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  1. Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 2

    lol, you rerolled PR because it's easiest archer that there is to play. it's that simple. and if i didn't use TSS with the blunt, it's probably because i wanted to keep my targets stunlocked while avoiding stun canceling as much as possible in order to prevent people from healing or bsoeing, wich once again happened in my video a couple of times as well. now, if you'll excuse me, dinner is waiting for me.
  2. Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 2

    i could switch to duals near a PR just to oneshot him, and i could also get 8k+ damage from another PR nearby, just like it happened in my video. since usually it takes me from 1 to 3~4 skills max to kill a single PR( and that's shown in my videos as well ), i don't see where's the problem in playing with a shield+blunt against full PR parties, especially when my mana consumption for skills is almost the same as when i'm playing with duals, and i even get a block chance on top of evasion for better damage mitigation. if you really had a clue about your gladi, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now, because you would already know how situational group/mass PvP can be against certain classes. i'm not even surprised you rerolled PR as well.
  3. Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 2

    yeah, and good luck at surviving against multiple Phantom Rangers shooting fatal counters in your face at the same time, or getting focused by ranged classes in mass PvP. i know very well when to use my duals. PvP it's not all about dealing the most damage just to get frags, you know. that's also the difference between gladiators that know what they're doing, and those who don't have a clue about their class. yeah, better go hide in BS. there's mobs waiting for you
  4. Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 2

    haters gonna hate
  5. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    lol. perhaps i should make a compilation of all the times Stiba's party relogged or PRed from our CP in 1vs1 battles, but that wouldn't be much interesting either, right? i guess it's always easier to come back with 2~3 more parties just to fight one CP, and then brag on forum about levels and god knows how many more bullshits you guys can come up with.
  6. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    if we really have to be correct, i have yet to see a video from any PvPer of any side around here that actually shows when they die and loose a battle.
  7. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    i already provided that, and i will provide more soon enough.

  9. 2.0 Great contest participation thread

    that's pretty obvious. and it's kinda sad that some people need to come up with this kind of exploits just to win an event.
  10. [Rebooted] Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 1

    it has been crafted with Unicorn tears from Armbar, hair from Anytime, and the arrows have been blessed by Modoy
  11. [Rebooted] Chronicles of Shinryu Episode 1

    guess someone ninja'd my previous post too
  12. 2nd Anniversary

    at this point, i'm not even sure if it's an intended hint for 2.0, or if it's just another way to say we're simply going to get another anniversary for 2 years of server running.
  13. Since YouTube terms and conditions for music copyrights really sux donkey balls, i've decided to reboot the serie and move over to DailyMotion. Hopefully, there won't be any more issues this time around. Anyway, here we go again folks:
  14. A loooooong PvP!

    if you guys wanted to delevel, you could have just asked lol