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Should Strix / Achievements stay?

Should Strix / Achievements stay?  

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  1. 1. Should Strix / Achievements stay?

    • Both should stay.
    • Both should be removed.
    • Strix should be removed. Achievements should stay.
    • Strix should stay. Achievements should be removed.

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Strix quest locations are gonna be blood bath in the beginning :D top clans will occupy them most likely and pk everyone else. Could be interesting but I vote to keep achievements and get rid of strix for now.


Judging from announcement admins made up their minds already so its not likely to change now anyways.

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dont know what a strix is, is not from my time already i believe but i think achievements are a nice touch on character progress if we are talking about that thing where you level up and get some one-time reward. i guess these can even be adjusted so they are weaker at server opening and then progressively be changed for something better as time goes by so people who join late will have some more stuff than the ones who came first so it can create smaller gaps.

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take everything that is a boost out from start, then keep adding them one by one every like 2 months or so to help out late bloomers and new comers.

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thats who Strix is.


the 6 hours on scroll does not mean its a 6 hour buff, its the time limit of the scroll it self, if you dont use it in next 6h it will go kaput.



that is the TI version, if she stays for DION version there will be changes, one one them is the adena is no longer included on the reward list.

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After we gave some thought and discussion about this 2 hot topics, and after some calculations, we came to a decision about the Achievement system and Progress Tracker Strix

Achievement system.

Achievement system will stay but every EXP boosts will be nerfed

- 100% EXP scrolls will be decreased to 50% EXP

- 50% EXP scrolls will be decreased to 30% EXP

- EXP RUNE 100% will be decreased to 50% EXP

We find that achievement system gives a new flavor to the leveling up experience giving it extra accomplishment for finishing a level, while giving some help to later starters and solo players,  we think this is a nice touch and so we decided to let it stay in game but we dont want it to be too overwhelmingly strong giving it too much boost therefor shortening the longevity of the game. For this reason every reward that increases EXP/SP will be nerfed and in later phases boosted again being used as catch up mechanics. 


Progress Tracker Strix NPC and missions

- Adena reward was already removed

- EXP and SP rewards will be decreased by 50%

- Daily coins reward will be decreased by 50%

- EXP scrolls will be decreased from 100% EXP to 50% EXP

- Strix's Companion Magic Owl will not be joining Dion x3 as of yet.  (npc that spawns after Raid Boss is dead and gives a EXP buff)

Strix missions accomplish a lot of solutions for a lot of problms we had on old server and therefor its staying, with tweaks for it to not affect much in a new server scene but the idea of directing people all to specific zones while giving some solo activities for players to do on downtime, the catch up potential with some small changes later, and the fact the The Adventurer's Progress Guild is part of the many guilds that joined the club along this long journey and we plan on using in future, we have decided that we are keeping it in a nerfed state, and as with achievement system, overtime increase/change its rewards to help newer players to easier catch up.

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scrap that.


After many requests and considerations ALL exp boosts from achievement system will be scrapped from server start and strix wont give exp scrolls and her quests will have lower EXP reward.

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On 12/2/2022 at 6:52 PM, Pendragon said:

Both should be removed imo. We didnt have this shit on 1.5 before, i dont even know what strix is.

this. I want the classic L2, the hardcore grinding is what L2 stands for. The 3x rate is already enough, even if classic rates are different from old L2 rates. Looking forward for some 2023-2024 grinding. GL and HF. 

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