San0 Heine Update Patch Notes

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This topic will cover the changes coming to the server on next Monday 20.12.2021. This patch will cover mostly end game content.









Explorers found a whole new town that has been now added to our world map. Enjoy the beauty and eccentric architecture that comes to the game with town of Heine. 

This town will work as canvas not only for this new patch as it will also be utilized for future updates.

NOTE: Innadril castle will not be available for siege as the other castles, it will be used later for other type of content.





Some new skills have been added in order to keep char more mobile, in some cases evasive as for archers and mages, while on other cases more offensive to provide a better means of engagement as is the case for the warriors, and for the tanks to make them a more active play style and boosting their protective tool for the group.


The following new skills have been added to the game.


Destroyer/Titan and Bounty Hunter/Fortune Seeker 



Warlord/Dreadnought and Warsmith/Maestro



All archer classes



All elemental mage classes



Shilen Templar






All tank classes

intervene fix.png



With time passing and char levels increasing, we realized over time some skills and specially debuffs have been slacking back in terms of efficiency due to their level, there for new levels were added for the majority of debuffs to most of chars upon reaching level 82.

The following skills have been added a new level at their respective classes at level 82.


Ghost Sentinel

  • - Hex 
  • - Real Target 
  • - Freezing Strike 
  • - Hamstring Shot 

Spectral dancer

  • - Hex
  • - Arrest 
  • - Freezing Strike 

Shilen Templar

  • - Hex 
  • - Freezing Strike 

Ghost Hunter

  • - Hex 
  • - Freezing Strike 
  • - Throwing Blood Dagger


  • - Silence 
  • - Curse Fear 
  • - Anchor 
  • - Curse of doom 
  • - Curse Gloom 


  • - Slow 
  • - Decay 

Mystic Muse

  • - Frost bolt 
  • - Ice dagger 

Storm Screamer

  • - Slow 
  • - Silence 


  • - Magical Backfire 


  • - Dryad Root

Shilen saint

  • - Dryad Root
  • - Wind Shackle 

Eva's Saint

  • - Wind Shackle


  • - Freezing Flame 
  • - Fear 


  • - Fear 
  • - Seal of Binding 
  • - Seal of silence 
  • - Seal of suspension 

Moonlight sentinel

  • - Entangle 
  • - Real Target 
  • - Hamstring Shot 

Sword Muse

  • - Entangle
  • - Arrest

Eva's Templar

  • - Entangle 
  • - Arrest 

Wind Rider

  • - Entangle 
  • - Throwing Dagger


  • - Quickspear 


  • - Real Target 
  • - Hamstring Shot


  • - Throwing Dagger in Wrist







For ages, there has been a war raging in silence, deep inside the undergrounds of this world.
Legions of evil and destruction battleing against armies of extreme righteousness.
With time, the numbers of followers of this 2 armies became too big to keep hiding in the shadow of the catacombs and necropolis, and the war went rampant, transpiring to the outside. to our world.
Near Heine, this 2 armies are in constant battle, not for pride or gain or territory, but for complete destruction and elimination of the opposite side.
As both sides are filled with fanatics and believers on their own cause, there is no telling what will happen as soon as one of the sides wins and finds them selves without a enemy to fight against, but it all points to war and fanatic blind beliefs being all they know, there for they would continue go rampant over the closest army they would find... most likely... us...
Its up to you to keep this new enemy in check, and keep weakening them as much as possible, and who knows, maybe someday even defeat them for good, or find a way to stop this madness.
Weaken the Armies of Lilith and the Armies of Anakim, gain access to their secret fortress, defeat their defense systems, be ready to face their commanders, and if you manage to survive all of this, you will find yourself in position to challenge LILITH or ANAKIM themselves.



  • - Monsters in this fields will be lvl 81+
  • - This is a group zone
  • - Zone is divided in 2 parts, up north is Fields of Lilith where the Army of Lilith dwells. Down south you can find Fields of Anakim where the Army of Anakim is situated.
  • - You can teleport to this zones using the Gatekeeper in Heine
  • - Monsters on this fields have a big variety of drops, passing it by A grade armors, parts, recs. Gems A. basic materials. etc





When fighting against the Armies of Lilith or the Armies of Anakim, and when enough monsters of this armies have been killed, players will weaken their defenses and gain access to their fortresses respectively (if enough members of Lilith's army is killed - get access to Lilith's fortress, while if enough member of Anakim's army is killed - get access to Anakim's fortress)

*This is working on a fix amount of monsters, there is no timers, no cooldowns and no chances. Its a simple system of kill X monsters - event starts. Number of total monsters needed will not be revealed to prevent players from controlling "when" to start the event.*


The fortresses

Upon weakening their armies and finding their fortresses you will notice they are well defended not only by some sort of constructed magic creatures guards, but also by a crystal seal system that is connected to this guards, the bosses, the fortress, and even Anakim and Lilith themselves.




