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  1. Sicklate

    Reflect Damage effect.

    ​+1. Then everyone should be happy no ?
  2. Sicklate

    2.0 Monster arena

    ​actually even adena rewards from quests are a joke here, if you consider that usually you get around 1000 adena for killing 500+ mobs or so with the "Hunt of the Black Lion" quest in dion. that's just one example, but all the other quests in alligator and other places are exactly the same. i don't pretend to have 1kk after finishing a repeteable quest, but at least give them some boost in order to make them profitable and worthy to take. right now we get more money by killing 3-4 mobs rather than completing a quest. ​True broken arrow quest for example gives the amazing 7 adena per returned Quest item ( and you get 1 on 50-50% chance)
  3. Sicklate

    Suggestion: Destroyer class fix/balance

    Buy your destro a bow for gap closer stop qq jeez this game is there for a reason if you are so unhappy with your current class and think that another class is OP then go make one... Destro is weak Phantom ranger has no AOE skill Summoner has no pet shots daggers have no AOE skill Lets add more to this: Bishop has neither buff (emp) neither recharge - this is also a disadvantage do people cry about it ? This is why classes and prof exist to make the game diversified and interesting. If you give everyone all the skills and advantages in-game where will the fun go ? ^^ Francie is back!
  4. Sicklate

    Again, pvps xD

    perfect example of how L2 died -> when developers put all this shit classes and advantages of one classes over others Where the hell do you see 1 class take over a pt .... ridiculous there is no skill in 2 shooting someone with warrior class and at the same time receive back 100-700 damage (best case if hit by a mage). Not to mention the constant stun that gladiators clearly benefit from...
  5. Sicklate

    New comers attraction "Discussion"

    I know of 3/4 sided server which is up for longer than a year now with "0" donation. I put it in parenthesis as the donation = Name color change OR Accessory purchase. And these people are popular and remain popular (as from what i see the topic of new comers there is much larger than here). I think this can serve as a learning point for something I am aware that a project requires funding etc etc (believe me I have done it too). If you want to be sustainable and growing don't turn this project into another fill my pockets with dollars idea, is all I am saying. (you currently give advantages to the players with cash over the rest)
  6. Sicklate

    Offline buff shop

    ​How is a buff costing 50k or 100 pump for newbies ? Otherwise the idea is on the adena generation side. ​You didnt get it mate you dont sell full buffs you sell single buff and he choose like 1-2 k per buff a g might or clairy or emp lvl 3 would help a lot ​I got it quite right. My question is who the hell will set a 1-2k buff on gmight and emp level 3 when these prices will be 20-30k at least.... and how are the lowbies gonna profit from that.. no they wont profit from it, only people who will make money are in your part 1 (explanation) the sellers.
  7. Sicklate

    Offline buff shop

    ​How is a buff costing 50k or 100 pump for newbies ? Otherwise the idea is on the adena generation side.
  8. Sicklate

    LF enf0rcer

    ​moved where ?
  9. Sicklate

    LF enf0rcer

    Tryty enf0 quit as well ?
  10. Sicklate

    LF enf0rcer

    Any NF is enf0rcer still playing here ?
  11. Sicklate

    For the nostalgic only

    ​You were a member of Uprising? I remember watching some of your videos back then. It was really cool ​I am/was core member of Uprising indeed... good old days afterwards small fractions of uprising split across diff private servers till at the end most of us quite and casually play from time to time when indeed we are nostalgic.
  12. Sicklate

    Market prices

    ​The guy needs help and you are flaming him... player of the week... ​Prices are currently super volatile. I have posted in another topics a demand supply graph could be applied However, what i think should be fair is as follow: coal - 2.5k leather - 6k skins - 1k bones -1.3k steel - 12k stem - 0.5k thread -0.5k Note this is just what has been observed that seems to be logical for people to see you shop and grab those materials. However, what I have observed for several days (after Giran fall) is that there are less and less people buying materials in both Giran and Dion (yesterday for example there was only 1 shop buying SOP and OO in Giran). Therefor, I assume that either players are now more concentrating farming the materials themselves. This is followed by the politic of the dominating clan/ally to stop players from leveling at the high level farming/xp zones. So people turn to their alternatives whether this is spoilers or low level other classes (for which they already have all they need and materials are not required at this stage).
  13. Sicklate


    ​LOL - BURNED !
  14. Sicklate

    For the nostalgic only

    True, however as Uprising we were there much before it happened =) CPs were not that bad as it is now, with people whom you know and trust to back you up CPs are heaven. I dont know much the players in this server and the CPs, but before CPs were made on real life relations and it was much easier to roll without the need of drivers and constant online. Another nostalgic fact is how in the past we always had more than 2-3 fighting sides, whereas nowaday everything ends up to 1 vs 1 side and in most cases this lasts till someone completely dominates, as I fear will be the case very soon
  15. Sicklate

    For the nostalgic only

    When we were still at our peak !