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  1. i can get behind the x3 with the exp boosts being add later on and for newbies only, even later try to leave this stuff out of the higher levels so the gap dont get bigger and bigger.
  2. dont know what a strix is, is not from my time already i believe but i think achievements are a nice touch on character progress if we are talking about that thing where you level up and get some one-time reward. i guess these can even be adjusted so they are weaker at server opening and then progressively be changed for something better as time goes by so people who join late will have some more stuff than the ones who came first so it can create smaller gaps.
  3. personally dont care much about the other points but i do believe the 1 + 1 on the box part is a must now a days for this type of game even more if you play with a small group of friends like in my case so you can at least carry someone who cannot log for a day or 2 because of job or personal reasons and what not. if it will be with similar type of community from old server i believe a lot of people is in this boat and also theres the part of people who like to go and spoil and farm some specific stuffs on down time, is not like you can get a live PP or SE to follow you around while you farm some random mats they dont need in lower level zones for example
  4. holy fukes. was about time :) good bye life, good bye wife. Hell yeah!
  5. ​did you at least look movi which i post ? mag exp non stop on aoe with full mp, and still when hit with single mag attack from 3 hits 2 of tham regen him 300+ mp ​im not talking from videos, im talking from self experience, played on official for couple of months as EE main, never had one of those but played with couple of ppl who had it and i'm telling you for sure chance is something between 20% to 30% MAX of the MAX. if not less then 20%. i know this wont mean anything to you cuz you seen to be blind to reason. but just leaving the facts there.
  6. the most funny part of all of this, it will be if they change to same way that works on official and then you ppl gonna understand chance is WAAAAAAAY lower then 50% (i mean WAAAAAAAAAAYYY lower), its actualy very sad chance if you are not on AOE and even on AOE if your damage is not decent and you are unlucky its sucky sucky. but for sure will be funny to see the crying after with stuff such as : You broke Orfen because you made it as official! PS: i saw someone talking about warlord skills. yes it is the same way in official, it does not work properly on most of the warlord skills.
  7. Been with you guys for long enough and on the way learned to trust and believe in this team. this case shall not be different, tho im a troll and a jerk most of the times on forum i also speak serious stuff when i have to (hence the name SeriousSam ) so if you guys truly believe this is a good move for the project and will help with project growth and prosperity i am all up for it and i believe i will even bring some people to that new server who left very sad due to the fact classic was not much of their style (lazy people ), or their life was not free enough to invest the few free time they had on classic. i am just a no life not lazy pleb so i will keep playing on the classic anyhow
  8. this sh1t is being done since ever after the CRP system showed up. i dont see what the drama here. or maybe its just cuz you guys are too lazy to spend 30 hours killing boxes so you complain about ppl who has the time and pacience to do it. but i guess theres nothign else to cry about so you guys had to find something, as usual...
  9. ​how did they fuked up tyrant AOE? by DECREASING the cooldown of the skill? if only i could pass a day on fórum without ppl crying about every single pointless stuff... you guys are very particular ppl. like to start with you never noticed that your skill was buged on the reuse for 8 months, or maybe you did but you didnt wanted to report it. you play glad and complain about mages. you play glad and complain about sws and BD agro ( LOL ). i think something might be wrong with you brah!
  10. admins, lets plz remove bladedancers and swordsingers and healers, cuz constant parties have this chars playing all time and it brings disbalance to the game... constant party have allways advantage by the fact they are CONSTANT, not cuz class A or B has the skill X or Y... lol. another useless poll in this fórum imo like many others before... theres a class who is only good to kill mobs alone and if you have lots of patience, ppl do something to try to change it and make this chars usefull again and everyone goes mad... seriously... and just for you information mr i want all like on korea, this pets exist on korea, but with full power buffs. at least in here admins had the brightness of beeing carefull with it to not make it too strong. also this will bring some balance to the set ups also, mages farm speed wont increase that much with pony buff while fighters farm speed will increase slightly even if they go single target only. you guys rly need to look around and realized theres more to this game then 1 char and it owns skills and start seeing how it would help other chars. for long time we have melee complaining they are weaker, and farm slower, well this just changed with this update, get a phantom sumoner on it and you will have debuff from cubic you will kill faster, make phantom sumoner use the nightshade debuff and you will kill faster, get a warlock you will deal bigger damage and you will kill faster.. all of this bringing a bit more chance for non mage parties to catch up on the farming speed. if i would have something to complain about the update would be the gladiator sonic move, but i honestly dont think it will have such big impact as ppl think except as escape. ppl is just to blind, stupid or ignorant to see the biger plan and look only for the char as a individual. props for the updates. keep 'em coming.
  11. SeriousSam


    in so long time playing this and other games, i never saw a fórum where so many ppl think they can just make a poll and thinking that will change the world acording to his/her thoughts. let them botters come back to play if they rly want to and if its made in a controled way. i stick with the guys (and girl) calling the shots here. if administration can do it clean as they say it will be done, im up for it.
  12. my experience on innova classic in a nutshell. pre order. log on opening get lvl 13 log off go on Christmas vacation log back after new year in the place where i loged off. see 3 or 4 small groups of chars called something like asd1 asd2 asd3 asd4 asd5 log off start here. that kinda covers it well.