The guards

Magic creatures and construction hand picked by the Lilith's and Anakim's Army commanders.
Archer types, mage types, warriors types... and they are here with one missions only. Protect the fortress at all costs and thats what they will try to do.




The commanders

Tougher and stronger monsters who control the armies and play a main role on this fortress defense as their life is directly connected to the life of the magic seals controlling all the defenses. There are 3 of them.











The crystal seals

This magic crystals are what is controlling and empowering all the defense system in this fortress. It has been said that if this 7 seals are broken, the whole defense system will be rendered useless and the bosses will be exposed.



  • - Monsters in the fortress are aggressive
  • - Monsters in the fort can deal some high damage at times due to their high skill power in some cases or high crit chance in other cases.
  • - Monsters in this forts are lvl 82, with the commanders being lvl 83.
  • - Monsters respawn time is 15 minutes.
  • - Each fortress has 3 Commanders.
  • - Commanders do not respawn after killed
  • - In order to release the Immunity protection on the seals you must slay the 3 commanders.
  • - Each of the seals provides a different buff to the boss (haste, accumen, empower etc) and as so its advised you kill all seals.
  • - After all seals are down, monsters will stop respawning.
  • - After all seals are down the bosses will be on their weaker stages without any of the extra buffs provided by the seals.
  • - Fortresses are a PVP zone while event is happening.









Lilith and Anakim rule their armies from the safety of their fortress and are only accessible if their army are weaken enough.
Mission is simple, weaken their army, gain access to fortress, defeat fortress defense systems and you get to find either Lilith or Anakim depending on what you are attacking


  • - Anakim and Lilith will be lvl 84
  • - This bosses will drop similar drop list as from epics, A grade gear, cloth pieces, runes, etc.
  • - This bosses will drop a special rune Rune of Lilith or Rune of Anakim.




For long time we wanted to keep Antharas on a original pre nerf state till the moment it would stop being a "challenge" and then we would make it slightly more accessible and less tedious to kill.
There for some changes have been made in order to decrease the fight time.

  • - Antharas total HP has been reduced by 20%
  • - Antharas HP regen has been reduced by 20%

We will keep monitoring this bosses and theres a chance in future patches the fight will be tweaked in order to take less time but be harder.






Lilith and Anakim runes
2 new special runes have been added to the game.

  • - This is a special rune and can be added to weapon in addition to your normal rune
  • - This runes only drop from their respective bosses of same name
  • - This runes compound system does not reset it to level one upon failing, instead it keeps the level it is.
  • - This runes can be inserted and extracted from your weapon using the same system as the old runes.





Some of the older runes effects have been changed.

1 75 70
2 100 85
3 125 100
4 150 115
5 175 130
6 200 145
7 225 160
8 250 175
9 275 190
10 300 205
11 325 220
12 350 245
13 375 260
8 269 265
9 297 280
10 325 295
11 352 310
12 380 325
13 407 340
1 12% 12%
2 12.72% 13%
3 13.44% 14%
4 14.16% 15%
5 14.88% 16%
6 15.6% 17%
7 16.32% 18%
8 17.04% 19%
9 17.16% 20%
10 18.48% 21%
11 19.2% 22%
12 19.92% 23%
13 20.64% 24%
1 3.89 6
2 5 9
3 6.1 12
4 7.2 15
5 8.3 18
6 9.4 21
7 10.5 24
8 11.6 27
9 12.7 30
10 13.8 33
11 14.9 36
12 16 39
13 17.1 42
1 2.8 3
2 3.8 7
3 5.0 11
4 7.8 15
5 10.1 19
6 12.9 23
7 15.3 27
8 18.1 31
9 21.2 35
10 24.3 39
11 28 43
12 31.9 47
13 36.5 51



Hero talisman - defense effect has been changed while we working on finding a final fix for it.

Hero Talisman - Defense
pvp dmg -3%, M dmg resistance 2%, P/M skil evasion 4%, debuff resistance 3%
pvp dmg -4%, M dmg resistance 3%, debuff resistance 4%




  • - 4 pillars Olympiad stadium has been temporarily removed
  • - Christmas event "Winter attack" has been activated for the season.
  • - will be updated to the new patch by time of patch launch.



