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  1. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

    talk to me, what bothers you?
  2. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

    its your opinion if you will talk to me like i went to kindergarten with you i will not respond you
  3. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

    you see a problem in this ally of 3 clans? dark legion was pretty strong with higher online and higher average lvl. and this ally split after dark legion failed watch the politics on off servers how they switch for balance.
  4. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

    online covers this position, if you have enough online its not a problem. i am glad that you guys have china at prime, so you get to have lots of fun and pvp exp. and also i am glad that this china guys came to our server, because it would be boring without them
  5. Server online

    liked the tits most of all
  6. "My BlueGirl" V/S Red Zombies

    reminds me of the days of dark legion zerg china is not organized, at least could regroup with the parties that later joined pvp.
  7. 11-03 cs

    nf is better then perk?

    newbs hope that our guys get perma ban ?
  9. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    sorry bro, i just read what aduha wrote
  10. Heroes Of The Talking Island

    awww, i missed you guys i see the dinamic of china numbers of hero 6>4>2, isnt china ruling the world?:)
  11. Rizos #6 History of Ghost Hunter

    pose responding so arrogantly in chat, i would smash his face
  12. Hero Mystic Muse PvP

    looks boring to me, but if we let mirciu make movies cant stop this guys :)))
  13. 4 second lags

    not fair, half of their party are hardcore newbs
  14. 4 second lags

    both parties had vop?
  15. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    even if they were full active party its normal to pr on a gang, you have no position and at least no song/dance. i think this is trolling at its worse