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  1. then i still stand correct off to lunch now :v
  2. you sure? 'cause as far as i remember, what drops from those levels are not Cloth pieces, but Mysterious Stones wich u need to open to get: -another item to be able to enter Rift of Heaven; -a broken, useless stone. Cloth pieces should come only from Rift of Heaven, aka top floor instances. u farm stones, u open them, if you're lucky you can enter Rift, otherwise u need to keep farming stones. and even if you manage to enter Rift, it's not guaranteed you'll get a Cloth piece, 'cause not all instances drop them.
  3. you can get A grade stuff only by farming ToI and Baium, if the admins plan to follow official. and even then, you still need Cloth pieces from ToI top level instances to unseal A grade items. if one side owns ToI, anyone else going from enemies to randoms won't manage to get shit. so there's no "maybe" or "perhaps" or "eventually", they WILL outgear anyone else outside of ToI. it's only a matter of time. glad to see i'm not the only one who figured that out. not like it was rocket-science anyway. that pretty much sums up what is going to happen in the near future. forget about good sieges and battles for epics, those won't come back anytime soon. the only activity WS will get from the current remaining wartags in 2.0 will be mostly in Oly, and maybe some occasional world pvp in new areas, if they decide to stick their nose out of ToI. at this point, i'm just curious about how long WS will manage to keep ES and Fun by the balls, since the previous opposition is gone now. or maybe they'll just keep holding hands for free stuff.
  4. things won't change anytime soon. if something will change, it will happen after hitting summer. and it will be for the worst, that much i can guarantee. the current situation may look good for someone, since getting free castles and epics is always good. i know it, you know it, everybody knows it. but in the long run it will backfire. and i'm not talking about sides now, i'm talking about the server itself. i'm not saying this to be an asshole anyway, i'm saying this because i've already been there before, and i already know how the story ends. bragging about sieges, accomplishments, dick-boosting or any other matter will be pointless by then.
  5. scavengers can also crystallize D grade stuff, but can't break anything higher than D grade.
  6. probably because there was nothing worth getting recorded. one-sided castle sieges are pretty boring to watch anyway.
  7. in previous chronicles teleports were locked for the reasons already explained above, althou i'm not sure if it's the same on offi classic. clan halls also played a major role back in the days for castle sieges, while at the moment they're here just for bsoes and exp recovery on death. strategic position for sieges is irrelevant at the moment. i believe this discussion about TP locks has also already taken place in this forum before, althou no changes were considered so far, and thus TPs are still free during sieges as well. i wouldn't mind getting the old system back, since that way any side could manage to get at least one castle each despite of their numbers. but being realistic, nothing will change anytime soon. and surely not with 2.0 approaching, since there's a thousand more priorities on the line.
  8. lol, so that's where FUN is hiding? guess i'll go take a look
  9. there's no "better" set, it all boils down to what you want to do with your class. PvE usually focuses on DPS over survival, so BW would be the main choice. that is if you're killing mobs 1 by 1, be it solo or with party. if you're pulling as main/offtank for aoes, doom would be more appropriate as it increases your basic HP pool and shield def rate with full set, giving you a bit more damage mitigation when doing trains. PvP-wise, it depends on how you want to play/who you play with. you can use either set, but what makes the difference in the end will mostly be dyes setup, and party setup if you're playing in one. as dark elfs are already squishy with their base 32 CON, i wouldn't advise to go for setups that tend to lower your already low HP pool even further, but that's just me i guess. they're more suited as tanks, or as hybrid DPS in some cases. however, considering their base stats and the lack of really dangerous CCs like fear, stun, sleep or paralyze, along with an arsenal of skills mostly focused on DoT damage and weakening debuffs, they're somewhat more oriented towards tank/mage builds rather than warrior ones.
  10. except something like this is not going to happen anytime soon. unless you can manage to keep 3 entire spots for yourself, without sharing with ally in your prime. not exactly practical either, since sending 3 tanks in 3 different spots can result in multiple ganks at once from war.
  11. it appears to me that some people have already forgotten what happened in other areas. you want ABG extra mobs removed, but what about this? " - Added some spawn points for monster Pytan in LoA " " - Added some more spawn points in Blazing Swamp Location " don't get me wrong, i'm ok with changing ABG back to how it was, if it's really needed. but if that happens, i want to see BS and LOA changed back as well. things have to be fair for everyone.
  12. well, if you're getting more exp in ABG than LoA, then the issue is party setup. we have 3 hexes( bd, gladi, SE ) and warlock buffs, so that might be why we don't have issues with exp over time. going by level range, the progression would be ABG > BS > LoA. then it all boils down to what you do/how you do it. [edit]this formatting is killing me - keep in mind that also your level range matters, because the higher you are compared to your pt members, the more/less exp you get based on lv range.
  13. no. you're getting over your head now i know for a fact that at lv73, our SE was getting around 0.03-0.04% from full(not shared!) ABG hill spot in one train, while at BS one train gave him 0.08-0.10. loa 1 by 1 with the right setup should have the same(if not even better) exp gain over time, 'cause in loa u keep killing mobs non-stop, while with aoes you need to wait for mobs to respawn, go get all the mobs, and the exp is still limited by mobs level range in any case. that's a huge difference right there. exp-wise, after reaching certain levels, ABG is just not worth farming anymore due to level range exp reduction. of course, if people prefer to waste their time in lower lv areas, it's their choice
  14. i thought this was a custom change to begin with? might be wrong, but i guess they did it as anticipation for 2.0. usually there's often 2 groups of people sharing the same spot on top/hill, so the exp overall is the same as before, with the difference that now ABG is more populated than before. i don't mind either way, after lv70 mobs start to get azure at ABG anyway, so loa is still better for lv72+.