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  1. Yeah u are not gonna find any farming groups on low lvls. Unfortunately, currently first part (till u hit 3rd class i would say) is a single player game.
  2. Maybe it would be justified, I don't know. However u should realize that the server will close eventually because nothing lasts forever. We dont know when, maybe this year, maybe in 5 years, maybe in 10 or 20 years but it is simply inevitable. Sunken cost will remain a sunken cost if u never plan to RMT your stuff. To all of the people saying that it is easy to level up and join end game content: you completely miss the point (in my opinion). At current state it is difficult to enjoy the game casually. Lets say u are a new player and u join here. For some time (weeks or months, depends on activity) u have to lvl basically on your own in order to grow to a reasonable level where u can be used as meatshield for big guys, and lvling alone is not very fun. After u get to that high level u realize that in order to keep progressing u really have to dedicate a lot of time or/and money, especially if u don't want to play top farmer class. I have played casually on and off since the start and for 2 or 3 years you could just log in, join a random pt in EV, Cruma, ABG, whatever, play for 2 hours, log out and not give a shit. U were progressing slowly but u did. Right now u lvl up quickly to high levels using all the free stuff and all the raid bosses and then to progress even a little u have to dedicate much more time (play in CP) and/or money (to get a decent equip, otherwise u are just meat).
  3. Admins would most likely get a lot of shit from current players if they decided to close existing server. If they decided to keep the current server alive, then adding new one would generate more costs for them and split their attention on 2 different server which in my mind would end up with only bad things. Playerbase would be split too. These things considered I am sure they won't open a new server anytime soon. On the other hand I understand where u come from. Personally I also would love to have a fresh start on a new server with good administration. I look on the website from time to time to check the news. It is just completely different experience then what we have now
  4. Advices about exping on RBs is cool and all but u have to keep in mind that you will run out of adena very very quickly and you will find yourself stuck on this D grade bow on level 60 or something like that because RB farmers take all drop. As a new player on completely new character u have to somehow balance traditional exp and RB exp so u can improve your gear with your levels. Exp is not the hard part, adena is. The best way for new players to make adena is to play when there is event going on the server. Usually u can sell event items to people for good price but I am not sure if there is any event currently. Other idea is to spend same time in trade zone (giran harbor) and try to make some money by trading (simply buy cheaper sell for more). But without starting adena it will be hard for you. Last idea is to obviously donate few euros and sell coins of luck. Fastest method but least fun.
  5. As I am not so fluent in test server commands, can I ask you to also test power of archer skills, as well as Stun Shot chance of stun? For me it seems kinda low but I have no proof.
  6. but he has shown stats where we can see that m.atk is similar (only 70 difference) so how set and berserker matter here? same m.atk = same dmg
  7. besides archers there is not many "useless underdog classes" tho
  8. It is funny how this thread was supposed to be TL;DR about server situation but turned into 30 shitposts very quickly
  9. It definitely is not too good for the server in a sense, that new players might be discouraged when they see shit like that. Pay 2k to reach endgame instantly. Personally, as a casual player I don't care if someone buys it (I am a little suprised people would waste such money for couple of pixels though).
  10. Is someone really gonna pay 2k euro for that shit?
  11. But were u STANDING in floran when you tried to use them?
  12. Still, it will be at least slightly harder for them and they will spend more for premiums. We shouldn't leave the bug untouched just because there *might* be some other way to abuse rbs.