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Found 7 results

  1. Team White Channel (30/01/17)

    Bishop Arziit Elven Elder Afrody Shillien Elder Lemer Overlord Eligoz BladeDancer Veigallian SwordSinger Kyoro SpellSinger Kiam Necromancer Trinx SpellHowler Malcriad0 ‚Äč
  2. FightClub CP member #2

    Well i thought, next video gonna be with a year, and its within a week. Free time at holidays and a little bit of material helped to create it, after i ate well of course It's a pleasure to introduce to ya all The Aden Castle and LoA Keepers. And i'm deeply sorry for what i realized - my gameplay style, which is not good for video recordings - I'm using only mouse for movement, so sometimes when i want to run back we see back view, not the fight. Maybe i will find some solution for it. Enjoy, even if its not best material.
  3. Arziit Channel - Bishop PvP

    Take It easy, It's my first video
  4. Siege (2016-06-05)

    Defence of Giran castle and some action at Dion castle

    subj pm or post here "Reaver