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  1. SM recruiting pm Valeera

    was fun, i think it was fair enough. if we calcutale the fact that we play smarter.
  2. 17 May By Forum Warriors

    i saw ribos rush and it brought me back a lot time ago, ribos reminds me of greenlight. after this kind of fights, china must start to understand that hero chars are important))
  3. Dagger video

    the thing is, he needed a couple of months to make this video where he cuts everybody in half. i think he has a lot of content where he makes 1 hit in all fight, but no point of placing it in a movie.
  4. Missed me?

    when i saw first time this nick in ts, i thought somebody changed his nick as a joke edit: btw, what did rosenberg drop?
  5. Greetings from Asian players

    guy writes chinese, but at the same time has a russian title ingame.
  6. Soultaker Olympiad POV

    marketing at its finest
  7. Server politics

    you had nice ally bro
  8. First video, dont judge.

  9. First video, dont judge.

    guys, show more pvp. i enter everyday forum and dont find sh1t. are you even fighting there?:)
  10. 3 sided server <3

    no wark/bish and se with full mp, dont think it sounds like barely finished. but ofc sm was after fight. i guess everybody doesnt talk about hte real message of the vid, and i dont think you guys make movies how you die or pr
  11. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    when you recruit it means you have a plan, you just said that rest of server is stupid and dont have longterm plans or dont think what will be in 1-2 months. dont think that you will change your opinion, so i guess we can stop to argue from the start :), i just gave my opinion
  12. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    @MoDoy i was talking about ally, not one individual. as solo you are not even on the map even if you are hero. you solo dont do no impact on the server. server is dead and thats why NF shows some opposition in pvp. btw, talking about lvl. i saw on site there are 100+ 78 lvl, but in perkunas i saw 5 people 78 last time
  13. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    this is the way to total crush and no future.
  14. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    why did you chose this path? why dont you recruit or join somebody? the answer is that its hard, its easier to gather 3 solid pt and have fun
  15. "My plan was to farm CRP"

    i dont play here, i just sometimes read forum. i gave you a question that you cant answer and now im a forum warrior.