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  1. Lets face it. You are late for 1 year.
  2. Feels like admins are either A. Waiting for server to die by itself so they can close it in peace and GG get rid of it finally or B. Their income from donators are still fine so they dont feel the need to do anything. Dunno.
  3. Jeez Nansey, stop being so aggressive..
  4. Yup, the delay should be removed.
  5. Weak in Oly? Uppercut? Are we refering to same game?
  6. Hell yeah Uppercut needs a tweak. More like delete button if you ask me. "Uppercut which is very slow skill and “pushes” the enemy when they get knocked down so you have to run a step before you can hit them again. If anyone has used it, it is VERY frustrating." In olympiad being the one lying on floor after getting Uppercut on face, I would say I havent seen a destro with problems to "run" to the target on floor. I don't really understand how come you feel like it is too slow. In my opinion the skills cool down needs to be increased to be more like Crucifix. Now it is just retarted. For me in Olympiad destros are right after ponies in rank of cancer chars.
  7. Timestamp: 8:53 30 % to full HP
  8. Can you give rough estimate how much mobs needs to be killed for this lilith/anakim stuff?