Influx of players probably

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Wait what ..... Wasnt that.... So many times even on this forum we saw officials is officials they will be open while private serwers fall like flyes.... But for me Classic.Club was always more legit as those officraps. Anyways i dunno if those guys will find home here.... Becouse most they learned on offi is how to bot properly.

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influx of players from skelth you say?

so in total +5 new players? wow, prepare for some stability issues guys

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It's a shame really, it means it was probably the last subscription-based L2 server ever... Even though it was a competitor I kinda wanted it to succeed just for the subscription system.

Well. RIP Innova, you will be missed, in a way.

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who knew that giving pufa the keys to the server and not punishing botters and rmters would make the server end up with a "healthy" and
"booming" population of 50 fucking people(most dualboxed) on a server that gets new updates constantly before the players even have the chance to finish previous content. fuck innova, good to see it crash and burn, totally incompetent staff aiming for cashgrabs instead of making a stable project that lasts for a long time.
also subscription based fees are a meme at this point, every MMO has switched to f2p with microtransactions except for big names like wow and ffxiv that have a subscription on top of microtransactions for cosmetic gear/collectables. You have no idea how mad I am that those retards have the exclusive official publishing rights for lineage 2 in europe. Hopefully ncwest will die soon as well. 

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