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  1. so blue crest took dion+giran and rest is WS?
  2. i was looking for next trash topic, it doesnt dissapoint
  3. i remember times when we didnt react or give attention to bums like this. dont have problems with vid, can be sh1t, i dont care. its just the way this bum shows it like he is the king of the world.
  4. whats your cp? just interesting
  5. russians have a word for people like you - dalbaiob
  6. i dont like guys from DL by default, but those jungle dudes, i feel i will lower my selfesteem if i argue with them.
  7. pose wrote " when there is no content to show you :\ " well i heard that we chill, you guys put frapses at least how you kill mobs
  8. you cant talk about skill in such a movie, its just gang.
  9. they are excited, those guys are not used to win.
  10. maybe they dont want to update in summer because of low online, or they see how many free servers are on the market with 2.0 and 2.5 updates and understand that its too late and better just milk people till they all quit.
  11. how ironic, you are describing your behaviour. I dont have problems with people being trolls, i think its normal to argue on forum on any topics. On the other side is jena who loses it and tries to insult me, i dont even know why. Your hate is so obvious and weak.
  12. you have a problem with me? you troll/insult like a child eu and korea is shit, ru is top. deal with it.
  13. you have more chances to prove that you are a monkey then this.
  14. because korea is sh1t))
  15. low online and people long time ago got cap lvl