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  1. so guys joined rebirth so they will have more numbers and the oportunity to farm, but what i saw was that they have a hard time getting from giran to loa entrance.
  2. only after watching your vid i noticed that i made 6 frags with bd in loa fight
  3. i never read this sh1t about fair fights and so on. there is a point if you want 9v9 - go do it near giran or something like that. but in daily war there is no such thing, there is enemy and ally. you just cant make it even 80% equal, because somebody can have 5 pt with avg lvl 73 and the opposite side has 6 pt avg lvl 69. you can take example how it is on ru off, who has the more people or online that guys control the top farm locations, its not fair, but who cares.
  4. if you are talking about 20.06.2017 with rebirth ally well you won, you have to post it:), bad positioning for us with 3 pt to stay on bridge vs 4 pt.
  5. in past where there was ES, perkunas and viginalce it was on daily basis, its not a tactic. not talking about one situation specific, just want to mention that if you dont use oportunities in war it means you are not smart enough to get in such a position or just stupid.
  6. That legiana
  7. i talk about siege, because its late for them and they never were more then 4-5 parties. in daily i see a lot of them farming solo, wich means they have a clan system with a couple of CP.
  8. my hero
  9. the thing with china is that they are not so many and in my opinion have a different play game, and btw i dont see china solo do something at siege when they are maximum 4 parties. p.s. i just commented your idea of china being an independent side
  10. well one thing biz didnt do, he didnt insult all his opponents. you have the right to have your own point of view, but its stupid to say that all your enemy are pathetic kids.
  11. there was time when they tried, but the evidence shut them up. forum is for saying bad/good things and the place where people discuss different topics and give their opinion. people can like it or not, can agree or not. you just have to accept this.
  12. We will call you king of the jungle I would like to know your ingame name so we could discuss your awesomness ingame
  13. funny right?:) i am so right about this shit :))), its just you cant compare ES with us. dont even know what would be with ES if they had same timezone with us. those poor muchachos would be 70 lvl.
  14. i have mixed feelings about this drama guys just forget it and continue having fun in game
  15. no, i got you. i just said my opinion, you can disagree. have a nice day