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Found 10 results

  1. Dagger video hi guys. so i couldn't wait more and collect good content, due to extra low online and decided to upload as it is. several videos are super old, because i started to make this video long time ago and now i don't have time to change something :_( hope you will enjoy it anyway. in short about daggers - in my opinion it's the maximum that TH can do in this update with sh1tie land rate. TH is useless in mass pvp. tried not to use hide after opponents hide, because it's easy win for me and i wanted to feel who can do what (my voice wasn't recorded at the end). unfortunately, haven't met really strong dagger (except Jackals ofc :-)) and expected more from Rizo. Hope now aw/pw can do more with FD, coz at that moment he hadn't. wish you an awesome day!
  2. Poseidon Solo PvP

    unfortunately, i play not much and dont have enough content to finish all my movies. the first one which i have started is like 4-5 months old, still cant finish :_( hope you will enjoy this one my overboost: click
  3. Just to introduce ourselves here in the forum ! =D
  4. Team White Channel (30/01/17)

    Bishop Arziit Elven Elder Afrody Shillien Elder Lemer Overlord Eligoz BladeDancer Veigallian SwordSinger Kyoro SpellSinger Kiam Necromancer Trinx SpellHowler Malcriad0 ‚Äč
  5. FightClub CP member #2

    Well i thought, next video gonna be with a year, and its within a week. Free time at holidays and a little bit of material helped to create it, after i ate well of course It's a pleasure to introduce to ya all The Aden Castle and LoA Keepers. And i'm deeply sorry for what i realized - my gameplay style, which is not good for video recordings - I'm using only mouse for movement, so sometimes when i want to run back we see back view, not the fight. Maybe i will find some solution for it. Enjoy, even if its not best material.
  6. Arziit Channel - Bishop PvP

    Take It easy, It's my first video
  7. Siege (2016-06-05)

    Defence of Giran castle and some action at Dion castle

    subj pm or post here "Reaver