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    Dear friends! In order to cover more things which needs to be tested before every update, we creating a section "Test server Section". In this section everyone will be able to report any bugs dedicated to latest updates on the test server. Also there will be information about all fixes and updates on test server for you to be aware of all changes. But to not mess with players and to not scare them with all information about bugs and fixes on test server, which will not affect live server, it is forbidden to post reports / screenshots etc from test server our of Test server forum. Punishment for violation - up to read only restriction on the forum for 24 hours. To make your stay on test server comfortable we've made: 1) Auto registration 2) Pin code disabled 3) Antibot protection disabled 4) All characters will have builder lvl 2 with all needed for tests commands (if any other command will be needed, you can pm Koll on forum or Koll.classic in Skype). We want to warn you - everything for you to log and start tests was made, so questions, as following, will be ignored: 1) How does this command work? 2) Which command do " this"? 3) Which commands are available for me? Answers on all these questions you can find in Google in 3-4 minutes. Also remember - it is a test server and no one will warn you about restarts. Most of restarts will be happening just by shutting the server down, even without 30 seconds countdown. And even if it is a test server, there are some rules being applied: 1) Do not interfere with the other testers. (Punishment: up to hwid block on the test server) 2) Do not summon too many mobs just to overload the server. (Punishment: hwid block on test server) 3) Do not use test server as a communication way with San0 or other administrators about the live server questions/problems. To do so you can use tickets system, forum, forum pms, Skype. (Punishment: up to hwid block on test server).
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    Changed today 15 +4-WIT-4MEN Dyes and guess what... got 15 +2WIT-1MEN... its IMPOSSIBLE to finish one +4-3 or +3-1 one... please guys consider to change this system, at least make it easier to get better ones on exchange. @Koll @Koll.Classic