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  1. fackah

    Login Down

  2. fackah

    Login Down

    Hi there @Koll, login server is down again. Ty
  3. fackah

    Login Down

    That, login server is down
  4. fackah

    Dark Elf Login

  5. fackah

    Dark Elf Login

    nothing more. just says "history:" but there is nothing there
  6. fackah

    Dark Elf Login

    Already deleted (then ran updater) 1) Maps/21_18.unr 2) Textures/T_21_18.utx
  7. fackah

    Dark Elf Login

    Deleted this double post, sorry-
  8. fackah

    Dark Elf Login

    game crashes when logging a lvl 1 dark elf any advice ? TY!
  9. fackah


    Done it, and the error repeats with the same log
  10. fackah

    Additional updates discussion

    The more i read, the more i realize that you all want to play GoD+ Versions.
  11. fackah

    See how many of some is someone buying

    ‚Äčno bro, it shows how many items you have to sell. if you have more than the max he buys, it will show you that number, otherwise if you dont have any item, it will say only the name of the item, and bot of that, the price for each item. Check it, really. You can by downloading the image he uploaded in previous post.
  12. fackah

    See how many of some is someone buying

    ‚ÄčNo, that quantity is how much of the item he is buying yo uhave in you inventory.
  13. fackah

    Cleric Busca Clan

    Targaryens no es serio amigo. Pero gracias igual por la oferta.
  14. fackah

    Cleric Busca Clan

    buenas! soy cleric lvl 25, tengo ademas 1 spoiler y juego con 2 amigos, un wc y un ty. andamos en busca de clan / cp. solemos jugar despues de las 3 de la tarde (hora arg). Venimos jugando hace muuuucho, jugamos en clanes y en cp y nos amoldamos a cualquier modalidad. siempre que haya objetivos claros, buena onda y predisposicion. Cualquier cosa, whisp in game Shankar, Magosha Kasha o Sebastian. Gracias !
  15. fackah


    Clerigo / Cleric LVL 21 Busco clan, soy futuro bishop. PM o Whisp Shankar para mas detalles // I'm looking for clan, im a future Bishop. PM or whisp Shankar in game. Im from argentina, but ii'm bilingual.