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  1. FearNoOne CP / 77 Necromancer / MASS PVP

    ppl used to like my pov :((
  2. My nice screenshot

    read this , it's where the google ultron meme comes from, must be 10+ y old 4chan story.
  3. My nice screenshot
  4. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    lol wanali , you can have them to equalize the numbers in eu prime
  5. Disable fishing in giran harbour

    you could always 9v9 him and prove it
  6. Quest Mania

    cuze it takes time to do it, than they have to re-add it next patch
  7. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    quickly change some of their passwords to even the numbers
  8. Client is not 100% stable / freezing

    If you are a hw/sw cappable guy i suggest downloading , it can analyze what process is hanging and often gives clues why.
  9. Missed me?

    Just imagine they chant myrciu instead of maximus
  10. Client is not 100% stable / freezing

    Never had such crashes and i used to have 5-6 boxes on all the time. Maybe it's a ram issue?
  11. Dagger video

    no, cuze first 2 minutes it was afk fight And yes you are the daddy
  12. Dagger video

    last fight was really boring but 15.03 really made the video ROFL BIZZ
  13. Missed me?

    but you are funny to me, not looting the orfen 3, which is worth all of JF combined is pretty funny.
  14. Little Monkey

    5$ negotiation #san0richerthanjeffbezos