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  1. @Jacorleon Dude ppl from your ally was abusing that event like crazy, there is one video when full party is spawning bosses and killing them like "we dont care about the consequences" I just only wonder how many ppl reported that "insane bug" when they realise something is wrong with that numbers of boss spawns. @Kse How long we have to wait too see who and how many times killed bosses ?.
  2. How about consequences for using that exploit ?
  3. @Koll There will be some changes with current status owl? I would like to get owl but with current system what we have now on live server its only do able from 75 silent valley bosses. Can we get back atleast that old system when every player was able to get owl from 20+ raids ?! Thanks!
  4. LSPD

    Easter Event 2022

    Hello what about baium and zaken?
  5. Hello i read your post and you forgot to add "EPIC BOSSES" also. Baium,zaken dying super fast why u didnt touch that topic because our ally farm that ?. Be fair before u start something next time my friend.
  6. @Bellion Ban list from admins is fake proof for you ? Now i understand why shabi invites clowns to ally. Amazing circus u represent Anyway im done to speak with u keep dreaming man.
  7. @Bellion Ok Sherlock enough this fairy tails. If that TheProphetx is really clean it means roolback ds+13 like his epics didnt went for rmt
  8. This server is going every day down and down with that "fairy tails stories". How is it normal when farmer crying coz he lost 1 or 2 bosses to the randoms ? Your application discord doesnt showing correct spawns of bosses or ur subscription just ended ? Like modoy said everything was perfect till they added these cancer rb's 21:00.
  9. I totally agree when 21:00 is on clock there are most of parties from shabi or farmers. How new players must cutch up and game when its impossible to outdamage farmers ? @Bellion
  10. Solution ? Remove drop from bosses 60+ so qq farmers will stop and new players will catch up end game fast np
  11. Holly molly now imagine admin chat spam from rizos Anyway if u are not stupid keep them its ur christmas man.
  12. I just ask its still legal in 2k20 right ?
  13. Your top RMT boyzaki cant exp u ? Kappa
  14. LSPD

    Dagger /4/

    Good movie but next time Nrolla put some decent parties not plebs like devak kek cp. Anyway keep going man
  15. Macacos can als run tons of virtual machines, I asked koll about it and its bannable also it matter of time :)