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  1. fackah


    mail itanaz ingame pm itanaz on discord
  2. For armors the enchant rate is as it follows: 1/(n-1) Where "n" is the previus enchant lvl of the item.
  3. please show me my free farm. seriusly. all the ppl who fight for epics, has top lvl characters, those they use to fight for Baium, Zaken, etc. So if you cant win lvl 40 epics, what makes you think that you would be able to win top lvl epics?
  4. You really think that ppl have only "1 main"? I can log every class of the game with almost top gear. I can have 1 party on each boss and do the same you say we do with low lvl chars. Or in core for example, i would be able to summon 4 parties of top lvl character wich i cant do now.
  5. Stop asking for non sense changes. Almost all the changes ppl are asking are the changes that the oficial server made. Go play oficial.
  6. will be lvl of monsters in Antharas Lair raised as it was in oficial?
  7. xZoe here for SR, we got that one
  8. I love when ppl cries to gms because they loose and dont know how to keep winning free. Comunism intensifies.
  9. Zaken cloak in gmshop? What else? Queen ants ring? Baium ring?
  10. fackah

    Drop for mobs

    Stop crying about game mechanics and play the game as it is.
  11. Ty! but its the second time i get hero
  12. Boosting LoA to 75 and not incluiding it on the mission? review that @San0 Also, boosting sumoners? +3k range to orders and they get buffed?