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  1. up clan hall giran castle aden clan perkunas
  2. he said they are looking for one more guy, i think you understood that he is looking for cp) кароче им ещё один чел нужен, он не ищит кп
  3. just die, you know, walk into the sea or something like that.
  4. looking for some CDL spell books.
  5. guys i didnt read everything but i guess you feel the struggle we had last half year. somebody wrote about perkunas absorbing vigi parties. i saw only joy party join ES. same shit as with vigi, weak people join the strong side so they can develop. newbies will talk about one side and sh1t, but on this server only vigi and its minions were happy in freefarm of exp and epics. i think soon there will be 3-4 sides. guys, forget about soil and sh1t. lets play l2. p.s. i better will be under pressure and war dominating then having as wars some pussies that cry.
  6. lemm is a killer, dont mess with him his point was that i farmed a lot, you just dont see it from the outside.
  7. what for? i have a lot of chars of people who quit and left chars to CP. i dont play for a long time.
  8. so you failed here?
  9. was funny watching how lots of people left unbroken and wickedsick to join vigi. i am glad that we could push each other to create a good server, but dont give all the credit to this guys.
  10. i hope you are trolling
  11. o_0, man soil propaganda killed you. they was once at siege 60 ppl max.
  12. this guys were not loyal, they just chose the strongest side in their prime time. we fought 62 lvl vs 70+ back in the days, but i dont think this clans can do so
  13. ну это тоже верно, но суть была другая. я поиграл тут с разными людьми и в разных пачках и понял что просто так собрать из ничего пачку которая потом ещё должна заиграть и в пвп не только в пве очень сложно.
  14. выглядет как то странно, вроде продает себя как крутой пацан а набирает людей на форуме.