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  1. 4 second lags

    not fair, half of their party are hardcore newbs
  2. 4 second lags

    both parties had vop?
  3. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    even if they were full active party its normal to pr on a gang, you have no position and at least no song/dance. i think this is trolling at its worse
  4. All who came back.

  5. some fights from the 1st month of 2.0..!

    shazam cant find, tell me
  6. some fights from the 1st month of 2.0..!

    song name pls, from 20 sec
  7. Meanwhile on europe prime, serious business

    guys, dont hate. its funny
  8. First days with TH

    mytran th is worse then myrtan glad
  9. Last weeks of 1.5

    where is ES?? p.s. good old cleef tanking as always.
  10. Castle siege expectations

    so blue crest took dion+giran and rest is WS?
  11. RIPBottaki

    i was looking for next trash topic, it doesnt dissapoint
  12. IT'S OVER 9000! (GREEK STYLE)

    i remember times when we didnt react or give attention to bums like this. dont have problems with vid, can be sh1t, i dont care. its just the way this bum shows it like he is the king of the world.
  13. common Perkunas prime

    whats your cp? just interesting
  14. common Perkunas prime

    russians have a word for people like you - dalbaiob
  15. Scroll Chance

    i dont like guys from DL by default, but those jungle dudes, i feel i will lower my selfesteem if i argue with them.