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  1. how many times u use soe/pr when we come? 10-15?
  2. you drunk? ​UQ have 2 necro, KeTaMuH + PinkCake i tell you a secret, UQ have some other armies, like a army of horses ICanFly + servitor, one man army xWaRx, army of water Dee + OppA P.S. for recruting: forget about wickedsick and DarkLegion, we have armies, join us!
  3. Scaressy

    Mages CON

    without items Sorcerer lvl 72 - CON 27 - CP 1558 - HP 2598 Spellsinger lvl 72 - CON 25 - CP 1546 - HP 2577 dye +2 CON give +20 hp +10 cp? or CON bugged?
  4. ​Сначала за губозакатачной машинкой а потом уже поговорим. ​спустя некоторое время ты поймешь, что было бы дешевле взять меня, а не пару ̶ч̶у̶ж̶и̶х̶ ̶о̶к̶о̶н̶н̶ы̶х̶ ̶п̶п̶ скамеров
  5. ворвусь на пп за хомку +16 и +6 бв
  6. Scaressy

    siege pet pug

    wut? bugs? its impossible! P.S.
  7. ​you worry only about the panther? what about this?
  8. ​how many summoners 68+? ​other classes can always exp with SS ​come out of the cave and try to solo exp summoner after 68-70 P.S.
  9. give us Servitor Barrier plix plox! we are weak against rush from tyr and destro ​warlock with bugged anchor cubic have more chances to win than es
  10. ​
  11. ​i havent epic but u wanna fix it u know how many orf3 on this server after 1 year? ​ofc its not 100% chance, its low chance, but when u aoe, u hit many targets = for sure u will trigger earring on 2-3 at one aoe, which will result in having full mp after 4 AoE skills ​60% chance