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  1. SpellG

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    We can ask Koll to open a ultra-private-mega-exclusive server just for Sjesks and his friends to play the way they want without having to be worried about """his""" RB's getting killed by randoms while they are doing Olympiad. And they can choose the order of what s*** is "end game content" or not.
  2. SpellG

    Drop/Spoil list of Zaken Patch

    /up. GM’s pls
  3. I was wondering if there is a possibility that GM’s/Admins can make a post specifying the drop/spoil of the new monsters from Zaken Patch of this server. sometimes the L2 Wiki’s database differs from this server because of the version differences and all that stuff that we already know. Thank you in advance.
  4. SpellG

    Auction Logic?

    I see. I didn’t know about that. Thank you once again for your reply.
  5. SpellG

    Auction Logic?

    I usually place between 3 or 4 items to auction without problems...
  6. SpellG

    Auction Logic?

    Oh... so the problem is that you have to put a price THEY want... we don’t have the freedom to choose. It’s a shame. Thanks for your help @MoDoy
  7. SpellG

    Auction Logic?

    Hello! Fennekin is the name. Thanks!
  8. SpellG

    Auction Logic?

    Good evening everybody, I wanted to put some items on auction. In this case, some B grade peripherals. The first time I tried to put sealed B-grade peripheral, and got "Offer Rejected" so I think "Oh maybe they want me to unseal the gear first" I did it so and got Offer Rejected again. And I can't understand why... because I can see the same items (from other users) already rolling on the auction... I've searched any rules of the auction but I didn't find it... Thanks in advance!
  9. SpellG

    critical error

    In random places. But I got this error more frequently in Oren Town and Crater of Ivory Tower. And I didn't download any "pc fix" or .dll
  10. SpellG

    critical error

    Thanks for your reply once more. There you go L2_20190322_102931.dmp
  11. SpellG

    critical error

    Thanks for your reply, I've already done that. The solution was download a Clean client again. Now, I have the following critical error, Its just random, I dont know when its gonna appear: Version: EP30_Global,CLS,V2110409,64 BuildDate: Fri Dec 09 04:18:59 2016 Time: 2019.3.22 10:29:32 [GTick=8583,LGTicks=1670] PosCode: 90998:16334:-5289 ZoneName: Ivory Tower Crater OS: Windows 10(64) 10.0 (Build: 7600), Service Pack 0.0 CPU: AuthenticAMD AMD FX(tm)-8150 Eight-Core Processor @ 3613 MHz RAM: 1023MB RAM CPUInfo: 8,4,8,1 Memory: 263580KB Video: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (1004), Direct X is ver 0.3, rev 65212 VideoResources: 106 MB MAC: 08-60-6E-C5-73-8A LANG: EUROPE IME: ??? Error: History: FD3DDynamicVertexStream::AddVertices <- FD3DRenderInterface::SetDynamicStream <- FCanvasUtil::Flush <+ Material=L2UI_ct1.Gauges.Gauge_DF_CP_bg_Right <- UCanvas::DrawTile <- UCanvas::DrawMaterial <- UCanvas::DrawTexture <- NCGDevice::DrawTexture <- NCGDevice::DrawTexture <- NWndUtil::DrawGauge <- NCBarCtrl::OnPaint <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- WM_PAINT <- NCVirtualWndMain::DispatchWndMsg <- NConsoleWnd::ConsolePostRender <- UGameEngine::PostDraw <- ConsolePostRender <- Draw <- UGameEngine::Draw <+ GRenDev = fda40000 <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- CMainLoop::UpdateTheWorld <- MainLoop Exception: Code [EXCEPTION_WRITE_VIOLATION DataAddress:0x00000014] Address [0x54DFB642] SegCs [0x0023] atiumdag.dll [0x54DE0000] Offset [0x0001B642]
  12. SpellG

    critical error

    Sorry for reviving this post. I have the same error, I was walking outside Hunters Village Error: StaticMeshActor 24_20_Classic.StaticMeshActor2372: Serial size mismatch: Got 193, Expected 195 There is no history written below that message. I followed the steps that Koll provided but I'm Still getting that error. Any solution? there is a possibility that a GM can move my player from there? Thanks in advance