, be my guest. when, for example, 2 clans are making up a new ally, for me that's not switching sides, that's simply making a new side. that's just how i see it anyway, then it all depends on the current situation as well. when you leave your clan, or even worse, your CP just to join an enemy clan for free farm, getting geared or whatever other reason, now that is switching sides. regardless of all that has happened so far, i've always been fighting with percunas since i started playing here. the only thing that changed for me were merging 2 of our old CPs that always played together. so tell me more about those 5 times my CP switched sides you seem to know so well, because judging from your recent posts, it just looks like bullshit to me.
  7. and now you're playing under the flag of the same guys that were tickling your ass in ABG. how ironic
  8. this thread just looks like a bunch of teenager girls arguing about who's the prettiest. too bad you're all boys.
  9. the necroposting is real
  10. i wanted to see the fight at giran east gate bridge too
  11. want tu bai hands, plis pm me in gaem
  12. that's because it's not fast enough
  13. goodbye giant green caterpillar, you will be missed.
  14. because speed is all i need