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  1. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Restarts   

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  2. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Suggestion mini patch   

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  3. Arcanum added a post in a topic: 2.0++ patch notes   

    i still don't get what's the point of having 3 epics that needs months to be upgraded at lv3, and then a new one with just a standard lv.
    korean logic as usual, i guess.
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  4. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    then ​remove the drop chance on death like they did in previous chronicles, problem solved.
    but then i guess some kids would start crying 'cause they can't grief other people under mobs anymore
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  5. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    ​Aion, for example, forced you to wait 10 seconds before being able to restart or log off, and if you were attacked or started moving in the meantime, the countdown would cancel itself automaticly.
    i'm sure it would be very fun( for me, at least ) if they implemented something like that here, however i'm also sure that the forum would be flooded all day by endless crying threads
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  6. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Ignore users on forum   

    it's just me, or that function is actually not working anymore on our forum? i'm asking 'cause i tried to put another butthurt kid user in block list to avoid reading his crap, but after selecting the name only a confirm message popped up and nothing else happened, while previously you could setup what to ignore( signature, posts, etc ). the user wasn't added in block list and the name remained tagged in the search bar.
    or perhaps it's only an issue with the browser? i'm using google chrome atm, never had problem before.
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  7. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Castle Siege flag respawn time [Poll]   

    i'd like to see them trying to defend their 2 castles against both alliances at once since they're so good, and see how it goes.
    but then the hopes for a 3rd side would probably vanish like a fart in the wind
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  8. Arcanum added a post in a topic: number of macros   

    i'm using target macros only for healers and supports, otherwise i take other targets with mouse on the go.
    if i had to make a macro for every single war nickname, i wouldn't need a macro window, i would need a book instead
    switching targets between heals/supports during mass pvp with mouse alone isn't very reliable thou, especially when u have 30+ people in front of you, and the names you want are running all around behind them. good luck picking specific targets with mouse alone in that situation.
    needless to say that people who pvp usually prefer to go with /useforceskill macros in bar simply because it's way more comfortable than pressing ctrl everytime u need to attack someone.
    then there's macros for buffs, macros for items, macros for assist, etc. anyone doing active pvp will have at least 20 macros used for sure.
    i'm not against the idea, but i guess the only reason to increase the default amount would be just to have more space for target macros.
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  9. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Upcoming hero weapons!? need GM's answer   

    silence on duals was pretty op for gladi.
    anyone else was running with cancel spear simply because it was very annoying
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  10. Arcanum added a post in a topic: horror vs mental shield   

    so, if without mental the fear skill from wc was about 50%, with mental it should have a very low chance to land, if none at all.
    now that horror has been confirmed to be broken, i'm more interested in the basic land rate of curse fear from necro.
    is it the same as WC fear, or that's boosted as much as horror?
    as far as i remember, resistance buffs never shortened the duration of debuffs.
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  11. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Regarding the removal of critical chance from physical skills   

    better start running with a healer behind then.
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  12. Arcanum added a post in a topic: Regarding the removal of critical chance from physical skills   

    another issue is that there's no decent 2h blunts for pvp atm, but that will change in 2.0.
    not only in terms of gear, but also because armor crush can be used with 2h swords, so if you add excruciating strike to that, it's already -50% p.def, wich is a lot. plus stun effect.
    it's also the only class in game that can get P. Def. + 140% and Debuff Resistance + 70%, so if you add lionheart to that, it pretty much becomes a walking wall.
    beside, while his skills don't crit, they all have ignore shield defence effect, so the damage can't be mitigated either.
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  13. Arcanum added a post in a topic: A grade In Auction.   

    might as well just keep playing 1.5 forever then.
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  14. Arcanum added a post in a topic: About dex 2.0   

    ​if that's overpowered for you, guess you haven't seen yet how stun and fear works in this server
    except this isn't retail, it's not GoD and it's not pre-GoD chronicles either.
    this is basicly a server with an H5 map, Classic skills -oh sorry, i meant CUSTOM Classic skills- and Classic insane Exp rates.
    no more, no less.
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  15. Arcanum added a post in a topic: a small doubt   

    i'm more interested in the disappearence of my posts in some thread. must be magic i guess, or some ninja probably.
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