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EDIT 1 - 21.12.2021

- FIXED Blade Rush skill not diplaying properly for players to learn on classes bounty hunter/fortune seeker

- Slightly increase spawn amounts for monsters in the fields

- Slightly increase fields monster HP, running speed, and dmg.

- Added monster title for the respective armies to give players better idea of what army they fighting.


EDIT 2 - 23.12.2021 (will be installed on next restart 24.12.2021)

- Changed Glowing Ice to have no weight.

- Added A gem drop to Nephilim Escort

- Changed spawn locations on the fields in order to avoid such spread caused by random spawn system.

- Changed spawn locations to avoid monsters from spawning on top of hills or the cata entrance monument.

- Increased amount of spawn points in the fields

- Increased HP XP SP and damage for the following monsters:

  • nephilim escort 
  • netherworld gatekeeper
  • Ancient Holy Ground's Watchman 
  • Lillim Royal Knight

- FIXED sleeping animation not working properly in some of the new monsters.

- Slightly decreased the amount of defeated monsters in the fields needed to start the fortress event.

- Battling NPCs added to the fields in order to create more immersive for a battle location.

- A new mount has been added to the Item Vault.


NOTE: Due to some technical issues 4 pillar arena had to be put back in game, will be temporarily removed again as soon as this issue is solved.


EDIT 3 - 29.12.2021 (after next restart)


- Lilith's and Anakim's HP/EXP/SP drastically increased.

- Strength of the effects of the buffs provided to Lilith and Anakim by the crystal seals drastically increased.

- Fortress doors now stay open for 10 minutes after boss is dead.

- Blocked the usage of gate chant inside the fortress.

- Message about fort being exposed will now appear in center of screen instead of in the announcements.




- Added new buff protection on Raid Bosses Berserk buff so it can no longer be removed by overbuffing the boss.

- FIXED exp for Netherworld Gatekeeper

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25 minutes ago, San0 said:

*This is working on a fix amount of monsters, there is no timers, no cooldowns and no chances. Its a simple system of kill X monsters - event starts. Number of total monsters needed will not be revealed to prevent players from controlling "when" to start the event.*


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Just now, user12345 said:

Can you add both runes to 1 weapon?

if you mean both lilith and anakim. no

you can add a normal rune + one of the special runes

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1 minute ago, user12345 said:

Can you add both runes to 1 weapon?

You should,normal + 1 special


Edited by Encube

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lilith rune recovers hp only with autoattacks or with skills too?

can you recover mana from anakin rune with spamable skills like weakness/shackle/curse of chaos?

Edited by user12345

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Just now, Lafi said:

@San0 Can you move daily to this new area, pls...

no, it will be done in future but for now it will not happen, 

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Its up to you to keep this new enemy in check, and keep weakening them as much as possible, and who knows, maybe someday even defeat them for good, or find a way to stop this madness.

are you trying to make fun of Wanali?

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daggers, master of tricks, definition of swiftness

warriors getting bleed stronger than dagger, not to say bleed on dagger doesnt even lvl up
no blinding blow on daggers
no reduced time on shadow steps, still being 60s cooldown

meanwhile, all warriors having rush which is mostly 4s, some 15s
mages getting 15s blink
archers getting 15s blink
tanks getting 30s jump (or its just giving someone buff, instead of physically jumping to them and giving them buff?), but they want opponents to be close to them, for which they have chain strike as "anti-blink", also 15s

just waiting until healers get also some "divine push" skill so daggers can be slowest and least mobile class on the battlefield confirmed :D 


just so its not only hating, gj with new content, looks interesting and hopefully you added some nice mechanics to boss (aka charging close aoe skills, spawning some minions which detonate for zillions of damage if you dont kill, etc. and that they are not just punching bags for which you need good equip and afk hitting party ;) )


ps: rip 4 pillar arena

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4 minutes ago, MoDoy said:


just waiting until healers get also some "divine push" skill so daggers can be slowest and least mobile class on the battlefield confirmed  


Dont give ideas kurwa ._.

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Appreciate the addition of Titan rush. Curious why they don’t get any additional skill ups. It is almost impossible to CC someone 82+ except with Uppercut which is very slow skill and “pushes” the enemy when they get knocked down so you have to run a step before you can hit them again. If anyone has used it, it is VERY frustrating.

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