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  1. LSPD

    17.05 Sieges

    Well its simple for @YipMan Plebiedenko army biggest priority is to chase 2 parties and save gludio or dion then focus on Aden vs Monkeys.Let somebody tell me that Chinese people use brains i will kill them with monkeys laughing.
  2. LSPD

    RS v WK in zaken

    That pov is much worse then cipka calculator pov edition. Anyway plebiedenko your army without zerg is only good to make charity(free epics) in giants cave.
  3. LSPD

    RS vs WK + CS

    Good pvp movies something fresh not boring like eu prime vs low lvls !
  4. When we will saw good movies for contesting baium ? These zaken fights vs low lvls are rly boring.
  5. Well with that nickname Plebiedenko no way i could tell u. Literally my name is not for pleb #nomorespam
  6. That whoeresey is making much more value then your ex dee china parties in gc with u plebiedenko , anyway we appreciate items especially epics from chinos
  7. 7. Ask hero plebiedenko he will come with his chinese army and rescue randoms in gc
  8. @HaOgU Set up better your bots coz they are not working correctly making pk's each other.
  9. I feel like I'm watching pov from ordinator cp /target da /target sk /target da panther... ?
  10. LSPD

    Happy New Year!

    Funny video but most skilled and talented Th is only one on this server
  11. Im rly glad for these new heroes barking dog is down and spamer d0nkyk0ng2412 also gj people
  12. LSPD

    zaken pvp

    I really wanted to say it was good movik pvp when i saw top TH EU still up but i was dissapointed at the end he was on his ground spot
  13. You are hitting him with destros 80lvl?
  14. LSPD

    10 vs favela - no valor

    Well well well Favelas at least know how to not SCREAM on team speak AXZP-"HODOR(CLOSE THE WAR)"
  15. DrLeLnigma is the new clown of the server congratz man u really deserve that !